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Xiaomi Mi Power Strip with 20W USB-PD & 2x QC 3.0 Charging US$16.99 (~A$24.30) Delivered @ Banggood


On sale is the 3rd generation of the Xiaomi Mi Power Strip that's been popular over the years. These support AU/CN/US/EU power plugs making them good for those with international power adapters. It also has a single USB-C port with 20W USB Power Delivery (new to this model) and 2 USB ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge. It also has overload and short circuit protection.

The plug uses the CN 3 pin type that's similar to the AU plug without insulation. If you're not needing a powerboard with international plugs then this isn't the deal for you.

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  • -3

    similar to the AU plug without insulation.

    Are you saying it is not earthed ?

    • +48

      Hi jv!

      Are you saying it is not earthed ?

      It's earthed (the middle prong is the earthing prong)

      Just that the positive and negative prongs do not have insulation/paint on them.

      Not really an issue unless you have tiny fingers that can slip in between the plug and the powerpoint.

      Also, this technically doesn't comply with Australian standards because of that.

      Older powerboards/extension cords did not have this insulation either.

      According to this website, the insulation requirement (for complying with australian standards) came into effect on the 3rd of April, 2005

      Insulated pins example:

      Plug-pack with insulated pins.
      Plug with insulated pins.

      Not-insulated pins example:

      Plug-pack without insulated pins.
      Plug without insulated pins.

      • +16

        Thanks for making that Clear

        • +19

          You're Welcome :)

          • +52

            @cwongtech: This is like watching my now divorced parents having a passive aggressive argument.

      • Thanks for that info. I learned something!

        • Thanks JV for asking the right questions.

        • +2

          Just don't use these in a commercial environment and you'll be okay

          Xiaomi makes excellent products, I have two of the older Xiaomi powerstrips and they've been excellent, especially useful when travelling as well (you can do 1 travel adapter to allow this powerboard to connect, and everything else connect to this)

          • +2


            Just don't use these in a commercial environment and you'll be okay

            or any environment where your insurance could find it after an accident

  • +2

    I have one of these (not sure if it's the latest generation) and it's great. On mine, the wall plug is 90 degrees too, so it allows my mattress to essentially sit flush against the wall. Good stuff.

  • +8

    doesn't comply with Australian standards

    no thanks

    • +2

      Take it with you on trips to NZ

      • +1

        This is OzB and not KiwiB

        • +6

          I think you mean choicecheapies

      • +1

        Australia and NZ share the same electrical standards……..

  • +1

    Can't decide if I really need this or not, as I don't really need a power board with international plus

    • +7

      You'll likely find the international pins more useful than you expected, depending how much you shop online and potentially (grey) import. I am in need of a second or third one of these.

  • +6

    That PD and 2x QC3 is very enticing. Shame it's not really an AU product.

    • +2

      If it is, it will $80 not $24.

    • Which powerboards are made in Australia?

  • When does this coupon expire?

  • Ended up being USD$17.69 and using CommBank travel money card was AUD$26.09 still reasonable deal since I need it.

    • +2

      That's because you had insurance on. If you untick that box, it goes back down to $16.99.

      • Damn I was tired and just didn't check the form properly. Cheers

  • These are great, I have the older slow charging gen which I prefer because I don't want to be fast charging all the time, helps ensure a healthy battery life.

  • Is this plug also upside down?

    I got the first gen I think, I can't stand the upside down plug

    • +2

      Yes it's a CN plug so to them it's the correct way up.

      • 🤦 thanks for info

    • +5

      You could change the plug. This is Australia though so you'll just need to complete a 3 hour plug top replacement course first… oh after you've completed your test and tag course that is. But hey at least you don't need to become an electrician.

      • +2

        What's this 3 hour course? Tempted to do it lol. I thought legally u had to be a licensed sparky

        • +1

          Google "plug top replacement course" and you'll find quite a few, some are online courses. Looks like most are between $160 to $200 mark, but the pre-requisite is having completed a test and tag course that is around $500.

      • +2

        What's the point of the course, it's still not AU compliant. Just go Bunnings buy the plug, and replace it and crossfingers it doesn't catch fire then all is good.

        • +2

          Xiaomi does make decent gear at least. I'd probably trust it more than some of the cheap "AU compliant" power boards sold here that get approved and then are made for an absolute minimum cost (ie like these recalls.) and it definitely has to be safer than using those dodgy adaptors they supply with foreign chargers etc with sloppy connectors that arc when they move.

          This Xiaomi seems pretty solid, 1.0mm2 cable (instead of 0.75mm2 on most), looks pretty well built inside.

    • It's actually good when you want the power strip above the wall power point.

  • It says simultaneous charging is 15.5w or 18w max?

    • +2

      Good pickup, forgot to check.

      When you use more than 2 USB ports, the max is 15.5W
      When only 1 USB-A port is in use (and USB-C port is not in use), at most 18W on that USB-A port.
      When only the USB-C port is in use, at most 20W.

      Knowing that it is the typical single chipset design, managed to resist buying now.

  • -2

    Just buy CyberPower/Belkin surge protectors?
    They are usually ~20-30$ during sale.
    Why take risk for a product without warranty to cover on your electronics?

    • +2

      This isn't a surge protector. It's a power board with USB.

    • +3

      And does a CyberPower and Belkin accept US or EU plugs? No different type of product.

