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Cat Window Bed $46.50 Delivered @ Real Store


The Cat Window Bed is a must-have for cat lovers. Let your cat nap in style and dream away in comfort. This is great for bird watching! Place the bed in locations around the house and at heights that your cat would ordinarily not be able to see or rest in. This creates great enrichment for your cat’s life.

The pod-like hanging cat bed can be attached effortlessly to any window glass through the use of strong suction cups. These can support weights of up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds). Each cat bed comes with a mat that can be placed inside the hanging bed for additional comfort and warmth during the winter.

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    If you're gonna buy Chinese junk cut out the middleman

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      Wow, same pictures and everything

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      Thanks for the Ali express link, thats 100% crypto for me, my partner will love that I’m even thinking of her kitty at Christmas

      • What does 100% crypto mean

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          kryptonite? it's his weakness?

          i kind of want to get one of these and a cat and leave a camera recording for when the suction caps give out …

        • Social good gives 100% crypto cashback for Ali Express, have a look on the other posts for it

      • not sure what crypto mean, but “thinking of her kitty at xmas” is kinda cryptic

      • so now everyone is thinking about your partners kitty (with x-mas decorations on) ?? :P

    • wow.. they should've at least changed the product images. That's the least you can do if you are going to charge 200% for just being the middleman.

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      MM - Superhero sidekick to the Invisible Hand of the Free Market

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    Does it come with a cat ladder too?

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      It comes with an empty cat bladder when the suction cups give way and the cat gets the fright of it's life

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    Cheaper on aliexpress

  • +3

    Imagine the noise & comotion when it falls

  • Just purrfect for that scratched glass effect.

  • +1

    Fat cats need not apply

  • Another one of the how to make side money on Ozbargain\amazon Peeps! love the work,

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    I recommend a different style hammock which our cats love, doesn't force the cat against the window and is much easier for the cat to get into by themselves https://www.petbarn.com.au/you-me-window-lounger-cat-furnitu....

    There are similar style hammocks you can find cheaper like this https://www.amazon.com.au/Window-Hammock-Durable-Upgraded-Su....

  • I wouldn’t trust something like that.

    • How much do you weigh?

  • +1

    Have one of these type. Suction cups fall off the window immediately. Dangerous and useless

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    Hope it’s stable. Wouldn’t recommend for a cat with under 3 lives left.

  • Have two. They are useless and don't stay on the window. Even without a cat in them.

    • What are your cats' thoughts on them?

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        The box they came in is far more fun

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    Look at how small the cats are in the pictures. One is a kitten. Would barely fit an adult. Also, half price on AliExpress.

  • hmm add webcam and think of the youtube hits when these fail.
    could pay for itself.

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    Cheaper on Aliexpress as mentioned above by Merlict.

  • Cheaper on AliExpress as mentioned in first comment.

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