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Buy 3 Get 4th Free for Turanza Serenity Plus Tyres @ Bridgestone


This excellent tyre is back with the buy 3 get 4th free offer for the month of December.

Buy 3 and get the 4th tyre FREE on Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres
For superior safety and comfort wherever you go, turn to Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus. This tyre is designed to offer a quieter ride and exceptional handling in all conditions, making it perfect for luxury touring and passenger vehicles.

You can sit back and enjoy an even more comfortable ride with this offer now on at Bridgestone.

Offers valid between 1/12/2021 and 31/12/2021.


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  • +1

    Great tyre!!

  • +3

    Mine are at 40,000km and they are half worn to the wear indicators (not to the bottom of the tread).

    • +21

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • +4

    Buy 3 Get 4th Free


    • The 4th tyre is the spare! haha

      • Spare uses a space saver wheel.

        • +4

          This deal isn't suitable then.

          • @lomie: No. Will need to look for a "Buy 2 Get 3rd Free" deal.

            Have you come across any?

            • @jv: Yes, but you did say "any".

    • +2

      Is that the Dart?

  • +3

    I'm so tired of these deals

    • +1

      i have an axel to grind

    • +4

      American English allowed for humour purposes only.

    • +2

      I'm so tired of these deals

      Wheely ???

  • Not available for the size 225/65R17 :(

    • What car has those? They are like SUV dimensions

      • thats correct … mazda cx 5

        • +4

          These are sedan type car tyres

  • Thoughts on these vs Dunlop fm800 vs Adrenaline for a Holden Cruze / General commuting (5-6kms a year)

    • +3

      (5-6kms a year)

      that's a lot of travel

      • +1

        5000-6000km! Or maybe I just like driving only in my driveway haha

        • +2

          These serenity plus will last you 10 years plus!

  • +4

    Limited reviews but not that great overall.


    • +1

      These tyres are unbelievably good IMO. Sticky, quiet asf, shock absorbing (you'll understand if you try them), deep tread, plenty of wear time. Absolutely ace.

    • The ratings are only based on 4 reviews. Hardly a good sample size.

  • Any thoughts on these tires?

    About to do a few thousand KMs over the next months.

    Mazda CX-7.

    • +1

      They're great. Grips well and lasts twice as long as other branded tyres. I've gone through 3 sets of tyres and they struggled to reach 40k km. These are only half worn and were near equivalent in price when the buy 3 get 4th free comes around.

      Not sure what size is on your CX-7 though as they are more available for normal cars.

  • +1

    bought these in early 2020 (approx 2 week before covid lockdowns lol) for a 2011 Honda Accord Euro with the same promotion.
    Put around 20k km on them in the nearly 2 years since fitting. Good tires. Noticeably quieter than the generic non-series Bridgestones that were on before. Minimal wear and still reasonably hushed after 2 tire rotations. There was a 50k wear life guarantee that I presume I will outlast given how well they've lasted. Weird observation - they seem to hold pressure really well??? I figure this is a combination of being new (as compared to the ~2014 vintage tires they replaced) and remaining largely unused for the first year but I check tyre pressures fortnightly (was on a fortnightly fill up schedule even before the Perth cycle changed) & they seem to remain stubbornly at the required pressures. Not a complaint but might make some less diligent with the checking if this were always the case.

    • +3

      Can also vouch for them in that they hold pressure insanely well - I've gone to the servo multiple times to reinflate them and they are bang on the pressure I last left them at. This has gone on for months now and I can't remember the last time I actually reinflated them…

  • +6

    Serenity Plus - the tyres for the Kerrigan family. Travel to Bonnie Doon in style.

    • +6

      SERENITY NOW for the Costanzas.

      • Prob my favourite episode

  • This or the Primacy 4 ?

    • Yes

    • Primacy is quiet, but if you wanna match these they'll need to be the ST model (silence tuned). Peace

  • Very good tyres. I put them on a 2013 Camry a few years ago as well as shoehorning them onto a 2013 Prius c (they didn't have 185/60 R15 at the time, so had 195/60 R15s put in - slightly wider than wheel spec so they rub the tyre housing when steering is turned to lock position) and they are very quiet, well-gripping and good value for money too with the 50,000km guarantee when these 4-for-3 deals are happening. They were particularly good in the Prius c for reducing road noise as much as you can in that car (the cabin isn't all that noise-proofed as it's based on a Yaris).

  • +1

    These tyres are very expensive…..

    • Not when you buy them during these offers, are a good quality tyre and can last twice as long as the usual stuff. These are no good if you do very low km per year as it will take too long to wear them out.

      • These are no good if you do very low km per year as it will take too long to wear them out.

        Was that sarcasm?

        • +1

          Nope. Because the tyres would be too old and still have plenty of tread. So it would be wasted.

          • @lomie: sorry, tyre noob here. Why is an old tyre = bad? Isn't it as long as theres tread, that's all that matteR?

            • @WillKillfor5Cents: There's differing opinion but some say that approximately 7 years from the manufactured date is a good estimate of the life of a tyre fitted to a vehicle despite the amount of tread left. There's plenty of debate on car forums so I won't go there. You can do your own research and decide for yourself.

            • @WillKillfor5Cents: Maybe the rubber changes e.g. becomes more prone to rupture? Tyre noob too, and I thought exactly the same as you, hence my comment above.

            • @WillKillfor5Cents: The rubber perishes over time. You can see this as lots of little cracks and is generally referred to as dry rot.

              Tyres are also stamped with a date code to show when they were made to show their age. Rubber doesn't last forever.

        • I am replacing a set of (excellent) Michelin Primacy SUV tyres which still.have 4mm of tread left because they are now more than 5 years old and I can feel that they do not grip like new any more. Just not worth the risk of tyres performing below their peak when my wife and kids are in the car. Gave me.great service in the meantime though.

