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[eBay Plus] Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 4TB Hard Drive $98.90 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


First time poster, long long time lurker.

This isn't the cheapest this HDD has been as it was $89 at PLE around 2 weeks ago. Nevertheless, seems like a great buy for the price.

About this product

  • Brand: Seagate
  • Model Number: ST4000DM004
  • Model Name: Barracuda Compute
  • Storage Capacity: 4TB
  • Cache: 256MB
  • Form Factor: 3.5 in
  • Features: Adaptive Memory Technology
  • Rotation Speed: 5900RPM
  • Interface: SAS, SATA III

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    An internal 3.5" 4TB HDD for $100? I haven't bought a 3.5" HDD for a while but that seems expensive.

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      where did you find it cheaper?

    • I got the same one for $89 in MSY. They had short-time discount last week.

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      Yes these are SMR

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    $99 + shipping at Computer Alliance for those who like to avoid Ebay and codes.

    Might be around this price at other places at the moment too, might be worth checking?

    • $99 and free shipping Computer Alliance on ebay with code PLUSSANT https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174418496743?epid=8031263657&hash=item289c270ce7:g:h0oAAOSwjvNhruw1:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3029!AU!-1

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    SPENDSVE also works. I'd use this coupon over the other since it is a crappier coupon that has a min spend of $80 and works with 5 transactions

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    I have bought this drive in 8tb on black friday sale. There's lag, shutter and freeze while playing shadow of war from the drive on Xbox one X. Haven't tried playing anyother game from it but thinking about returning it because of the issue.

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      These are SMR Drives. Only good for storing data "SMR hard disks are a good choice if they are primarily used as pure data storage or if a large hard disk is to be used for a PC on which data is stored. They offer more storage capacity and are more energy efficient than CMR, which makes them ideal for archiving tasks. Basically, SMR hard disks are not particularly well suited if the hard disk is to be constantly and permanently doing write operations, as this can lead to a cache overflow. In this case, a hard disk with a CMR recording method should definitely be used.
      CMR hard disks are a good choice when data is to be stored at high transfer rates or particularly large amounts of data. This includes a large number of activities from music streaming and image processing to use for NAS servers." https://www.seagate.com/au/en/internal-hard-drives/cmr-smr-l...

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    Geizhals, a German-language price comparison website, lists seven Seagate SMR drives. One the the drives listed is:

    Barracuda 4TB – 5,400rpm – SATA 6gig – ST4000DM004

    • …….? And that is telling us what?

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    $15 offf using 28QNXRDW7ZDQTCL from here if it works for you.
    Takes it to $93.90

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    Same drive as found in the external Seagate Expansion drives for around $99 everyday (less with discounted gift cards such as 15% off at Coles tomorrow if you can get them)
    I've shucked around 25 so far for Linux ISO storage. They have decent for singular drive archival storage such as this where data infrequently changes. I would NOT recommend for documents or other data that changes. Certainly never ever as a boot or RAID drive.

    • i recently got 2 from officeworks to shuck like ive done a few times before as i like to make 2 backup clones of everything and 1 of the drives turned out to be a ST4000DM005 model instead of ST4000DM004 and the 005 model is thicker so i went and bought another expansion backup to shuck for another ST4000DM004 to match the other one as i like using a matching pair could be some sort of idiosyncrasy or something i dont know :) and i couldnt find another 005 anywhere to match up with the 005 so im kind of stuck with it now as a paperweight so i wont be shucking expansion backup drives anymore especially now that the raw drives are getting to be just as cheap

  • Is this good for NAS?

    • Definitely not! It'll work but will perform extremely poorly. See my post above.

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