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Seagate 4TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $107.10 C&C / + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Excellent price on this hard drive, 10% cheaper than recent deals :)

Stack with the $20 Amex Credit to get it for $87.10.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Can I use it for Xbox to store my games? The 5T halo game drive is double the price. What's the difference between the normal hard drive and game drive.

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      Bit slow for console storage

      • Ok so better buy those Xbox game drive straight away right?

        • +1

          have one in PS5, it works better than i thought it would

        • Not necessarily. Game drive may not be faster by much.

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    This will be fine for Xbox One game storage.
    You'd be talking seconds off game load times getting a SSD over this. However, transferring games to and from this drive would be minutes longer over a SSD, but not a biggy on Xbox One.
    If you've got a Series S or X, best get a solid state as you'd be moving games a lot more.

  • can this shuckablke for a ps3?

    • i think this one is too big to be used internally for a ps3. A 1 or 2 TB should fit due to the height. external should be ok

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      PS3 has a 1.5TB limit so this won't work.

      • thanks for that.

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        Can't he/she create partitions? Also, i think you can use more of you have your console with CFW and have a game loader installed

        • dunno, i might stick it in a ps4, some games take a crazy amount of space.

          • @godofpizza: Yeah, ps4 is crazy, but this one won't fit on a ps4 as it is taller/higher than a normal 2.5 hdd

        • +1

          It doesn't matter in the first place. You can't fit a 15mm 2.5" HDD inside of a PS3 or even a PS4. These Seagate 4TB 2.5" drives are 15mm form factor drives. No game console that i know of currently can fit that internally.

          • @hollykryten: You can fit in a PS4 Pro. Just remove the original hard drive and the drive tray, take apart the PS4 Pro (I assume your warranty is long over anyway by now) and then apply some 3M adhesive strips to the back of the drive and slap it into the console. I've had a 4TB seagate in mine for over 3 years now. Without the drive tray in there the new drive fits okay, there is a tiny bit of extra height so the original drive cover won't fit back onto the console, I just put some electrical tape over the hole since my PS4 is black it doesn't really stand out at all. Download the latest firmware onto a USB stick and re-install from recovery menu, job done.

            You'll need another USB hard drive to backup all your saves/whatever content you don't want to re-download before you switch out the drive though.

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        And it probably also doesn't fit a 15mm 2.5" HDD. These are twice as thick as a 2TB 2.5" HDD.

  • I have a gaming laptop that’s low on space, with some of these modern day games getting into 100gb+ installs is it viable to use these kind of externals as an always plugged in hard drive? And if so would unplugging it temporarily cause any system instability?

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      It shouldn't as long as you don't try running the game while the drive is not plugged in, and making sure that the drive is assigned the same letter every time it gets connected. I recall a friend who has a combination of ssd and hdd in his computer and he used a software to leave the main game files in the main ssd drive for faster loading times, but was able to move all the larger files (e.g. videos and cutscenes) to the hdd where they would need to be accessed at ssd speeds

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      I have been playing games on external hdd for last 3 years now. The loading time is a bit more than usual but I actually don't mind. I play on my laptop and usually don't attach my hdd if not playing games. Never had any issues till now. Just make sure your you assign a drive letter to your hdd so whenever you attach any other ssd/hdd/usb before the one you keep your games so that windows can recognise.

  • anyone receive the amex tracking confirmation instantly? I haven't..

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    The 5TB is also on sale, works out to $138 with the code. $27.60/TB versus 26.76/TB for 4TB. For me the extra 1TB is worth a few bucks more, might be worth it for others too

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      That's 25% more storage for 29% more money. Just another way to compare.

  • This should be right as a TV attached movie drive I’d assume?

    I’m hoping a GPT formatted 4TB NTFS volume storing up to 4TB of 1-2GB mixed format movie files should play alright on a newer model Samsung.

    • Having difficulty at checkout online, won’t let me proceed with my click n collect postcode on any product. I shall perhaps head in store…

      • Happened to me also. Using an incognito window helped

    • .
      my LG TV can only handle HDD sizes up to 2 TB ……you need to check your Samsung specs

      • Thanks yeah a good point. Worst case scenario I’ll format 2TB volume and go from there. Maybe 2 x 2TB partitions will read off one drive.

    • +1

      Thanks OP;

      1 x 4TB $119 - 10% (coupon) - Coles HOME gift card 15% off ($91.05)
      1 x 5TB $154 - 10% (coupon) - Coles HOME gift card 15% off ($117.81)

      Bonus $10 off any purchase JB Coupon 'Instant Deals' attached to receipt.

      Happy as….

  • Can this be shucked for use in a NAS ?

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      They are shingled (SMR) drives. Even if they are SATA, not good for long term storage/lots of writes and slow.

      Useless for RAID or ZFS, etc as they de-silver quickly

  • Check your Westpac account rewards and offers - mine had $10 cashback for over $60

  • Thanks Op. For $87 after $20 cashback from Amex it's a no-brainer.

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