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(2-Pack) Motion Sensor Cordless LED Light, with Magnetic & 3M Stick Anywhere Lighting $12.93 (Reg. $40.59) Delivered @ ESR Gear


Best price ever! Great gadget to light up your closet, bathroom, laundry room, pantry, garage, car trunk, stairs, and so on.

Product video

Power source: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Brightness: 20 bight LEDs, 40 lumens
Dimensions: 21 x 4 x 1.9 CM
Installation: Stick anywhere, attach to metal surfaces or hand-held

Package Contents:
2 × Smart Closet Light
2 × Metal mounting plates with 3M adhesive strip
1 × User manual

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Thanks for @helga22 posting this competition.

Mod — Warning, order at your own risk (PayPal is recommended). See here for details.

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    Folks, beware of the final cost after the coupon code and at the payment gateway. Op, can you explain why have you charged me $25.87 instead?

    Order details
    Product TOTAL
    ESR7Gears Smart Closet Light - White × 2 AUD$73.90
    Subtotal: AUD$73.90
    Discount: -AUD$48.03
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Payment method: PayPal
    Total: AUD$25.87

    • When adding to cart, it seems to add 2 multi packs.

    • Because it is a 2-pack so when you buy 2 of 2 packs, you get charged 2x the amount, but you get 4 of these lights in total?

      Or, there is some weird system glitch.

    • Hi, could you please provide your order number?

      • It did the same for me.

        • Hi truongster, please PM your order number if you were accidentally charged for 2X, and let me know if you need a refund.

      • Order #437334. I've cancelled the order from my end but there's some glitch in your ordering system.

      • Hi rep ESR। can you follow up order 333UF852533101000935007
        From 22Nov retrieves no info from trackimg link.

    • -1

      That's because you ordered 2 pairs of the lights. If you order 1 pair, then it would be $12.93

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    Website blocked due to trojan?

  • Rep - is SB cash back applicable ?

    • Yes

      • Nice thanks ordered. If any issues I’ll check with you later

      • +1

        R u sure? The code is not on SBs website?

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    Thanks will give it a try.. got 2 (packs, which I think is 4 LED's)

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    would love to have Amazon option

  • 8.4% with ShopBack too

    • ok with the code?

      • Yep

  • Bought 1 pack with SB cashback!

  • Be careful when checking out with apple pay as it defaults the shipping method to the paid option for $9. Am trying to get my order cancelled for now, can rep pls help me out?

    • Sure, I'm here to help. Please provide your order number.
      BTW, do not forget to apply the code as it will not only lower the price but also reduce the delivery cost to $0.

      • Pmed you my order number and email used a moment ago

  • So…wanted one and bought three somehow via PayPal. Don’t know what happened so be careful.

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    Ordered thanks. No issues here

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    Don't use the website with Firefox, it messes up the order and can't even put in the coupon code.
    Edit: Maybe it was just my browser having a moment. Seems ok now.

    • This seems correct. I had issues with FF also. Had to use Chrome.

  • Thought this was rechargeable lithium battery powered.. almost pulled the trigger

    • just buy ur own rechargable batteries lol

      • +1

        wouldnt trust something with this price delivered and a built in battery to last…

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    From their past deals page
    Mod - Warning, order at your own risk (PayPal is recommended). See here for details

  • got a pair. thank you!

  • Bought and paid for, will finally see what meds I've been taking.

  • Trying them out. Let's see how they compare with Yeelight

  • Dear Store Rep I used Apple Pay and got charged the shipping fee. My order number is 438055. Thank you.

    • This exact thing happened to me too. I would have preferred to have gotten the 2 x 2 pack bug than this. Rep can you please fix it asap? Order #438365 (December 8, 2021)

      • Hi @Laurana, shipping cost is refunded. Let me know for further issues.

        • Thanks, I can confirm I got the email about it :)

    • Hi, your accidental extra charge will be refunded soon. Sorry for this and thanks for bringing it to our attention. The team has already been working through this issue now.

    • Hi Pummy, shipping cost is refunded. Let me know for further issues.

      • Thank you. Very much appreciated :)

  • Tracking from date November 18, 2021 tracking provided… Goods nowhere to be seen around Sydney.. Prepare to wait.

  • -2

    I tried on Safari - Order No 438329
    Said summary cost of $12.93, then charged my PayPal $46.75!!!
    Rep - please fix this!

    • Hi, your accidental extra charge will be refunded soon. Sorry for this and thanks for bringing it to our attention. The team has already been working through this issue now.

    • Hi dear, looks like you failed to apply the discount code at checkout.
      We have just refunded you $33.82.
      Let me know if still any issues.

  • Prepare to wait..
    Haven't received Order #418356 from (November 18, 2021
    Tracking without any Info

    November 20, 2021

    • Seems like shipping will take 6 weeks or more from previous posts.
      I was tempted to buy but didn't pull the trigger.

  • Expired? "Sorry, it seems the coupon "discount" is invalid - it has now been removed from your order."

    • Hi LuckyLuke, the code is still working, please try again

  • It worked for me. Thanks OP

  • Code worked for me too. Thanks!

  • For those who have been accidentally charged for the shipping cost or more, please leave your order number here and state the issue, we will solve it for you asap.

    I’m also talking with my team about exploring this glitch now, thank you for being patient while we sort this out.

  • Hi rep please cancel order #438627

    I was charged shipping from paying with Applepay.

    Ordered a second order with correct shipping.


    • Hi clicksforandy, your order has just been cancelled, we will issue the refund later and let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • I ordered 4 x 2-packs. Checkout was all good for me.

  • +1

    Consider these instead:

    https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B096XM1M32?psc=1, three lights for $12 delivered.

    I ordered a set not expecting much but have been impressed with the battery life, the sensor function and the colour temperature. So I've ordered more sets.

    They are rechargeable batteries built in, using micro USB.

    * the magnet is strong enough for a moving vertical surface
    * they look cheap

    • the magnet isn't strong enough…

  • That website is awful, I'd put in all of the details to buy a set and went to pay via PayPal and I couldn't finalise the order.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Could you please try it out again? If still not work, I'd greatly appreciated if you could provide us with the screenshot to help with the investigation. Thank you!

  • Has anyone's shipped yet?

    • Not yet! I hope to get it before Christmas. I'm going to apply for a refund if they don't ship in time.

      • I've reached out to the Store rep on OZB and via their customer support, no reply. It terrible experience so far. Promised the refund due to the issue of the 2x lights in the deal.

  • has anyone received it yet?

    • Not me witing since 7th. order was confirmed twice

    • +2

      I am in syd, got mine yesterday, but one of them is faulty, now waiting for their reply on how to sort it out :(

      • I'm so sorry to hear that . I hope it will get reresolved . I have not received mine

      • I received mine on thursday. I am using one which works very well, but I will check the other one tomorrow…

    • +1

      Nope. I don't even think i got an email. But i do have a paypal receipt, and invoice number…

    • +1

      Yep, I got mine were delivered on 23/12.

  • these led lights are great! very bright for what they are. may buy more next time its on special :)

  • Really disappointed… apparently run out of stock in Australia so mine are coming from China… Then (I know it's Xmas time) Australia post received them on the 18th December but they still haven't moved & now it's the 30th) Grrrr

    • Exact same story with mine too.

  • Anyone received the order?

    • nope. nothing.

  • Waiting since 8th

  • Still waiting from the 8/12, will give them till the 10/1😕

  • Mine arrived today.

  • Got mine. Not good compared to Yeelight

    • price?

  • I rreceived mine today

  • got mine, smaller than i thought

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