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[PS4, PS5, PC, XSX] Far Cry 6 $44.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


This may not drop any further before Christmas. I bought it one release and I am not complaining!

Credit goes to @solidussnake for the code. Cheers!

PS4: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/playstation-4-far-cry-6?q...
PS5: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/playstation-5-far-cry-6?q...
XSX: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/xbox-series-x-far-cry-6?q...
PC: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/pc-game-far-cry-6?queryID...

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  • What do you think of it now you have had it since release? I like open world shooters and love Rage 2 (although is now getting a bit repetitive) as a comparison would this suit me? I like games i can just get in to and not take ages to get the good weapons or forced to watch long drawn out cut scenes.

    • +5

      I don't find the cut scenes too long and if you earn enough money can buy weapons pretty quickly instead of having to go and search the map for them. Go get the game!

  • +3

    JB just sent out a code for wicked wed should be able to get an extra 10% off


    • Just tested and confirmed. Thanks mate! Updating post.

  • Didn't this game like just come out? Crazy cheap.

    • Yep released 2 months ago today

      • +1

        Oh shit, I thought it was like a week or two old, but still, damn that's a quick drop.

        Ubisoft has a tendency to do that, Watch Dogs was 30 something bucks a couple after release too. Hard to buy their games full price tbh.

        • +2

          Yeah I'll keep that in mind for the next Ubisoft game haha

    • It's from ubisoft who is famous for limited time RRP.

    • +3

      Probably because it sucks

      • +5

        Well if you read the other comments I liked it but each to their own

  • +3
    • $50? Wow.

      Yeah, people are complaining about it. I wonder if it's even worth buying at $50.

      I went through the PS store last night, some actual cool games coming out tho I only play Warzone.

      I'm hesitant to buy anything, simply because I doubt I play it. I get bored so fast!

      • +1

        It's really not

      • Gunplay isn't as good as Vanguard/Warzone but the gameplay is still pretty fun if you squad with some friends.

        • None of my mates game, just me
          I run solo, most the time I play solo vs quads

          I find I get put with bots, and they normally get me killed because so many are useless on warzone.

      • Yep, wouldn’t advise anyone to get it but it’s on sale for those who want…😅

        • +1

          Jump on apex legends if you want a great feeling shooter!

  • Be nice is Amazon price matched, might consider as $20 back from $100 spend.

    • why

      • Amex deal, and no JB near me

    • just get $100 Amazon gift card and get $20 back

      • I got enough gift cards hahaha
        But you're right
        Probably best thing to do
        Can I just spend $100 or $101?

  • I find this game quite generic and soulless to be honest. It gets a tiny bit better as you progress but only slightly.

    First three games in there series were great.

    Obviously these are just my opinions, hope some of you enjoy it.

  • Who pays rrp for games anymore (outside of LEs)

  • +1

    To be honest, I found this the weakest Far Cry I've played so far. It deviates in a way that makes it feel less like Far Cry, and more like any other open world shooter (especially considering the de-emphasis of classic Far Cry troupes like hunting and classic skill progression)

    Instead, the game feels super repetitive and just…boring. There were a few great moments in there, but it wasn't honestly worth the grind.

    (Hot take, FC5 is the best Far Cry - even better than 3)

    • How would you compare this to FC5 and the post-nuclear expansion (whatever it was called) in terms of rpg elements? (skills etc)
      I thought fc5 was okay-ish

      • FC6 is very similar to FC New Dawn in that the enemies level up and become harder as you progress through the game. Different ammo types are now a thing, and you need to continuously swap on the fly to kill certain enemies (or at least, you're supposed to - I just equiped a sniper and shotgun with powerful ammo and used those).

        As you progress, so does your skill level. That's it. No deciding what to specialise in or honing your skills. The only way to improve skills is by buying certain gear. In comparison, FC5 kept it simple and similar to that of FC3 and 4. Classic skill tree shit.

        The story and unique setting of FC5 was what pulled me in though. FC6 by comparison has an okay-ish story that is poorly executed. The jetpack and resolver weapons, while looking cool, add nothing of note to the gameplay or story. Plus the main baddie, Anton, is a super big letdown.

        • That all kind of sounds like the same game mechanics as Far Cry 2 except with updated graphics (idk if you played that).

  • Have had the game for about a month now on pc. Still haven’t been able to get it to launch.

  • +1

    Just picked up the last copy in one store, and probably the last copy in another, for some coop play.
    Strange how much cheaper this is than online.

  • I won a copy of this on PC, but tbh it's the type of game I just want to sit on the couch and play, so I'm happy to buy this for $44 now

    • If it’s still sealed you might be able to trade it to CEX!

      • Nah it was just a CD Key, and I played enough to know I wanted to buy it on series x

  • Ah nice one!

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