What’s The Best Shoe?

Okay what do you think is objectively the best shoe?

Taking into account comfort, price, fashionability, etc.

What’s the shoe you would or do buy a pair of every 6-12 months as your daily drivers?

What’s the Camry of shoes?


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      Foot airflow is important but I’m looking for something with socks

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        You can wear socks with Crocs. They have fancy ones.

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        Me too

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      Recently discovered you can get charms to plug into the holes too! Amazing.

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        Yes my crocs have Mario on left shoe and bowl of spaghetti on right shoe, pimp my croc!!!

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      Unless you're 6 or work in hospitality, nah haha

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    I don't drive a camry, life is short so I wear hush puppies 😆

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      Quiet Canines are great for formal events

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      I found hush puppies quality has gone down considerably

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    What are you doing to wear a shoe out in 6-12 months? Maybe you’re buying the wrong shoes?

    • If you wear the shoes 5 days a week

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        Good working shoes last longer than 12 months, unless you are PT.

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          Depends on how many steps you’re doing a day

        • I am incredibly harsh on shoes due to thick front pads on my feet. Never had any shoe no matter quality last more than a year, always wear through the sole.

        • I work part time and can confirm my shoes wear out quicker.

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        No word of a lie, I have a pair of these which I wore daily (5 days a week) for about 8 years, which then later dropped to about once a week, now they're only an occasional dress shoe. They've had some repair later in life but they are absolutely bombproof. They came reccomened to me and they've totally lived up to the hype. Retail for around $220.


        Edit: and to address your comment about how many steps in a day, I was working as deskside support in IT on large (200 people) office buildings so would cover 2-5ks in a day up flights of stairs etc all day every day.

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          Dress show with an air bubble - what will they think of next !

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          Ugly shoes.

          • @Shazam1: Don't know why you're getting downvoted. I vomited a little.

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        I wear my shoes 5 days a week including to work and typically get 2 years out of them, inclusive daily walks. Just go for budget brand-name walking/running shoes.

        • Lucky you that can get cheap shoes that will fit - I always need an EE (extra-wide) fitting.

          After that, it depends very much on your foot and gait. Just a fact that some people are much harder on their shoes than others, with nothing to be done about it.

          I have to get my shoes reheeled every 3 months or so, regardless of brand, so I look for shoes that are reheelable. Soles last much longer (~18mths) but they are the next thing to go.

          • @derrida derider: I think you need to change your outlook on life and yourself:

            1. If there's no extra wide just go up a half size. It's what I do.

            2. You can absolutely change your gate. It starts with self awareness, and eventually becomes your natural gate. Every person goes through this as they develop/grow, but nothing stops adults from doing the same.
              Be aware of your gate, if you're scuffing, your weight transfer along your foot, and look for uneven wear on your soles as feedback.

            • @Viper8: Too long a shoe means blisters on both heel and toes as the foot slides back and forth. And my podiatrist disagrees with you about gait (not "gate") just being matter of will.

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    Dunlops my man

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    This post was definitely not written by someone who wears heels.

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      I’ll rock my Jeffrey Campbells when needed

      • YES love a Jeffery Campbell

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    I prefer my right shoe. I like the feel of it, its feels right.

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      But after the right shoe, what have you got left?

      • But what if the shoe is on the other foot…?

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          Don't worry, he left it on the right one.

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    • Broad claim

    • theyre actually pretty terrible footwear. but people seem to like them a bit like the yogal pants - all about looks

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    Asics Nimbus 2X

    • Those are peak dad/sneans shoes

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        My assumption is that you have probably never worn them or used them, you're missing out on superior cushioning / comfort

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        Asics peak dad? Crisp white New Balance 62x beg to differ.

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    Used to wear converse a lot when I was young.

    Now I just wear whatever white sneakers I can find. Stan Smiths, AF1… other similar white sneakers.

    • I find converse a little uncomfortable and the damn laces are way overboard in length.
      I’ve got AF1s and they’re a PITA to take off/put on

      What Stan Smiths?

      • Yeah Converse are terribly uncomfortable.

        I assume you have mid/high AF1? I low low top so its super easy to slip on for me.

        Adidas Stan Smith, you can get them in a million colourways and designs and they're cheap as chips sometimes. I've purchased some for as low as $45 on sale.

        • Okay I’m about those Stan Smiths.

          You ever found them not in white?

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            @sjj89: They usually come in some variation of white, cause thats the most popular.

            But they often experiment with special editions that comes in different colours. I'd have a look during big sales event, thats usually when you can find them real cheap. I wouldn't expect to find them for ~$40, that was an outlier but often around $80.

