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Ergolux Dual Motor 3 Section Leg Standing Desk $319 or 2 for $542.30 Delivered @ Kogan


Original Coupon Deal

After reading comments from previous sit stand desks, I still couldn't justify spending over 1k for a linak desk. So for those budget minded people, I think this is a good deal because:
It is dual motor
3 section with a low minimum height (62cm-127cm) - good for shorter people as most cheaper desks have a minimum height of 71cm
100kg weight capacity
Memory buttons
Delivery is currently free.

$309 with Kogan First
2 for $525 with Kogan First

Desk size is 140cm x 68cm

Only bad thing is one year warranty.

Edit: white colour available for the same price

You can also stack with the recent Amex deal to get $20 back


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  • Does anyone know the quality of this? I assume it's not hard to swap the top for something else from Bunnings, but does it calculate alright?

    Or does somebody know a better deal for frame + motors + controller like this, so I can just add whatever top I want?

    • I ordered one frame with a free monitor arm from Retail Display Direct on Sunday and waiting for it to be delivered. I think it should be better than the Kogan one tho it's my first time using a Standing Desk.

      • Thanks. That's $408 for the frame only. Add ~$100 for the top (from Bunnings).

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        Soz I know it's been a while but how has your desk fared?

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          It's very sturdy and firm when using and height adjusting (with a 1.4m IKEA tabletop), really satisfied with it.

  • Tempted. Wonder what's the table top made of

    • What options do you consider? OSB, MDF, plywood? Certainly not solid wood.

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        MDF or bamboo plywood is fine. Certainly not particle board

    • It says PB on description. So particle board

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    I got this desk last month when it was $300+delivery
    Don't freak out if they deliver the table top and the legs separately.
    For some reason the two parts were delivered several days apart.
    Most of the bad reviews on Kogan were due to this.

    So far my desk is working fine, though I only adjust mine once every few days.

    There's no cable management tray, so I mounted spare ones I had from IKEA.

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    Anyone living in Melbourne want to go halvsies on this?

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      You got negged? Someone must really hate Melbourne, or half desks.

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        Maybe they just hate sharing 😂

  • Does this have a digital led screen to see the height you are on?

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      Yes according to the manual.

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      Yes it does. It will turn the display off after a while. Pressing any button will bring it back on.

      • Yep great feature :D

  • I really want to get a Corner one of these that can take like a 1800mmx1800mm top

  • +1

    I just set mine up today (bought on black friday)

    It's nice a solid, very stable and works great with dual monitor arms.

    Paid $350 with delivery, rip :'(

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    Black or white?

    I'm about an hour south east of Melb if anyone wants to go halves.

  • Bought 2. What sold me is the memory and weight. I plan to sleep on this puppy.

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