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[Switch] Binbok RGB Joycon Slim Version US$45.89 (~A$65.53) + Delivery @ Binbok Store


The 15% code works on slim version Joycon, both black and transparent. We will arrange the shipment within this week.

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  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656461

    That's a big price jack for the same thing

    • It's the same price, OP/Rep had the incorrect pricing of US$65.53 instead of AU.

      • That's fair, revised.

  • Hey rep, I’m still waiting for my replacement joycon to be shipped and haven’t got further response from support.

    • Hi! Did you send email to [email protected]? Please send the email again to remind the service team.

  • +1

    Just realize that the AUD rate is so bad against USD…..

  • +1

    Thinking about getting 3rd party after my second set of controllers have gotten horrible drift in the left joycon. Worst thing about the switch.

    • you don't fancy the cardboard joycon fix? looks pretty easy

      • I had not seen that one. I had bought and replaced the joycon stick in my left already. Got two off eBay and they both immediately had drift (each different directions) figured eBay replacements were dodgy seconds and then just gave up and went and got a new set… now my current left has a light intermittent drift … willing to give it a try. Seems like a odd fix as the stick is a self contained box.. not sure how this minor pressure can’t help with anything but improving the gasket seal … which could reduce dust and skin oil infiltration but I can’t see how it can reverse it.

        • You can actually try it yourself in 5 seconds. Open the joystick calibration tool in Settings, then press firmly with your thumb on the joycon casing's back under where the stick is. If the drifting stops, yours might be a candidate for the card fix.

        • this video explained the why and how pretty well for me


          skip to 02:30 to skip the satisfye advertisment

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