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Portable Gas Cooker and Canvas Bag $79.95 with Free Express Post + More @ Cooee Canvas


G'Day OZB,

We've paired up our large explorer bags with a portable gas cooker but to make things even better we're throwing in some of our ugly christmas socks, a stubby cooler and a key ring. AND sending all orders via express post!

  • Gas Cooker
  • Large Storage Bag
  • Stubby Cooler
  • Christmas Socks
  • Key Ring

While stocks last.

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  • +54

    $25 at BIGW without $55 worth of useless crap

    • -17


      • +29

        You wanna swim in the ozbargain pond…

        • -15

          The bargain is really the Australian-made canvas bag which we normally sell for $50, the rest are obviously stocking fillers which still come at a cost to us, inc the express post.

          • +20

            @cooeecanvas: Looks like you need to work on your marketing skills.

          • +4

            @cooeecanvas: “Canvas bag - free gas cooker”
            Although the cooker is $20 at Kmart so that still leaves $9 the other stuff.
            At least you’ve put free postage

            The majority of ozbargain would back at using a $50 canvas bag to protect a $20 has cooker.. or is it just me?

          • +3

            @cooeecanvas: Hi

            I'm looking for a canvas bag to protect my 5 cent coin from damage, can you supply one? ;)

      • +9

        Your prices are extreme. Please flog somewhere else.

    • +13
      • +1

        Yup even better.
        I even have a dual burner one for a big teppenyaki pan, recommended

      • +6

        But keyring?

        • +3

          Yes we must consider the valuable keyring too

    • +1

      I think OP didn’t sell the deal well - they don’t actually show the cooker in the canvas bag. Or the canvas bag at all.

      I wouldn’t call it $55 worth of useless crap. A canvas bag has a certain appeal. Maybe $25 worth of useless crap?

      • +1

        Possibly… as an associated poster they really have to sell why they aren’t just after free marketing

        • -1

          Oh for sure, not a great deal at all. But maybe not as terrible as it seems.

    • +1

      Stupid question, can these be used as a wok burner? I have induction hob and can't use my curved wok pan on it.

      • Sure, if the wok isn’t too big and you can somehow make it stay… just don’t go flipping it like crazy.
        Gas is gas… it make fire.
        As mentioned above I use my double one for teppenyaki so it gets quite hot

      • +4

        Probably not hot enough? It’s a camping stove and it’s adequate for that - cooking a few sausage or boiling some water.

        • As mentioned dual core.. I mean burner 😂

      • I wouldn't use one of these types of stoves as a wok burner. The butane canisters are expensive and wasteful and you get barely any BTUs.

        Get a big double or triple ring burner and a LPG bottle.

      • The flame is quite small for this and if you use it often you are better off buying one which connect to a 9 kg gas bottle otherwise the cost of those gas cannisters add up quickly as they don't last.

      • no chance. 9,000btu is too little. I currently use a 3 ring gas (approx. 30,000 BTU) and find that underpowered.
        u could use a wok on it. but u wouldn't be able to life the wife up to flip and would need to cook in tiny tiny batches. (like 100g of food at a time)
        If u needed it to work…. a cast iron pan pre-heated for at least 10 mins could get u enough heat retention to produce something with a dear but no wok Hei…..
        sorry, I sort of got carried away with my explanation.

    • Yeah any Korean supermarket probably has them cheaper too.

      Have had one for years, comes in a plastic hard case ;)

      • Indeed. They all come with a hard case. There is absolutely no reason for a case to cover the case!

  • +7

    Just get a $20 one from Kmart without that other useless cheap crap added on


    • +4

      OMG.. read my mind above

  • -1

    I like the idea of storing the gas cooker in a canvas bag. My Gasmate one came in a plastic case and it has not held up well. I believe the canvas would be sturdier.

    • +1

      Use the $55 in savings to get a canvas bag instead of being ripped off with useless stuff added on to increase margins. Or buy a few new portable gas cookers from Kmart with the savings.

      • +1

        Yeah that is actually a good point!

  • +3

    Need to try again OP

  • What does the canvas bag look like?

  • April already?

  • +1

    April's Fool everyone! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • +1

    I got the burner (no gas can) for $10 from here last week - https://www.southeastclearance.com/pages/contact-us (Melbourne, Keysborough) [I'm not associated with this business]

    • -1

      Can you buy me a pallet load?

      edit - Tongue in cheek

      • +3

        No but i can drop a load on your pallet for ya
        P.s tongue in cheek

  • +2

    And in next weeks episode of "How Not To Advertise Your Products On Ozbargain"…….

  • +1

    Not sure why OP didn't post this.. look very interesting https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/portable-espresso-ma...

  • I got one of this stove at 15 bucks 10 years ago in Kmart, and one of better qualitywhich made in south korean at 10 bucks years ago in one outdoor store.

    I have no reason to buy these at this price tag.

  • I've noticed that more recent makes of this style of gas cooker no longer has the removable pot holder bit - so you can invert it for storage to save space. Now they are now joined / welded to the cooker - makes the case almost double the height. Quite noticeable and annoying when you're trying to fit all your camping crap into the car.. what's with that?

  • these cookers can be very dangerous when cooking with large pots. The butane canister will heat up until the point where it goes "boom boom".
    there are some really cool videos of people demonstrating it in controlled environments.

    • really? we use it for hotpot and sit closely around it… now you got me worried.
      But whenever we take out used canisters, they all feel freezing cold…

      • +1

        Unless you're doing it in the summer sun it's probably less of an issue, but these aren't really designed for boiling huge pots of things.

      • +1

        if the pot covers even part of the canister area, avoid using it. even a large frying pan could cause it as you basically are by passing the heat shield.
        skip to 1 minute 50.

        i believe at one stage, they were trying to get them removed from the Australian market

      • +1

        Yeah they dont work well in the snow either due to the cans freezing up, you need to take a couple of cans and warm them up in your jackets. Or warm the cans on the flame of the working can. :-)

    • maybe they should control them better.

    • And all the safety instructions warn for this.

  • This is not a deal mate. From Bunnings, it’s 24.95 for the stove.


    • +1

      that's not a deal either lol

  • +3

    Ah thy joys of b2c. Marketing has momentum op. If there is enough momentum people will believe that a $2000 phone is a bargain! Conversely if people get the wrong end of something, it's a massive pain to change it. Ignore for now, figure out what happened, and do something different next time.

  • A simple Google search comes up with results so much cheaper than this 'deal'.

  • Comment section is cooked, medium rare. Some burn marks.

  • +1

    so i could buy this for $80, and from what has already been said, im really only getting the $50 bag and some other junk or I could pay the same $80 and get three of the same bags from your website? if anyone is after the bag itself, id go the second option

    • I got 3 Dell Gaming 17 bags coming for $80, already from that other deal lol.

  • Picked up a near identical model for $25 at Bunnings this week, and then was annoyed I saw another for $20 at Kmart…. At least I didn't pay $79.95

  • April fools…oh wait, its December

  • Seems like a crazy inflated price. These are never more than $25

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