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[eBay Plus, Refurb] HP Elite 800 G1 w/ Intel i5 4570 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Win 10 $168.96 Delivered @ BNEACTTRADER eBay


HP Desktops are back on Sale 10% for regular members and 12% off for eBay plus

We also have some DELL STOCK available

HP 800 G1
Windows 10
Intel Core i5 4570 3.20Ghz
VGA, 2x DisplayPort
8x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0

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  • +1

    Do you have the tiny cute ones?

  • +3

    Of the Dell?


    • Goodies. Thank you.

      • Damn, I wish these had an expansion slot like the t730

  • Can this support windows 11?

    • you would have to do a install hack, as the Processor wont be supported by default

      • +2

        Clean installs seem to ignore the CPU requirements

    • These only support TPM 1.2, where Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0. I’m looking for a solution, and I’m reasonably confident there’ll eventually be one, possibly thru a hack.

      • +2

        We are yet to run into an issue doing a clean install on anything newer than a second-gen processor as long as they have:

        1. Secure boot enabled
        2. Have TPM 1.2 minimum


        It's most likely that they are "Technically" not supported, but no support for what, we haven't figgered out yet. It's most likley going to be some security updates.

    • +3

      I installed Win11 on this exact model 2 months ago, using it as an HTPC, so far I haven’t had any issues, updates were still working the last time I checked a couple of weeks back. This PC supports TPM 1.2 and Secure boot, therefore installing Win 11 isn’t too difficult. Can't remember the exact method I used, it may have been the Win 10 boot disk with Win11 installation files (which doesn’t require any registry mods). There are many workarounds, all of them are quite simple.

      • I installed Win11
        The question is not if you can, but rather why would you do that to yourself? 😂

        • I’m quite happy with it, performs the same if not better than Win10, the UI looks better IMHO, above all its free so why not? I am aware of the potential downsides like the possibility of MS stoping updates, but that hasn’t happened yet, I’ll cross that bridge if/when I come to it.

          • @opt: Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 on October 14th, 2025, so what's the rush/what benefit are you getting from W11 at the moment, that make up for new issues and new bugs?

            I'd still consider W11 a beta rather than a finished product, probably for another couple of years, and an even more invasive one than W10.

            • @RiseAndRuin: Yep. Now you need 8GB RAM: 4GB RAM for you to do things, 4GB RAM for MS spyware/telemetry. Sheesh.

      • how well does this play 4k and 1080p HEVC 10 bit HDR movies shared from local SMB?

        is it playable by cpu or iGPU decoding?

        do you also have kodi installed and can play those files via kodi?

        can this fit a low profile GPU?

        Would you mind testing some sample videos for me via PM?

        • I have a Low Profile GT1030 in mine, so decoding 4k HEVC 10bit HDR is not an issue at all. But I do recall it struggling a bit with high bitrate 4K videos without the GPU.

          P.S: While HDR videos decode and playback smoothly, the picture quality is not as good as what I get via a set top box. I never managed to get HDR10 to look good on Windows, not even on Win11. IMHO HDR on Windows (for videos at least) is a lost cause.

          • @opt: oic that is not good to hear that it can't handle 4k with external GPU..

            The prices of the external low profile gpu are now quite expensive

            e.g 1030 = $139
            total cost including this machine = 139 + 169 = $308


            I was hoping this would be a good Kodi HTPC for 4k HEVC 10bit HDR since my pi3b cannot play this..

            If you spend more money for external low profile GPU it will cost as much or more than apple tv, nvidia shield or android TV box etc..

            • +1


              If you spend more money for external low profile GPU it will cost as much or more than apple tv, nvidia shield or android TV box etc..

              Depends on your use case, if you just want to watch streaming videos then a set-top box like an Apple TV / nVidia shield IMHO is a better option than this + a GPU.

              But I personally prefer a PC because I use it for a lot more: browsing, webinars and a bit of afterhours work emails etc.. I have a PC connected to all our TVs including the one in our bedroom. I'm actually replying to you on one from a couch. I also prefer the standard web interface of Youtube, Prime, Netflix etc. over their app interfaces, its also easier to use VPNs and watch foreign services on a PC. IMHO no set-top box can beat the versatility of a PC.

    • Instructions here:

      • Arstechnica: How to upgrade to Windows 11, whether your PC is supported or not

      Don't confuse "supported" with "it works"

    • Windows 11 and Server 2022 install fine.