            Looks like theres some discount in outlet and Shopback has 25% cashback atm. So see if anything tickles your fancies there. Cheapest one looks to be white one with gold font.. $52.5 after ShopBack, bloody good deal if you like how it looks.

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    Asics Court FF 1 and 2
    They are my daily drivers, they are like a sock instead of a shoe so the best comfort I have experienced
    When they were discounted 20% for the US Open Design and 20% further for Boxing Day I bought 6 pairs for $160 each
    They are pricey at $259.95 usually but I promise they are worth it, its night and day for me

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      Those are definite millennial sneans vibe

    • Daily drive these guys too but they are ugly as sin.

  • Best shoes I ever had were 3D Rebebok shoes I bought in the USA 20 years ago and lasted a long time.

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    Ultraboost on sale is my overall pick. Otherwise, converse on sale (I copped pairs for 20 bucks before on sale) is my pick - especially if you want a flat sole for gym etc.

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      Ultraboost models for ~$100 or $120 is a good price. Had a pair of 20s for a year, still holding up really well. The multiple different colourways also help, so you can find a specifc colour scheme something you really like.

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    Blundstones. Great with shorts or pants, the office, building site, camping, the pub. Waterproof, light, comfortable, easy to clean, easy to slip on and off, well priced.

    • Same but different, Redback lace ups

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    Docs they last more than 12 months and are air wear.
    Asic Nimbus's but nothing past the 20's :/

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    My teacher shoes are Skechers Work Sure Track. Go 10 hours standing without hurting.
    Wait until you get them on sale for $90 and grab 2. They last 18 months easy.

    • What teaching job requires a person to stand for 10 hours?

      That’s far longer than any school day. I’m genuinely curious?

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        Arrive at 7am, yard duties, classes all day (high school) finish between 4-5 (after school activities). Sure you get to sit down for some of it but it's sporadic at best. Regularly pacing for 4 hours straight.

        • Thanks, 7am is a bit rough, my kids school flips out if you bring them before 0840

        • Are teachers paid by salary or by the hour?

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    Depends on the shape of your foot, whether you like a stiff or flexible sole, minimalist or support built in. And then there is style. Not sure if there is a Camry of shoes, but would be interested to hear if others think there is.

  • Adidas Stan Smith's, Vans Authentic / Old Skool, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Leather Low-Top.
    Probably in that order of comfort & fashionability.

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      yeah if you were 14 years old.

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    I had a pair of dress shoes from Rockports, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Onitsuka tigers for errands out and about, not much support though. Don’t have time for shoelaces.

    • I've been wearing Rockport Allander shoes for 11 years now. I get well over a year from each shoe, and I'm no lightweight. The sole is some sort of foam (adipreme or something like that), that you can compress with your fingers.

  • Glogs

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    A pair that fits properly.

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    Have owned just about everything.

    But after owning Asics I've never gone back to anything else. All previous foot issues have disappeared.

    I'm happy to take suggestions, but they'd have to be better than Asics.

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      I found ultraboosts to be more comfy that my Asics Gel Kayano and definitely have them last longer.

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    Redback boots.

    Its the most comfy & durable boots.
    This guy cut boots in half for living and he agree with me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqwbBpcElpE&t=390s

  • San Antonio shoes (USA). One pair 5 days a week use for about 7 years - could have just resoled - but thought it was time for a change. The other is 2 days a week and its still going strong after 9 years. And they are probably the only shoe maker who makes a 12.5 W in dress shoes.

    https://www.sasshoes.com/mens-ambassador-lace-up-oxford/1810... - worth every penny even with international shipping

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    False. Black shoe.

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    What’s The Best Shoe?

    This one…

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    Best shoes:
    Work - RM Williams
    Comfort - NewBalance
    Casual - Adidas Superstar
    Site - BlueSteel

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      Haha, Blue Steel, Zoolander on the mind eh?
      I love my Steel Blue shoes, always spot on straight out of the box.

      • Wait til you see Magnum, it'll blow you away

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    Try zero drop shoes and your posture will thank me for it.

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      Vivobarefoot Primus black I can get away with in lots of situations.

      Lems Chillum for casual.

      Surprisingly the Vivos are more comfortable for longer wears and walking.

    • Thank you for the suggestion!

      Definitely looking into them :)

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    Black Dunlop Volleys have amazing grip. I used to prefer playing basketball in them because I wouldn't have to wipe the soles of my shoes with my hands every dead ball.

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    Work - Hush Puppy Chelsea

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    RM Williams. 15yrs and still going.

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      Reginald Murrays ?

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