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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ $107.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Grab the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for $107.10 using the 10% off coupon code. Website says limited stock available.

Limit of 2 per customer

  • 2 way dynamic speakers, clear voice calls and enhanced ambient sound control
  • Up to 22 hours total battery life
  • Powershare, wireless charging and quick charging
  • True wireless freedom and compact design
  • Seamlessly connect and switch between your compatible smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet with easy pairing

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  • +5

    Good deal. Bought it earlier this year for $120 from Officeworks with price match and pretty happy with it.

  • +10

    Even though these are a few years old now they are still my go to and since I’ve gotten these I’ve had a number of very high-end buds (B&O, Sennheiser moment 2 and so on)… For this price, I can’t recommend these highly enough.

    • +2

      The Galaxy Buds+ were only released Feb last year?

      The original Galaxy Buds were released March 2019.

      • +1

        They also have the best battery life of any of the Galaxy buds series - a whopping 11+ hours.

        • I've been very impressed wearing them at work for long shifts (6-8 hours) and not even having to charge the case for two days or worry about the earbuds themselves losing charge.

          Only annoying thing is when you have to take them out the buttons on the side can get pressed on accident and if you long-press them it opens your voice assistant and stops what you're playing (at least on my phone)

        • +1

          WFH + gaming for 6 hours after was great without needing to charge. Would prefer that kind of battery life over noise cancellation any day

    • +1

      I think you're mixing up with the original Galaxy Buds there.

      These released Feb 2020.

  • +3

    These are great, but don't recommend getting them for phone calls.

    • +13

      I disagree. I find them really decent for phone calls. Since the original Buds, they added two mics in each ear which I've found makes a huge difference.

      • +2

        I've also found them to be of good quality during phone calls (superior to the phone mic at the very least)

        • Use the OG Galaxy Buds for Zoom/Teams calls and they've been great

    • +7

      I have found them to be better than any other buds for phone calls, but still not ideal especially for business calls.

      Had a funny phone call the other day where I was wearing my Buds+ and talking to Samsung Support. The guy said, "are you on Bluetooth? It's very poor quality"

      Of course I immediately said, "sorry, it's a Samsung product"

    • picked up a call while cycling and the receiver said it was pretty clear!

    • Agree.

      I normally use my Samsung note 10 for phone calls.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, used 5% off JB Giftcards via Suncorp rewards to bring it down to $101.75 :)

    • Are they shutting down the Suncorp rewards?

      • I got an email saying that they're shutting it down early next year, but replacing it with something else.

        • Yeah, I got the same thing. Hopefully the gift reward remains alive in some form.

    • Did the same via HCF but 1% surcharge so 4% off which is better than nothing.

    • You should have bought 15% ultimate home gift card!

      • I wasn't sure if it would still be in stock by the time I managed to get my hands on an ultimate GC!

        • I don't blame you, I just went to buy and could only get my hands on the $50 ones.

  • Good deal, grabbed the buds live for 124 last weekend but probably would jump on these at this price if I hadn't.

    • How does it compare with Samsung galaxy buds live?

      • Buds Live are the first type of bud style earphones I've had so I can't really compare them I'm afraid. They fit well in my ears though so I am happy.

        • Alright, Thank you.

  • how's the phone call quality with this? I am using an el-cheapo QCY earbuds, music is alright but useless for phone calls.

    • Much better than other wireless earphones that came out around the same time.

    • Not bad if you're somewhere quiet. Not so great when you're somewhere noisy e.g. public transport, sports. But then again there aren't many ear buds that have great call quality. Galaxy Buds + are still my preferred ear buds though.

      • +2

        If you pick the shittiest wired earphone, it would still have a way better mic than Airpod pro plus max ultra.

      • thanks! Bought one.

    • Good quality. Not amazing, but far better than general cheapie TWS. I've had quite a few.

  • i would lose these, otherwise I would get them

    • +4

      Have you considered tying them to a string and hanging them around your neck?