  • +1

    I have the original one, and its safety triggers at a mere ~1600 Watts. Every time.

  • I find these super handy when he traveling as some of the stuff you get with camera Battery or drone chargers are US or EUR plugs and they are good for this.

    At home they're handy as well esp for the number of Chinese plug devices younger from Banggood etc that are hard wired and need a clunky intl adapter

  • +2

    Great upgrade to the previous model. Powers all my US plug external hdds

  • +2

    Code exceeded

  • +2

    please update post as it seems it has expired / reached max number of uses

  • +2

    "This coupon can only be used 200 times"

  • +3

    "This coupon can only be used 200 times."

    Deal ended.

  • +3

    Another code pls ~~~~

  • -1

    Pay a bit more for TP link smart power board me thinks and is Aus approved

    • They accept US and EU plugs? Link me

      • -2

        Nope but if you want US EU or Asia plugs then that serves a different purpose for this unit. There's always travel adapters.
        I'm looking at general use for local AU appliances. Not travelling

        • +4

          This is for people who want to use US/EU plugs. This clearly isn't what you're after.

  • +2

    I have to agree with jv. This is good for taking onto your trip to burn NZ down.
    All my flaship phones get the very original charger made by the same maker.
    I am very picky when it comes to earth and good mains connections that are firm and solid, with double insulation.

    • I'm surprised there hasn't been more house burning comments. Used to be heaps back in the day that it found itself in a Big Man Scotty video.

      Of course no one back then could actually prove it had burned down a house.

  • +3

    Should posts like this be negged?

    The product does not comply with Australian standards (as per @cwongtech's comment) and may cause injury/accidents.

    There's a reason we have Australian standards to abide by.

    • +2

      I think a warning about the risks of plugs not insulated would suffice. Something cwong summarised very well (small fingers). Someone last night had reported the deal as being "Inappropriate/illegal" but that's not the case.

      • Fair enough.

        Cheers mate.

    • +4

      Should posts like this be negged?

      The product does not comply with Australian standards (as per @cwongtech's comment) and may cause injury/accidents.

      That would also apply to almost every other grey import/non-australian plug for electronics
      As per my comment above, it's a relatively new standard (started in 2005)

      As long as this is not being sold by an Australian company that claims it complies, I think this does not need to be negged.

      In my opinion I think as long as the "does not comply with standards" disclosure has been made, then it's fine.

      Personally I have two older Xiaomi Power Strips (that do not comply) and have been awesome powerboards!

      There's a reason we have Australian standards to abide by.

      If we look at how insulated prongs may prevent electrocution to people trying to forcefully stick thin strips of metal in between a male plug and the socket (obviously hasn't been fully plugged in yet), we can see it's really to prevent stupid people and perhaps curious children

      I think they're a little overprotective in my opinion.

  • +3

    For those that missed it, I found it for $27.96 shipped over on aliexpress:

    • A$29.99 after shipping and GST. If only it was included in the new year sale… it could probably be had cheaper with a coupon.

    • Down to A$25.8 shipped for me after AliExpress coupon they offered to me for some reason. Not bad as BG’s deal already expired now

  • This might be good for my Xiaomi laptop with Chinese plug

  • Does not comply with Australian Standards.

    So if this device happens to start an electrical fire, your insurance company will really appreciate the get out of jail free card!

    • +1

      So if this device happens to start an electrical fire, your insurance company will really appreciate the get out of jail free card!

      I suppose the same can be applied to almost every older appliance or still-working extension cords in your home that might not have the insulated pins (built before 2005) or grey-import electronics meant for a different market

      All them Xiaomi bidets are also technically not compliant

    • Can you please show where it says that on insurance sites

      • +1

        I've been asking people to provide proof for years and they never come up with it.

        • Just scare campaigns by insurance companies really

          There was some other member on OzBargain in the past who was quite vocal about Australian standards and the C tick
          I think they had a store that was selling electronics (thus.. they wanted to introduce some scare mongering?)

          Insurance normally talks about DIY electrical work (fair enough)

          But unless every single appliance in a home has been tested and tagged every year like an office, hard to enforce.

          It appears to stop contractors from using dodgy non-compliant parts when working (which is a good thing)
          But we're consumers, and we're professionals

          Rather than being concerned about the little bit of rubber/paint on the prongs, I'd be much more concerned about the actual quality of the component..

          • +1


            There was some other member on OzBargain in the past who was quite vocal about Australian standards and the C tick

            Sounds very familiar. Can probably dig through hold posts to find who it was. I still have the old bingo chart I used to comment with.

    • +2

      Except it won't cause a fire, unless you do something really stupid with it. More likely that a $4 bunnings power board will burn your house down

  • Any recommendations for powerboards that are AU compliant that can be used for those CN plug appliances?

  • Still available. Just got one now.

  • Thanks, just got two

  • Just used the coupon - came out as 22.xx delivered!

    • Coupon still works, but how did you get 22.xx!?

      $16.99 USD for me is $23.93 for Citibank debit (trans plus acc)

      • No idea - I used Afterpay which turned 15.69 USD to 22.65 AUD..

        The only line I don't understand is "Allowance Discount" which was -$2.89

  • Ebay is cheaper.

  • Has anyone actually received theirs?

    • Yes I did

      • Disregard came today.

  • Got mine on Sat.

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