Drops Language Learning - Lifetime $89.99 (Was $249.99), Annual $49.17 (Was $114.76)


Drops Cyber Week Sale, they offer language learning games/tools for several languages

Check comments below for further savings with coupons and VPNs

Lifetime subscription $89.99 (was $249.99, 65% off), priced in AUD
Annual subscription $49.17/year (was $114.76/year, 58% off), appears to be automatically converted to AUD live, will vary slightly

Deal expiry: it's listed as Cyber Week, without a specific end date. Cyber week is over, but the deal is currently available

Languages available: Ainu, American English, Arabic, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Cantonese, Castilian Spanish, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, European Portuguese, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Maori, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Samoan, Sanskrit for Yoga, Serbian, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Yoruba

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Drops Language
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    Thanks for sharing. Comes down to A$52 for lifetime subscription when using Turkey VPN.

  • How does it compare to Rosetta Stone?

    Also, it's saying Premium Lifetime with the HONEY50 coupon is $124.99? How are you getting $89.99?

    • Just figured it out, I tried signing up for the 2 week trial and then signing up for the lifetime deal.. had to re-enter the site through the link above and go straight to the lifetime deal

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    Stack with coupon code Honey50 to get it even cheaper….

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      i don't even know what this is, but it's just 249TRY

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    Using Turkey VPN and using coupon code “ “Honey50” comes down to TRY249 which is like $26 Au$

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      Any recommendations on Turkish VPNs? Seems tunnel bear don't have Turkey anymore unfortunately

      • +2

        I just bought PureVPN with 120% cashback from ShopBack.Their turkish vpn is solid.

        • Legend, thank you!

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    At TRY 249 (AUD 26) with the Honey50 coupon, it’s a real bargain. Thanks op and RR88!

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    How to get turkey vpn?

  • Saw there's a turkey vpn via surfshark. Never used drops before do you just click the link and signup for the lifetime membership and create a new account via turkey vpn? Will it just then let you just login in Australia with no issues?

    Never used the app based learning language apps e.g. drops or alternatives like Duolingo. Are they effective for formal learning or more a fun "learn some phrases" on the go style learning? Or actually serious contenders to learning? Or perhaps more complimentary tool to formal learning e.g. textbooks and classes?

    • Yep just turn on the VPN, create a new account and purchase the lifetime sub and it will let you log in with no issues.

      I think it depends on the language. I have almost completed one entire course on Duolingo and it sets you up with a pretty great baseline but you will definitely need supplementary materials if you want to be fluent.

  • Thanks OP, VPN worked for me, perfect to compliment my French and Spanish studies. Was always reluctant to pay monthly or yearly for drops even though it's a good app. Saber X I find it more as a vocabulary complimentary tool, don't think you can learn the language through drops alone.

  • Thanks OP and commentors! ~$25AUD using Turkey VPN, works great and license shows up straightaway in app.

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    Turkey VPN (Windscribe) and code “Honey50” worked! ~$25 AUD. This is why I come to OzBargain! Thank you OP and commenters!

  • How to use Turkey VPN ? Finally wait for this

  • I must have done something wrong. After connected to Turkey VPN and put in the 50% coupon and completed my transaction using credit card, I got an email saying the transaction was pending and required manual review. Then got another email saying the transaction was reversed due to not passing their manual review.

  • Thanks op and fellow ozbargainers.
    (Maybe I should now learn Turkish to feel less guilty. Lol)

    Any fantastic bargains for other language apps.
    In particular, Rosetta Stone¿

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    Not sure why so many people want to get this deal. The vocabulary only app (Drops) does not advance you far in learning a language (aka waste of time). There are though alternatives on the market currently that combine both grammar and vocabulary. They don't cost too much either.

    Personally, I find Busuu great to start a language from a scratch. And Speakly to consolidate. Just my opinion.

    • Probably because of the price? Busuu is $7.50 per month, Drops is $25 forever. It's a good starting option acknowledging lack of grammar but apparently does have short phrases.

      • +1

        Could be the price, you are right. Though you can get Busuu with 50% off pretty easy (Facebook promos, during the free trial, etc.)- I got annual subscription with 60% off, which cost me $40+ AUD. For multiple languages is not that bad.

        I also did the same path- started with words and phrases on Memrise before switching to Busuu and Speakly. Sort of regretting to have wasted time on Memrise, hence sharing the experience.

    • +1

      Used the free version for a while.

      I can vouch that I found it useful.

      Would have been more useful if the free version wasn't limited to 5 mins a day.

  • I think they banned my account lol

    I can log in on language specific Drops apps but not the main Drops app.

    EDIT: turned off usual VPN, discovered there was an app update for the main app, updated, everything working fine now.

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