    • I lost my last pair, then found them on the dyer after a spin on the washing machine.
      Needless to say, they did not like it.

  • Still the most comfortably pair compared to the rest of the buds line up imo.

  • Good deal and seems to be the best choice within the Buds range IMO. I like pairing mine with both my Samsung phone and my Switch.

  • This, Buds Live, Jabra 3, or Jabra Elite 75T?
    So many options!
    Then again my cheap Soundpeats go alright too.

    • +1

      If you are concerned about sound quality? not any of the jabras (v shaped bass earrape) and the buds live don't make a very good seal

    • I have the buds live. The bluetooth range is terrible. It's about 2 metres, so you can't leave your phone in your bag and use them at the gym. Or mow the grass with them in etc. The noise cancelling is a joke as well.

  • +5

    $87.10 with amex deal

  • Ultimate gift cards from coles for further discount?

    • What is the cole gift card deal may I ask?

      • Coles has 15% off on ultimate gift cards which could be 8sed at Jb Hifi. I am not sure if we could use gift cards with coupon.

        • Yes, you can but Gift cards bought through Coles can only be used in store not online.Just bought a pair of these and came to know.

  • how does this one compare to galaxy live active?

    • I believe the Live's are very different and don't offer much passive noise isolation

      • +1

        I have the Live Active now and you're right, ANC is almost nothing. but it fits nicely and voice calls are lovely. But what are the differences between those one? They have too many varieties that make me confused

        • +1

          I have the Galaxy Buds Live (never tried the Buds+) and they sit in your concha and play music into your ear without actually inserting into your ear canal. It means they have a more open sound (sounds from around you come into your ear easier). These Buds+ stick directly into your ear canal like traditional silicone earbuds so they have greater sound isolation (harder to hear sounds around you) sort of like earplugs that block out noise.

          So the two main differences are the fit and the sound of them. While the buds live offer ANC, it isn't particularly effective because of the fact the buds live don't go into your ear canal and offer much sound isolation. The Buds+ don't have ANC but I'm prepared to bet they still block out more noise because of their fit.

          Hope that helps a little, here's a video comparing them.

  • +1

    Damn, only bought these from HN last week for $118, haven't even opened them yet.

    • Return them to HN

      • They don't do change of mind refunds unfortunately

        • +5

          You haven't changed your mind, you just found a better price

  • how do these compare to the galaxy buds pro?

    • -1

      Personally I'd pass on both the Buds Pro and the Buds 2 due to reports that they can cause allergic reactions.

      The Buds+ also have better battery life than both the 2 and the Pro.

    • Couple of extra mics on the buds pro for supposedly better call quality, plus if using a Samsung device they have a spatial audio option.
      I've heard the pros have a lower latency as well which comes in handy when watching/playing anything but audio.

  • These are very good. Love mine

  • Does anyone use them with iPhone ? Any thoughts please

    • -1

      Nothing wrong with it, I use AirPods with my Samsung and they work perfectly fine. Nothing more than Bluetooth.

      People seem to think that AirPods only work with Apple devices, vice versa for Samsung Buds and phones.

      • Not about whether they work but how optimised and seamless the software/user experience is. I think the Buds+ work better on iPhone than Airpods do on Androids though given there's at least a Samsung app for iPhone to customise some of the settings/EQ/etc.

      • My airpods sound God awful on my windows laptop. Googled it and it's just an unavoidable thing about using airpods on Windows.

    • Not these but I'm using Galaxy Buds Live with an iPhone with no issues at all.

    • Yes I used them with an iPhone, works perfectly. Samsung made an app for iOS.

  • how does it compared with jabra elite 75t in terms of calling and listening to music?

    • +1

      Better on both counts.

      Edit: I should add that the one bonus the Jabra 75t have is that they're water resistant and can handle rain and sweat. Buds+ are not, but I haven't had an issue working out with them.

    • +1

      I found them to be about the same, the benefit of the Jabras is that the wifey twice threw my jeans in the wash with the Active 75ts and they survived both events without any issues other than they are cleaner!