  • Is there a better graphics card to fit this one?

    • There is no graphics card in this machine, just the integrated graphics which won't get much done.
      Practically any dedicated GPU will do better than the integrated one, spend a bit and you'll be able to play most games ok.

    • Your options will be limited if I'm correctly assessing this as being a smaller form factor case.
      A half height graphics card is around the $400 - $500 mark new, pretty obscene but that's the current market.
      Chasing up a used GTX1050 could be a good move.
      Would play almost anything albeit at lower settings.

      If i were to turn this into a decent but economy games machine I'd do the following…
      Crucial MX500 1TB or 2TB SSD for games installs / storage / steam.
      Used GTX1050
      Extra 8GB RAM (seller offers this as an option on the ebay store)

      Refurbs can sometimes make excellent gaming machines.
      With the right upgrades the upgraded items will carry over into a bigger and better machine in future too.

  • +4

    I imagine this would be pretty speedy for my parents, general web browsing, emails and very light word doc edits, right?

    • +4

      Yes, perfectly cromulent for general usage.

      • +4

        "cromulent" = (adjective) acceptable or adequate.

        never heard someone used this word before
        but good to learn a new word

    • +1

      My folks have something similar and they are stoked. For what they do, it's "super fast" they recon. The SSD makes the difference. Old man has a much better laptop but with a HDD, and it's painfully slow (to me).

      • Why not buy him an SSD and clone the drive over?

        • Will do at some stage. He's happy right now

    • +2


      And can i strongly suggest installing Linux MINT - cinnamon edition for them?

      If their use case is exactly what you just listed, they'll have near zero learning curve at all.

      There's a "start menu" there's an office suite, it has firefox. You might need to install thunderbird, i cant recall, but odds are they dont "use email" and use webmail.

      Usb sticks 'appear' on the desktop like Mac, so no need to teach them how to explore "my computer" (or "this pc")…

      Printers "just work", basic image editing is already 'there' and just works.

      Bonus for you, no malware to worry about, at all.

      And i left the parents a LiveUSB of it also, and told them "if the PC ever stops working, plug that in, and restart".

      It means when im away for business, they'll at least have a way to be online, even if its "blank".

      If the parents step outside the box at all, it might be too much.

      But if its Office, web, image editing/viewing, and printing, exclusively, there is no justification for windows.

      I can not stress enough how much parents LOVE being told "you cant break this, you cant get viruses, do anything".

      There's a level of fear in the old generation around tech. Being able to tell them it no longer exists is amazing.

      • Printers "just work", basic image editing is already 'there' and just works

        This was my issue with Linux last time, no drivers available for their printer. Although "last time" was a long time ago.

        They're already good with Windows, have been on Win 7 for years. Is there any reason (other than viruses) to change to linux mint? This deal is bundled with Win 10 Pro.

        • Better desktop environment.
          No geolocation.
          No metadata scraping.
          Less storage space use.
          Faster boot times.
          No 'nag' screens.
          No unexpected update-reboots.
          No proprietary drivers needed for printers, scanners, or peripherals.

          Its available as a live image, give it a try.

          Im not an evangelist, if their use case needs windows, use it. Im not the boss here :p

          But trying to teach parents about system patching and driver updates is like pulling teeth.

          Having worked in IT for 15 years, theres a huge scope of parents "using windows" who are not sufficiently patched, and are "safe" purely due to their repetitive mainstream browsing habits, or are actually part of a botnet, and dont notice their system hijack because they dont max out their resources anyway.

          Tons arent using their OS at all, they're not even doing basic maintenance. They're purely using the 3rd party tools added to their OS.

          Its just a "right tool, right job" scenario.

          Why teach the parents how to handle updates?
          How to install driver updates?
          How to answer 'random' wizards the pop up?
          How to 'map' network printers?
          How to practice 'safe' browsing habits?
          How to recognise malware emails?

          When there's a boot-and-go solution that does it all for them?

          Try the live image.

          If they do office, photos, printing, email and web, its done out of the box.

          Also the whole "app store" style can really help oldies find software, if something were missing.

          Like, if there's another lockdown, and you want them on discord; zero websites, 1click install.

          • @MasterScythe: I'll consider it, thanks.

          • +2

            @MasterScythe: Thanks for your posts, very helpful. I haven't tried Linux for 20 years and it was way too hard back then but this looks so much better. Going to load it on my old PC tonight.

