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[eBay Plus] Alpha 38” Inch Acoustic Guitar Classical Wooden (Left-handed Nature Wood) $20.95 Delivered @ OZPlaza eBay


If you used the $10 coupon before you can't use it again.

$20.95 is the Left-handed Nature wood, so make sure you order the correct one for you.

Body material: Laminated linden
Fretboard: Rosewood
Colour: Natural Wood/ Blue/ Black
Dimension: 96x36x8.5cm

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  • Cheers. Ordered one, wanna learn to play! :D

    probably need to learn to sing too..

    • +1

      Which one did you pick ?

      By the way, you might also need a guitar stand…

      • I picked black with the addons~

    • Ordered one,

      Make sure you ordered the correct handed.

      • Hahaha I think I did… I ordered the right handed one which would mean my left hand would be on the longer side of the guitar. That shows you how much I know about guitars lmfao… you know the long BIG is being played on my left hand.

        Yeah you can say I'll be a pro guitar player.

        • Congrats on deciding to start on the guitar! i did a couple of years ago, and although I don't have too much time to practice and can't improve as fast as i would like, it's all about the journey and not about becoming a pro guitar player. There are a lot of online sites, such as justinguitar which can help you get started. It's all about effective practice

      • Guitars have hands?

  • Are they foldable ?

  • +1

    The eBay listing title is confusing.

    Are they all left handed?

    For non guitarists, this type of guitar comes in a left and right hand variant because the cutaway is on one side.
    For some other symmetrical guitars, they can be restrung to be left or right handed.

    For any beginner -
    Google how to set up the guitar before playing it. Getting the right string heights will make life way easier

    • Are they all left handed?

      The dropdown list and photo clearly show which one is left-handed.

    • What's the acoustic like? You know?

  • +6

    I don’t recommend buying a cheap guitar if you want to learn to play guitar. Ironically, the cheapest guitars are usually really difficult (and unpleasant) to play, which will slow down your learning, or even put you off for life. A beautiful, well-made guitar that is lovely to play will encourage you to keep learning.

    • +3

      I don’t recommend buying a cheap guitar if you want to learn to play guitar.

      Of course, this one is for people only want to learn and quit in a month 😏

      • Agree, $20 Guitar is only good for the purpose of decoration.

      • I learned using a cheap no name electric guitar without an amp. It doesn't matter how expensive the guitar is if your primary focus is learning. Although one major factor might be what sort of style one is trying to emulate or learn alongside.

    • +1

      I've played a toys r us guitar a few years that had good tone. eg better than the Ashton I was using at the time. Manufacturing standards are improving and as long as they hold tune should be okay.

    • -1

      but how can you tell if these are crap quality? original price was $150-160

      • You won't know till you order one and play it

      • +1

        $150 is about as cheap as you can get. Decent guitars start at about $500. Good guitars start at about $1000. A professional classical guitarist will look at guitars priced $3k and above.

    • +1

      100% agree. I would highly recommend a Yamaha FG800 for beginners (or any of the FG series). It is around $300 but you get a brilliant guitar. Check reviews, they speak for themselves.

      • +1

        Is that for classical? Yamaha normally has wide neck.

        • No, the FG series is not a classical guitar. It is a steel stringed dreadnaught. Not sure where you got your info about Yamaha's having wide necks but that's not true.

          • @bboz: Yamaha classical have wide necks. I have one

            • @edrift: Yes, all classics have wide necks. But the FG series is not a classical guitar and doesn't have a wide neck.

  • Wait is this an actual decent guitar? They're usually about $300ish down to this cheap? I don't know… can anyone lend a hand here?

    • They're usually about $300ish

      no one is paying $300 for an alpha guitar
      All in the low $100s at best based on ebay history

      • I wouldn't even pay $300 for the beta model.

      • Good guitar for beginners?

    • You are correct about the $300 estimate. Check my comment above. Of course you can get cheaper guitars but there's really no point.

  • +1

    tanglewood seconds auction at Lloyds Gold Coast in 4 days. Bought new $200+ guitars for $60 ea with cosmetic marks.

  • +1

    Cant go wrong for $20 (to an extant). Bought one for my left handed nephew

  • +1

    Looks like you can add the Accessory pack from the same Seller for only an additional $10.95.

  • Bad reviews on site. Trolls says it's good confirmed it's low quality. Badly constructed.

  • Mine arrived.

    Pretty good for $20.
    Manage to get every string in tune except G which blew up in my face. The ones I can get in tune sounded pretty nice!

    A lot cramper than I had imagined. Definitely recommend 41 inches for adults.

    • Nevermind. Out of tune in a matter of hours.

      Looks the part though.

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