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Homelite Pressure Cleaner $193 (Was $349) @ Bunnings Warehouse


The cheapest it has ever been from what I can see. At this price I don't think you can go wrong if you need decent oomph on the cheap!

4 nozzles (0°, 25°, 40°, and soap) for many types of cleaning
Brass connector makes it quick and easy to switch between nozzles
173cc 4-stroke engine delivers 2600psi – enough pressure to clean most exterior surfaces

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  • Are the petrol ones better than electric?

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        more good

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      If you had to generalise, youd say "yes" .
      Typically they're stronger sprays, and more importantly have a higher duty cycle (like, spraying continuously for minutes on end, cleaning a deck).

      But the real advantage comes from not having to have electricity near your water, both as a risk factor, and as a "roll out the extension lead" bother.

      Most electric ones use their own connectors too, not 1/4 quick connects.

      Id personally never use electric again.

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        Also 240v and water and are a poor combination choice, despite most things going electric these days

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          I use 230v much safer.

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            @icecold27: Sounds like a jv comment. Google peak voltage then touch it!
            I remember 117V 60 Hz is like a cribble but all 50 Hz supplies are LETHAL!

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        roll out the extension lead bother

        easier than “shite need to go down to the servo to get fuel

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          There are plenty of places where people don't have power but need a pressure washer, so it depends of your needs.

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      This looks very much like the ones Aldi sells.

      I have used one of those.

      - plenty of power

      - noisy. probably close to the sound of a lawn mower.
      - heavy. hard to transport. Even hard just moving around the house. up and down stairs etc.
      - quite bulky. need to consider storage
      - puts out fumes. needs to be running in a ventilated area.

      If none of the above concerns you, they are pretty good.
      If it does. The Karcher K5 or whatever the Gerni equivalent is will be better, but expect to pay $500 on sale for one. (I have been waiting for the K5 to be on sale, and now they have a new model so it's the old model on clearance)

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        Agree. I bought one 3 years ago at $349 and still going strong. One of the unexpected cons of COVID is that I am hesitant to use it during weekdays due to many people working from home. It is loud, but who cares during the weekend.

        Having said that it has started everytime in 2-3 pulls. Even if it's been sitting idle for a few months.
        I fill just enough for the job and try to run it out of petrol as it doesn't have a valve to turn off fuel to the carburettor.
        I've run it continuously for hour plus without issues. Club it with a Karcher surface cleaner to clean driveway etc.
        Got big wheels, so transporting over something like a deck is manageable.
        Soap connector is at the bottom, hence very inconvenient.
        Overall happy with the sheer power compared to the electric ones and you're only limited by the length of your hose.

        • +3

          "you're only limited by the length of your hose"
          So true, so very true…

        • So does it work with Karcher accessories?

          I have a Karcher K2, and am tired of dragging the little thing around/managing cables/etc.

          Thinking of upgrading. If this is an upgrade.

          • @LukeS: Not the Karchers with plastic connectors.

      • can you say anything about the vibration? I borrowed my neighbours karcher 2.180 and the only issue i had with it was that you couldnt use it for long periods of time because of the vibration from the machine would travel up to the spray gun

      • I just put in headphones and wear earmuffs.

        But I can agree with the weight and fumes
        It’s hard to move around

    • +5

      Noisey af

      • Agree, It is super loud though (and I think louder than other petrol pressure washers). Almost to the point that I am very selective when I use it due to its noise. I am wanting to swap out the muffler for something better but haven't looked into that yet. Not sure if anyone has upgraded the muffler on it?

        I do like using it though and the power is fantastic. Super reliable and great flow rate. For the price you can't go wrong especially with 5 year warranty. It's just LOUD.

        • Just bought one. Says 2 years warranty on the box. Has it changed? Or you able to confirm the 5

          • @JDMcarfan: Sorry think I got confused with the ozito products! Correct, it's a 2 year replacement warranty. Can't edit my comment for some reason!

        • +1

          My mate and I put motorcycle mufflers on things like this.

          They work well, so long as you can weld.

          But earplugs are cheaper.

          • @MasterScythe: Awesome, thanks for the tip. I'll look into that. Will a standard sausage muffler work? I can't weld but my father in law can MIG weld

            • @mjf: For the first try, I think id just stack a 2nd muffler, on the first one.

              Most of these are honda or B&S clones, so finding a muffler is usually a matter of just comparing pictures.

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    is it good for mother in law's bidet? asking for a friend

    • +4

      Only if you're prepared to put your lance… nvm

      • +2

        you know…

    • so it's just point'n'shot…
      or spray 'n' pray?

      • +1

        More like aim and lost

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    Are they price matching another store this time?

    • This price is showing on their website and I can buy online and click and collect.

      • +1

        Sometimes you can see they are beating another store's special such as Aldi etc

    • +2

      looks like a runout there's hardly any stock

    • -1

      ONLY Bunnings sell Homelite exclusive, cannot price match it

  • -1

    None in the NT

  • +2

    The noise is a deal breaker for me.

    • +2

      Can you speak up? What did you say?

  • Does this use lot of water?
    The spec on Bunning's website says "Maximum flow rate (lt/min.): 91". Isn't 1.5 litre/s too much?

    • +2

      Its not possible to use more than your garden hose can supply. Meant to be 9.1 id say.

      Petrol or not, you're not impacting the pressure of the local water supply.

      The higher the better though.

    • probably meant to be 9.1

      • Yep, id say so.
        The aldi one did 11, so not quite as good, but "9" is the minimum for a 'decent' cleaner.

