Gigabyte X570S Aorus Pro AX Motherboard $329 + Shipping @ PCCG


Hi everyone this is my first post so I hope there aren't any errors.

Seems like a good price for a board that is roughly $400~ at other stores.

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  • Didn't realise the x570S had been released. Will have a look at the ITX version.

    • From looking through the internet, the difference seems to only be in the passive chipset cooling.

      Is the chipset fan noticably loud to people?

      • I've got a x570 and I would definitely say so!

        • I built a system using this board late last year which I've not unsold but I never heard the fan. The issue wasn't that fan was loud but that some complaint it failed.

      • As DreaminBargains says the main concern is failure, but depending on the model you have there have been plenty of reports of noise.

    • Almost 500 bucks, not worth it. I've got the B550i (half the price) with a 5950x - only downside is only one Gen4 NVME slot (which isn't really a real-world issue).

      If the X570SI was like 300 or maybe 350, I'd consider the upgrade but doesn't really seem worth it otherwise.

      • Yeah Agreed. I had a look and was shocked how much they were going for. My B550I is fine lol glad I didn't wait for it because I heavily considered it.

  • I never hear mine, so YMMV

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