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Gaming Laptop 15.6" RTX3070 / i7-10870H / 32GB (AORUS 15G XC-8AU2430SH) $2399 + Delivery @ Harris Technology


Clearance sales on Harris Tech with different GIGBAYTE gaming laptops https://www.ht.com.au/product/LandingPage/1444:
AORUS 15G XC-8AU2430SH 15.6" i7-10870H 32GB RTX3070 @2399inc
G7 KC-8AU1130SH 17.3in 144Hz i7-10870H RTX3060 16GB @$1999inc
AORUS 17G KD-72AU325SH 17.3" i7-11800H/16GB/3060P @1999inc.
AORUS 15P XC-8AU2430SH i7 RTX 3070 15.6in @1999inc.

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  • waiting for the experts to weigh in comparing this to the legion 5 pro.

    • legion 5 is more expensive than this.

  • 15G XC with Max. 105w 3070

    • am curious. does the wattage difference make a world of difference for laptops? legion is 140w max whereas this is coming in at what you mentioned. smaller screen and also resolution is lower but refresh is higher.

      • That really depends on what games you want to play with. But when compare with the price, we always need to know the maximum watts so that we know if they are in the same level or not.

      • +1

        yes, yes it does. I never thought i'd see an aorus with a MAX-Q setup ;.; maybe this is their new norm though.

        from memory works out to about 5% performance per 10 watts, so 105 vs 140 is a good 15-20%

      • awesome, thanks for the feedback.

  • Clearance sale indicating that gen12 intel laptops are around the corner?

    • I see this clearance is with models of 10th gen and 11th gen

  • +4

    There's a reason they are on sale:

    • 15P XC is already out of stock

    • 15G XC have mux switch and came with 105w 3070. The downsides include an 10th gen chip which is a far step down from both intel 11th gen and zen3 mobile in both gaming and productivity workloads. It does gain bonus points for having 32gb of ram. Per key rgb and a 240hz screen aint too shabby neither. However, it also does cost a 2.4 grand for a last gen cpu and low powered gpu, and despite being intel it does not get access to thunderbolt 3.0 ports.

    • 17G KD have no mux switch and with 105w 3060 despite being claimed as 'max-p'. It does have both an intel 11th gen 11800h and a 17'3 inch 300hz panel but you are basically never going to hit that framerate in any games due to the lack of a mux switch. I guess maybe CSGO if you put the settings down a bit? It also came with per key rgb, a TB4.0 port, and the 512gb nvme is a pcie 4.0 drive so thats not too bad.

    • G7 KC have no mux switch with 105w 3060. And its not a gigabyte chasis but a Clevo one so a very generic and plastic feel to this machine. 10th gen cpu, only an 144hz panel, no per key rgb, no thunderbolt port, no pcie 4.0 drive neither since thats a 11th gen exclusive. Kinda stupid this costs the same as the 17g KD.

  • would these laptop be able handle pro tools recording and audio production?

    • Read from forums that pro tools is better to be on Mac, not Windows. I could be wrong.

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