Covid Relief Payment from Health Insurance @ HIF


Same as this
Looks like HIF has also come to the party. I feel it’s pretty good from them to do this. I didn’t really get any notification, but just got an email that my bank account will be credited tonight.

Check your email if you are with HIF

Not even sure if it constitutes a bargain, but it’s free money in your bank account.


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    How is this a deal?

    • To be fair to OP he linked a similar post. I get what you mean though.

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      It's not, OP thought they were posting on OzAnnouncements

    • @DrRalph Yes, you are right this is not a deal at all, but do you have to give a negative vote?

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        but do you have to give a negative vote?

        Yes, if it is not a bargain…

  • Again, this reassures me that I have made the right choice using HIF.

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      right choice is to self insure

      • How does one "self insure"

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    Seems more like a rebate because you couldn't use your extras cover during the lockdowns rather than a "payment" as such.

    Services Australia have payments if you have to quarantine for 7/14+ days and the states have a variety of payments for if you are forced to isolate after being directed to take a PCR test (usually intended to be for ~1 day else above applies).

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    I think I got this days ago? It was a meagre payment but better than nothing.

    • I received the email and meagre payment as well.

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