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Bonus 10GB of Data to Eligible Vodafone Prepaid Users (SMS Reply Required)


I got their plan a few weeks ago, during the time when they had $30 kit on sale to combine with cashback offers from SB. I am not sure weather this is targeted or not.
PayAsyou Go or Long term 365 day plan dont seem to be eligible for this.
Anyway Their website is saying:-

It’s great to have you with us. As a special thank you gift, we’re giving you 10GB bonus data to enjoy over 7 days. All you need to do is text ‘GIFT’ to 1265 and we’ll apply the bonus data within the next 72 hours.

Don’t miss out — The expiry date is in the text message we sent you. T&C apply.

Prepaid Thank You Data

Only available to Vodafone customers who received a TXT message or email from Vodafone regarding this offer (the ‘Message’). Applies only to the number that received the TXT or the number mentioned in the email. Offer starts from when we sent you the Message and ends on the end date specified in that Message (“Campaign Period”). To receive bonus data, you must text ‘GIFT’ to 1265 within the Campaign Period. Bonus applied within 72 hours of when you reply GIFT and has the expiry set in the Message. Bonus otherwise has the same limitations and conditions as the standard data inclusion. Not for commercial or resale purposes. Not transferable or redeemable for cash and subject to change.

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  • +1

    Thank. Got free 10GB

  • Not suprised but had to try it on my PAYG Vodafone 365 grandfathered plan…

    We're sorry, but you're not eligible for this campaign. Please check the campaign details for more info or call 1555 for help.

  • I got this a week ago, got the confirmation but it never actually applied to my account. It's still limited to 1.5mbit

    • I dont think So, I think 10 GB is at full speed

      • Does it show as 10gb in data allowance?

        • Shows as Bonus Data

    • Call 1555 for help😁

    • You can ring them up and ask them to applied it manually. The 10gb is uncapped speeds so you can squeeze 5gb more if you are quick enough with downloads.

  • I was on 365 day prepaid and not eligible.

  • Yep targeted

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got it :)

  • seems to have worked, cheers OP!

  • we’re giving you 10GB bonus data to enjoy over 7 days.

    7 days expiry?

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