      • It is 9.1, says on the box. Can upload a picture if you want.

  • Any recommendations for attachments for car cleaning?

    • +1

      If you want to wash your car get a cheap electric one.

      • For car cleaning, I go to car washes - but I use one of the works pressure shot cordless electrics + water bottles to get dust and bird poo off. Way conveneient.

  • -2

    Attachment no. 1…….the wife

  • do these leak?

    do they just run on petrol or do you need to use additive.

    • +1

      It's a 4-stroke, so it only needs petrol.

      It will have or will need to have oil in the sump though just like a car engine.

      2stroke motors need oil petrol mix as that is how the lubrication is carried.

      • +1

        Yeap. Comes with oil you add to a separate tank to the side.

        Can confirm, it's loud - probably louder than your standard lawn mower. Been using it for the past hour on pavers.. hasn't exploded yet.

        • Whats is your impression of the power, compared to other pressure washers you have used?

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            @King Tightarse: Only ever used I think was the ~$200 ryobi.. this one feels significantly more powerful.

          • +1

            @King Tightarse: Bought it couple of months ago for @228 I think. Plenty of power to clean concrete driveways, patios etc. At this price - I would say go for it. The soap bottle and nozzle are great for cleaning cars/ bikes.

            • @azhar7772: Thanks, I think I will pull the pin and grab one. I have been on the fence because its only a 'sometimes' machine to use and i try not to get lumbered with too much stuff but I have to prepare the surface of a wooden deck this summer and I think this will make life a lot easier

              • +1

                @King Tightarse: Oh yeah. you will get the work done in no time. Just follow the steps to prime the pressure washer (remove all air from pipes) before using it. Something like this might help .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OCmsCKiCqk and if you are not using it - as in cleaning anything for more than a minute with the engine on - make sure you switch off the engine or you might damage the unit.

  • Petrol pressure washers are heavy and the sound will make your neighbours hate you.

    • +6

      It's not like the use case for this is washing your car every weekend. This is like a once or twice a year wash the concrete/house type product.

      If your neighbors hate you for running an engine for a couple of hours a few times a year then I would suggest them hating you isn't anything to do with you running an engine for a few hours.

  • Anyone know how long the hose is on the unit?

    • Tried finding that too but I can’t see it, I ordered it so let’s see, should be able to swap out for another hose.

    • Around 8 m

      • Thanks, it is 7.6m.

  • +4

    It must be heavy when you fill the 800 litre fuel tank the spec on the Bunnings web site says its got. But I guess it must chew thru that pretty quickly when it pumps 91 litres/minute.

  • +5

    I use to sell these, every vertical shaft version of pressure washer was a flop, get a horizontal shaft [shaft out the side on the engine, not the bottom]

    In life you get what you pay for

  • Bought one today… Hope I can clean the car without stripping off the paint.

  • Had a similar one but replaced it with an electric, the electric is a little less powerful but the petrol one was so loud I hated using it

  • Is it good enough to clean the roof, concrete and the driveway?

    • +1

      Concrete and driveway yes.
      I wouldn't use it on the roof - the hose is too short to be done safely. And I wouldn't sit the unit roof unless you want it to rattle its way through your ceiling into your lounge room.

  • I just picked one up, have been waiting for a deal on a petrol washer :) Need for washing driveway.


  • Can you get a patio cleaner attachment for this model?

  • +3

    Just used it. First time ever to use a pressure washer. Here is my 2c…

    This is loud as. Much louder than the lawn mower (will be using ear muffs next time). However, it is easy to operate and very powerful. I used it to remove the weeds between the pavers. Much easier with this compared to doing it manually.

    Cleaned a few pavers as well, they look pretty good now. Can't wait it to use it next weekend.

    Overall very happy with the purchase.

    • +2

      Sounds good, I was waiting for some user feedback - cheers

  • Oh man.
    I bought the Kogan Certa petrol one and now regret it after this deal

    • I looked at that one too - are there any (many) issues with the Kogan one?
      It is 6.5 HP and has an 8m hose - looks OK on paper

      • +1

        Yet to use it.
        Only issue was additional postage cost
        Would have been fine otherwise

  • looks like this is OOS across most of VIC. Was after something for cleaning deck, would this guy be a bit strong for that? (or is there an adjustment on the PSI output / nozzle you can use to diffuse it somehow?)

    • There are different nozzles for different use cases.

    • An electric model would be fine for deck cleaning, and a lot quieter

    • hit and miss - it wasn't showing as any available at my local bunnings, but went in for a stroll anyway and found one - wouldn't rely on the online website for availability

  • I just used it, super loud - definitely more louder than a lawn mower - it probably needs a muffler.

    Although Half way through using it, the motor did cut off - does anyone know why? Never used these petrol ones before

    I read it needed constant water flow.

    • Mine did too, as I hadn't put much petrol.

      • i filled petrol fully, and it still cut off , i think it has to do with water flow from the hose, if not enough flow then the motor will cut off

        • Ok. That's a good feature then.

    • +1

      The rubber seal on the petrol tank is not good. Petrol will evaporate if left in tank when not in use. I am thinking of buying additional O ring

  • picked up the 2nd to last one in SA Woodville.

    I had parts missing from my that i swapped for a new unit.

    They said they would reduce the final unit with missing parts. missing 0 deg and 25 degree nozzle.

    The unit is awesome!

  • All 0ver now

  • help i can't pull my ignition cord anymore, anyone have any tips?

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