    • How much do you value quiet tyres!!

  • +1

    Serenity Plus?

    Serenity Now!

  • +1

    damn i was only looking for 3 tyres

    • +2

      I am looking for 1. You want to split?

  • +1

    Anyone get a price? Have to call on actual phone and talk to real person to get price. No thanks

    • lmk when you find out g

    • +1

      Prices are listed on the website. Select size, select store, look at the price.

      • +1

        Got it. Price displays "contact store for quote" in my area. Different local shows $200 each.

  • -1

    I got these on a factory HRV. Not a very good tyre at all. I would recommend everyone to look at Michelin Primacy or above.

    But if you know tyres you'd know this already.

    • +1

      I don't rate Primacy's above these unless the MP4 ST model, even then they almost look like they have half the tread to these. I have a few new MP4's stacked in my garage.

      If money is no object or it's your baby so to speak, sure, buy a set of MP4 ST's.

  • +1

    Seems the consensus is these are quiet and long lasting and grip is above average.

    However, I do believe you cannot have the best of all worlds, so it is likely grip is below Bridgestone potenza re003, etc. (A tyre can be hard or soft but not both)

    Also a regular person won't know how good their tyres grips are. As during dry normal conditions as perhaps even a bald worn no name tyre would feel grippy

    Vfm these tyres get my vote

    • They have reasonable grip - the tread is very deep (e.g. in comparison to the RE003’s), so you’re not trading off too much grip for longer life. Very good in the wet though.

  • how much is it?

  • Does anyone know if you can buy the tires now, store them yourself and have them installed at a later date for no extra cost?

    • Yes I've done it previously.

    • fitting will cost you $25 per tyre

      • Fitting, balancing and disposal cost is already included in the tyre price quoted.

        • +3

          I was told aligning was an extra $70 but mandatory if I wanted the warranty.

  • +6

    Thanks OP. Bought 12, got 4 free then returned the 12 for a free set of wheels.

    • Big brain move

    • :D

  • +1

    What's the actual price?

  • any QLD store that may have stock available? None around 4111-4119

    • +3

      Plenty in 4110 and 4120…just kidding, I have no idea.

    • I seemed to have booked in at 4108 without issue. Maybe try them?

  • +1

    Tyres were showing $199 each on the website, but I paid only $465 i.e $155 each. When I asked why they said the price on the website was not correct!

  • When buying a 2nd hand car always check the tyres. If it has those cheap Chinese tyres you’ll know they never really cared for the car & did everything like servicing on the cheap. Look for the established brands like Bridgestone , pirelli, Dunlop etc

  • +2

    I am running these tyres now. Got them as Ineeded a new set and there was little in stock in the rural town I was in. I thought it was a forced upsell TBH but now love them. Quiet, grippy and seem to be wearing well.

  • Tyre is too good for me.

    I AVG about 5k a year. So in six years only 30k. And then it will need replacement.

    • I guess it can also depend on the alternative.

      Say the serenity plus were $150 each. So $450 for 4.
      Then some cheap tyres are $100 each. So $400 for 4.
      If you live in a frequent rainfall area, it may be worth the extra $50 for the deeper tread of the serenity plus.

      But you'll need to do your own trade-off. Sometimes you can get other branded tyres at $120 with the same buy 3 get 4th free offer.

  • +1

    I remember posting this deal back in August https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641715 and took advantage of it to buy a set for an older run around car. It's a great tyre and is aimed with comfort, wet weather, dry weather and durability in mind.

  • +3

    Every time I see one of these I check my tread and realise my previous set are still going strong

  • Are tjese better than the previous perilli Offer from mycar? Anyone know? Thanks

    • Depends on the tyre size. Then do your own value calcs based on estimated mileage from both tyres.

  • As a complete car novice, the recommended tyre size for my car(Volkswagen Passat wagon):

    The closest size in these tyres:
    205/55R16 and 215/60R16

    Are either of these suitable or do numbers have to be an exact match otherwise they don't fit?

    • You don't want to go smaller tyre diameter which is the 205/55R16.
      You don't want to go larger than the legal limit which is the 215/60R16.

      So I'd go 205/60R16 as it is under 10mm larger in diameter than your factory tyre size. It will marginally improve your speedo accuracy.

      But more importantly, what is the load rating shown on the tyre placard? The replacement tyre must meet or exceed the factory spec.

    • +1

      Go 205/60r16 my friend, you won't regret it. Speedo will be more accurate too. Peace

      EDIT: agree with comment above, 215/60r16 for sure. The extra sidewall with these will be welcomed the first 5 minutes you start driving on them.

      Alternatively, you could use the 205 option to increase fuel economy a few %.

  • +2

    bought 4 of these Serenity+ to replace OEM/standard Bridgestones that came with mazda6 - these Serenity+ are distinctly quieter and noticeably better in the wet than the original tyres, and so far after 35k kms, wearing very well too. Can recommend.

  • +1

    Tyre is possibly good, but very poor experience with Bridgestone dealers since they don't allow any 3rd parties to carry these particular tyres.

    If you've changed rims at all from the factory, they would be a huge stickler and refuse business because they're worried about it being illegal. Worst thing is, they won't tell you this when you book the appointment with them and tell them exactly your make/model/rim specs. Even when you order the best fit tyres for your very slightly different rims, they will insist on only fitting tyres for the original factory spec. They waste your time and go "oh oops" when you're already in the shop.

    • Yes, I wish this was available to more shops, KTAS/Mycar and Costco. By making this an exclusive they're effectively controlling the market.

      My other gripe is the alignment done at my local was overpriced but required due to the warranty.

    • The one I use is great and would highly recommend for those in ADL.
      Bridgestone Tyre Select at Keswick, SA.

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