            Only downside is no MS office which I'm forced to use for work.

            • +2

              @catear: LibreOffice will edit and create MicrosoftOffice documents fine. Comes pre loaded on Mint.

              When I need "genuine office" I just use firefox, and login to office365 :) bam, full office!

              • @MasterScythe: Hallelujah!

                What do you think about the other distros? PopOS, Manjaro, ubantu?

                • +1

                  @catear: Pop has some gaming enhancements, it's also good, just heavier out of the box.
                  Ubuntu is the 'daddy' of a lot of distros (like Mint and POP)

                  Majaro is based on Arch, which is usually more compatible with oddball hardware, but it's urge to be hyper-up-to-date, means some of the stability is a little less (but still arguably more than windows).

                  Mint, with Cinammon, is just a good balance.
                  Based on Ubuntu, so support is widespread.
                  Cinamon is 'Windows like' so there's no learning curve.
                  And it comes with a good selection of apps without being overloaded.

                  • @MasterScythe: Do you recommend Cinnamon over MATE or Xfce?

                    • +1

                      @sween64: Very much so.
                      There are just quite a few config options that have been added to the GUI, without being a RAM hog, like 'sharing' a folder over a network as just 1 example :)

  • What edition of Windows 10 does it come with?

    • +2

      The current batch is Pro.

      • Does it come with the windows keys to reinstall after formatting?

        • +2

          Key is digital, tied to the motherboard afaik

      • what is the SSD model and ram?

  • kinda dumb question.

    Can this play Fortnite and Minecraft etc.?

    Or would I need to upgrade RAM and get a basic GPU, which this won't house due to size?

    • +5

      8gb ram should be plenty for Fortnight and Minecraft, if not you can always upgrade it later on.

      You would need a GPU for it as internal is useless. You would need to look for low profile GPU due to the size and power limitiation of this case. Unfortuantely GPU prices are completely cooked at the moment so you might be better off getting a XSS for $400 or a XSX for $750. Those games also support KBM on the xbox and play very goodly.

      • +2

        The only thing to watch out for with an XBOX is whether the game(s) you are playing has cross-platform support e.g. Fortnite. I assume this is the decision many parents would be facing if their kids are nagging them for a gaming PC because all their friends are playing together online

        Also, the list of games that support keyboard and mouse is not as long as I imagined. Plus, you may be severely disadvantaged if you're using a controller or worse yet, prevented from a joining a game altogether. If you're spending $400-$750 for a console, you may wish to evaluate whether you can score a second-hand gaming PC in the same price range and not have to deal with the repercussions later.

        • +1

          Yup, it's frustrating that most games don't support KBM even though all the hardware support it.

          Minecraft definitely supports KBM and I am 95% sure that Fortnight supports it as well.

          Yeah double check if crossplay is supported…

          • @chickendinner123: Retired OEM office PCs were once the staple of budget gamers looking to throw in a low profile GPU e.g. 1050Ti, 1650 to build a sub $400 rig that made a little more sense than a console

            With the market the way it is, that's no longer the case but I'm still quite surprised they're holding onto their value with such ageing specs.. harumph

      • +1

        Need a GPU even for Minecraft??

        • +1

          Well it depends; Bedrock Edition (the Microsoft version) runs heaps better than Java Edition, probably wouldn't need a dedicated GPU to run it. But to play at full graphics and all, a GPU wouldn't hurt.

    • Get a cheap second hand GPU off Gumtree/FB Marketplace, a RX 560/70 or even a GTX 1050 or GT 1030 will get the job done for Fortnite and Minecraft. Can find them for around the $150-$300 mark used.

      Don't need to upgrade RAM, 8GB is perfectly fine.

    • It depends how long you envisage that use.
      Ddr3 ram, is well end of life.
      That ssd is sata.
      The PSU wont handle much more than a 1050 gpu.

      At $170, its a darn good system, and the people saying "yes" are totally correct.

      But the risk of it being a false economy as patches move on, or obsolete hardware fails, or ram just becomes a bottleneck, is a genuine one.

      Moving up to something like an HP EliteDesk 800 G2 even though its $300 (before codes), might end up the smarter move.

      Pci3.0, ddr4, etc.

  • Will it be hard to install an HDD in this for more storage? Will it be hard to upgrade the RAM later?

    • +1

      Upgrading both the HDD and RAM is pretty straight forward, but I believe it only has room for a single 2.5" hard drive, unless you replaced the optical drive with an additional bay.