      • Lol

      • +2

        she did it on purpose

  • +1

    Picked up a pair for my old man for Christmas - thanks mate.

  • +1

    Wow, thanks OP, great find! I had been holding out on buying a grey import pair for actually a couple of months, so this is awesome.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, good thing about being in Cairns at the moment is that these 'limited stores only' items always seem to be in stock up here ;)

  • I have bought last week after price match with Harvey Norman. Will thy refund the difference?

  • Tossing up between the Buds+ for this price or Buds2 for $142.35, any recommendations?

    • Buds+ is a lot of value for the price and also that battery life on the buds themselves. TWS battery will degrade very quickly, at least with twice the battery capacity Buds+ will last a bit longer than Buds 2. Also the wing tips on buds+ make it stay in place a lot easier.

  • +1

    Bought one for my wife. Her $469 Galaxy S20 FE arrived last week. Was looking for some deal for buds. Reading the comments on this post, decided to go for these.

    • Is that the 4G version for $469?

      • Yes it was 4g. Missed the 5g version post and saw that after i already bought 4g. Customer service said i need to cancel the order and place a new order if I wanted 5g. But that doesn't matter much to her so I didn't bother.

        • I got the 5G but I'm on Boost which is only 4G data so I can't take advantage of it.. I should've bought the 4G to save a few bux

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Bought for $87.10 with Amex deal.

  • does these fall out of your ears easily while running?

    • +3

      I have never had any luck with earbuds staying put in general, let alone when running… my son thinks my ears are just wrong.. so I gave up on them a while back. Have decided to give these a go since they have the wing tip on them.. will report back when I test them out.

      • Sounds like I have the same ears as you. Please report back soon.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one. None in stock around my area but got one 11km away for click and collect, I'm south eastern suburbs in VIC.

  • +1

    Just bought S21+ on trade-in deal, and it has no jack, this comes in perfect fit. Thanks OP.

  • Is there any noticeable lag when using these with a tv?

    • Depends on what codec your tv uses, if it's technically an android device (usually aptX compatible) I think you should be fine because rtings measured 33ms latency for Android devices here.

      Someone who has tested it can chime in.

      I use Kodi on my Chromecast/Projector setup and if I ever notice delay on my Buds Live I just set an audio offset to fix it.

      • +1

        Unfortunately I don't believe aptx is supported for the buds plus

        • You're right, that's my bad.

          Not sure why the latency was recorded lower on Android than IOS then.

          • +1

            @Castcore: Bluetooth 5.0. Buds+ has Bluetooth 5.0, so as long as your device has Bluetooth 5.0 then lag is pretty much non-existant.

  • +2

    i was looking at Live vs Plus buds the other day, and this this seems a good comparison review?


    In case it helps those on the fence about one or the other.

    • I have to go through this post and warn everyone not to get the live. I have them and seriously regret them, the wind blows and the bluetooth will dropout.

      • thanks for the comments - is this something you've heard about across the board with this product? (any other current OZB owners have this issue?)
        any chance this could be an issue with your units perhaps.

      • +1

        I checked the Bluetooth range between my galaxy buds live and my iPhone 12 pro. I was very happy with the connectivity as I was about 15 meters away with a couple of walls in between. It was much better than my Bose QC35ii in terms of the Bluetooth range. Maybe it is not as good with lower Bluetooth versions.

  • +1

    Bought a pair for C&C while at work, closest store was a 5-minute walk away and in-stock, picked up within 10 minutes. Merry Christmas all!

    • +1

      I bought a pair cos my new S20 FE don't have a 3.5mm aux jack and I like listening to podcasts

      • Merry Christmas. Love listening to podcasts as well. Which ones? The Weekly Planet ring a bell?

        • Merry Christmas! Thanks for the tip about The Weekly Planet, I'll have a listen later. When I said podcasts, I really meant listening to condensed books via apps like Blinkist, StoryShots and Audible. There's also a few channels I follow on Youtube and I only listen to them without watching

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