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SodaStream Pepsi Varieties $3.50/Bottle (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


Cheapest price so far for these SodaStream Pepsi flavours.

Other varieties are:
Pepsi Max
Mountain Dew
Mirinda Orange

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  • Other varieties are:

    Are what?

    Don't leave me hanging man

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      They're invisible

      • wish they were, couldn’t help myself almost clearing the whole shelf lol

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      • Pepsi
      • Pepsi Max
      • 7up
      • Mountain Dew
      • Mirinda Orange
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    What about sodastream Coke?

    • like that idea but Coca-cola Amatil might not like it, yet ;)

      • Coca-cola Amatil might not like it

        They don't want to sell more product ???

        • +5

          Sodastream is owned by Pepsi co.

          • @airpoe: Wish I'd seen this before I posted my big ramble

          • @airpoe: SodaKING isn't.

            There's nothing stopping coke from releasing a concentrate for people making their own soda.

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          Probably not if it could detract from people with a Coke habit buying as much of the pure stuff from them and instead making their own at home for cheap. The profit margin probably wouldn't be as good for them either

          In my experience these Sodastream flavours don't do a superb job at emulating the originals and Coca Cola hasn't done much to change things up since their New Coke debacle so if their syrup doesn't hit the mark people might start complaining Coke tastes funny again

          • @SpainKing:

            Probably not if it could detract from people with a Coke

            Different market segment.

            People with sodastream a not very likely to buy many other types of softdrinks if they are making their own.

            Coke are losing potential sales.

    • Would be nice, but whilst Sodastream is owned by PepsiCo, unlikely.

      • There are lots of other soda makers, apart from Sodastream.

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          Coke did this with Keurig Kold. Basically a coffee pod machine, like the famous Keurig, but for cold drinks and partnered with Coke. It failed. Miserably.

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            The machine retailed somewhere between $299 and $369, depending on the retailer. Then the pods themselves, which offered a variety of Coca-Cola drinks, were priced between $3.99 and $4.99 for a pack of four. Each pod produced an 8 ounce glass of soda — less than a standard can.


            I wonder why ?

            • @jv: Oh it was 100% flawed from the beginning!

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                Oh it was 100% flawed

                Sounds like the pricing was flawed.

                If they were similarly priced to SodaStream, they would be a serious contender because of their brand and exclusive flavours.

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    Good price

  • Great price, but I wouldn't buy due to it not tasting like Pepsi as I think it has more artificial sweeteners in the syrup compared to actual Pepsi.

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      Yeah that’s true but also an advantage though. My assumption is that actual pepsi doesn’t have artificial sweeteners at all.

  • Got the whole selections from last year already. Great stuff.

  • A couple of weeks ago, these were 6 for $3.00 at NQR which included the Mountain Dew flavour. There could still be some left over from that sale at NQR. Obviously they might have been a little short dated.

  • Regular Pepsi sodastrean syrup has artificial sweeteners

  • +1

    Coles is also the same price. I just purchase 10 bottles 2 weeks ago for $5.50. Might bulk buy at $3.50 and return take 10 bottles back with the $5.50 docket for a refund. Thanks OP.

    You could also do OW price match if you want that extra 5%

    • OW price match if you want that extra 5%

      Forgot about that… thanks…

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    Is it just me? Looking at the thumbnail I thought they released a pepsi flavoured shampoo…. lmao

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    NQR has these for $1 Pepsi and Mountain Dew only in my local not sure about others,

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    Fwiw, I like the pepsi max soda stream much more than the real Pepsi max.

  • If you have 3 Pepsis and drink 1, how refreshed are you?

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