      • Does the mobo have additional connectors? An SSD can always be stuck with double-sided tape just about anywhere…

        • +1

          If it has an optical drive, you could just re-use those.

          • @magic8ballgag: Will I be able to have an SSD, an HDD and an Optical Drive all connected?

            • +1

              @sween64: If you could fit all three in, I don't see why not, but you will probably need to add a sata splitter.

            • +1

              @sween64: I've had an Elitedesk 800 G1 SFF (Small Form Factor) for many years, the last couple of years with a 3.5" hard disk, 2.5" SSD and an optical drive. I haven't had it open for a couple of years, and I'm currently away from it, but from memory I think the SSD may be in a 3.5" carrier. All are on SATA. It's been a solid, reliable machine.

    • Pretty easy to upgrade storage, and despite the SFF case, there is enough room to fit multiple disks. I have two 3.5HDDs in RAID 1 and a 2.5" SSD. Since the PC only has 3xSATA ports you need to disconnect the optical drive to use 3 disks, but you don't have to remove it from the case to make room for another 3.5” HDD. From what I recall I only have one 3.5” HDD secured properly, the other HDD and the HDD is mounted with double-sided tape and zip ties. But I hardly ever move it, so its alright IMHO.

  • +1

    I wonder if these are ever going to drop in price 😂
    I feel like they've been around this range for years and years

    • +3

      In this market, it reaches the lowest price and this is pretty much it.

      They are worth more apart than what they are together.

  • Wonder when we'll start seeing Skylake or i5 8400 systems for this much.

  • can you put a graphics card in this thing?

  • if I can stick a decent 4gb graphics card that would be good.

  • is this comparable in spec and size to the dell 9020?

    • It's kinda large, bigger than I thought looking at the image. As big as a microwave, though not as tall

  • can the display port output be passively adapted to hdmi?

    • Always, they're pin compatible.

      • not always
        depends on DP or DP++

        • +1

          They're DP++

  • What kind of PSU do these use? Looking to have a dedicated "server" at the house

    • Properietary shape, ATX spec.

      • Any idea how many watts?

  • @Calmago

    Any decent laptops on offer?

    i5, with 14 or 15"

  • Any with window 10 pro

    • … These do

  • It arrived on Thursday and that night I set it up for my parents. It does indeed load fast and will be great for web browsing, email etc. I stuck with Win 10 and used WinAero Tweaker to disable some telemetrics etc.

  • Are these devices still worth it? I got one in a previous deal for my parents, and they've not had an issue with it so far. I'm thinking of getting one for myself, but I'm not sure if I should opt for something else. I'm not really knowledgeable about computers. Would this still be a good purchase? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

    • Yes, they’re fine for basic browser and office use. Just reinstall Windows 10 or 11 and you’re off to the races.

      • Thanks for your response. Why do you recommend reinstalling windows 10? Don't these come with windows 10 already installed? Also, is this computer ok to use with a 1440p monitor? Cheers

        • Clean install rather than crossing your fingers there’s nothing malicious or unwanted pre-installed.

          Windows 10, thanks to the SSD, installs in a few minutes. Get an updated 21H2 iso and there won’t be many updates to do after the installation.

          Works fine for 1440p, only has DisplayPort though

          • @jaypick: Thank you for that information. But how do I go about doing a clean install? Won't I need an activation key? Since the computer came with windows 10 installed, I don't think I was given an activation key. Or does it not need it since it recognises it on the device somehow?

            • @Barry15: You can just download the application from the Microsoft website that will build you a USB disk with Windows 10 or 11 on it.
              The licence key is embedded in the machine so it won't ask and will activate automatically :)

              • @lachhelix: Oh excellent. Thank you for that.

                • @Barry15: No problemo - I upgraded my pc to Windows 11 and although it's different, I wouldn't bother attempting to install it on this machine, I'd just stick to Windows 10 if it was me

                  • @lachhelix: Ok then, I'll stick with windows 10. So just checking, do I need to create a backup or anything? Or do I just turn on the computer and stick in the USB with the windows 10 installed and just follow the on screen instructions?

                    • @Barry15: That's right, it'll guide you through it. Just choose clean installation when it asks you. There are lots of YouTube videos that can guide you through it if you get stuck

                      • @lachhelix: Great. Thank you for running through that with me. I really appreciate it. Cheers.

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