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Automatic IR Sensor Soap Dispenser Touchless Handsfree Sanitizer $3.49 Delivered @ YM Collections via MyDeal


Specification: Material: ABS Color: Sky Blue Power Supply: 4 x AAA Battery(Not Included) Filling Capacity: 400 ml Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.5 x 21 cm


●LED indicator lights up automatically when liquid is discharged.

●Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, office, hospital and other places.

●Three levels of liquid output can be preset, which is convenient and practical.

●This practical function is made possible by the built-in infrared smart sensor.

●4 non-slip feet ensure a secure and stable hold. The soap dispenser also has an on / off switch on its underside.

●Fully replace the traditional soap machine, infrared automatic sensing, no touch, no bacteria, healthy hand washing.

●Thanks to the anti-drip system, annoying dripping is prevented and you do not have to wipe up any liquid that has spilled next to it.

Package Included: 1 x Automatic Soap Dispenser(Battery NOT Included)

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    WTF? 😲

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      That's like 4 graphics cards.. Damn

  • used to be 10k for a sensor soap dispenser?!

    • I believe it.

      3 words.

      Covid 19.

      • +1

        Technically that was 2 words

        • Coronavirus!

  • Good price but not getting it due to fake old price

  • Stocking filler

  • Oos

  • +1

    Bought 2 and just received an email saying it is being refunded. :(

    • SAME

  • Same, refund, there were 20 in stock when I bought, the seller not good

  • Another day, another refund from MyDeal..

  • Order cancelled

  • Order refunded without even an order confirmation being sent. Would have NEG the deal if it wasnt for my revoked vote.

  • WTF is the point of this kind of home machine? No bacteria? I'm about to wash my hands, who cares.

    I get it for a public system, more from dosing the correct amount. But the amount from something like this is most likely wasteful (hence Dettol coming out with the first advertised one here in hopes you'll but more soap).

    • I was personally thinking of putting chocolate topping in it using it as a dessert machine lol or something like that for fun.

      Maybe honey machine for cereal.

      Will probably create chaos so abandoned the idea.

      Also I wouldn't be surprised if Adobe businesses shop on here to buy stuff for their shops compared to buying extra from some business suppliers.

      But who knows!

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