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[eBay Plus] Intel Core i9-12900KF CPU $879.20, Intel Core i7-12700KF CPU $596 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Good price on these two high end 12th gen CPUs. With the exchange rate starting to go bad again suppliers are increasing their prices so we might be unlucky and have CPU prices go up a bit next year.

The coupon expires today.

There's also a few Z690 motherboards they can be paired with.

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  • obvious note: KF chips do not have onboard graphics

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      Grab OzBargain's favourite 3060 Mini!

  • Nice price. Mobo's mega exy…

    • Not wrong but luckily there are some good cheaper options. I settled on the MSI Z690-A PRO DDR5 , DDR4 version is slightly cheaper. Intel Lan and Wifi, good VRM.. 3 M2 slots. I think the price is very fair for what you get. That said as you move up the product range the prices get ridiculous for very little extra.. $700-$1000+ for the higher end MSI and ASUS boards is hard to justify

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    DDR5 still expensive as hell and out of stock everywhere, better to go for a DDR4 motherboard otherwise you may have these sitting for a while waiting for ram.

  • I feel ripped off that I bought i7 10th gen which only has 8 cores, now 12th gen has 12 core and 16 cores. WTF?

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      The 16 core is closer to a 12 core in performance since it has 8 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores.

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        Yep if you're gaming the efficiency cores aren't all that helpful.

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          its recommended to turn off the E cores and use win10 at this stage
          win11 has some thread schedule issues still

          speaking from experience sometimes my games get roped into the E cores and not P cores
          so i turned them off

          • edit > you can use 'program lasso' to manually configure what core gets what load ie gaming going into P or E btw
            which would come in handy if you use the cpu for gaming and productivity. since i game only i nuked the e cores
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        Not really, the 12900K trades blows with the 5950X in productivity and same goes for the 12700K and 5900X. The only real downside is power consumption to get that performance, which isn't an issue under gaming loads.

        • Yep, on par/performance exceeds in CB23 which is as multi-threaded as it gets. Out of the box power consumption is bad, but as I have found the auto voltages for the I9 are terrible. I have been able to drop from 1.3 to 1.18v under load and get a higher multiplier than stock.. not sure why so aggressive by default. Perhaps to account for the possibility of a poor silicon quality CPUs

      • the performance cores are so much better than the previous gen though, the i7 with 12 cores is equivalent to the 12 core 5900x.

  • For gamers, the non-K SKUs without the E-cores will be the better value and better performing options when they'll eventually be out.

    The combination with expensive motherboards is quite silly for gamers looking for value.

  • I'm surprised there haven't been that much deals on the old 10th gen processors. Looking to get one for an upgrade to my Unraid build. I doubt these will get supported in the near future.

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      I shared a couple here. The i5-10400 is cheap.

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        Spoke too soon! Thanks Clear!

        Btw, got the Panmi Viomi S9, it's amazing! Thanks for the deals!

  • Any deals for a 11600kf??

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/GIGABYTE-Z690-AORUS-PRO-Motherboar...
    $50 cheaper on amazon for the gigabyte motherboard, sold by C.A.

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      Nice. Edited it out ;)

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