Briggs & Stratton Sprint 2300 Electric Pressure Washer $229 @ All Mower Spares


Ordered last week and arrived Monday.
Pressure is great and it’s great quality which is expected from Briggs & Stratton.

It’s the cheapest price I’ve seen at $229

As a comparison it’s currently $299 at Amazon:

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    This shop is the absolutely worst shop to deal with. Their phone and email service is off sire in a foreign country with absolutely no linkage to the shop itself.
    I have been waiting over 11 days over 1 enquiry and no one had gotten back to me.

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    I purchased one of these on Black Friday. The price hasn't changed since, however, what does change is the shipping date. It has now been pushed back 3 times.

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    Haven't used them personally but from all reports, I'd avoid them like the plague. See them get roasted on social media all the time by people that have ordered stuff and it doesn't show up. DYOR

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    Why would you purchase this one when you can get this from Bunnings cheaper

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      Because Bunnings is petrol and this is electric. Kind of ironic that Briggs & Stratton, a babe synonymous with petrol engines, is on an electric motor.

  • It’s a great pressure washer. I bought one a year ago and it hasn’t missed a beat. Get it from Amazon.

  • If just needing one for around the house, I purchased this one the other day and am very happy for $90.

  • Quick question for the people that own one, is the pressure variable and you reckon it will suit quite large areas (200 square of limestone patio)?

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      I don't own one but the pressure is adjusted by swapping nozzles. Larger bore nozzles have higher flow rate and therefore a lower pressure.

      • Makes sense, thanks

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