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FAKEME Aluminium Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp $36.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ jiaheenshangmao via Amazon AU


Lighting deal, so you might want to buy now and read later if you're really into desk lamps.

Aside from the questionable (or overly honest) brand name, seems like a decent deal fulfilled by Amazon AU. Aluminum body and base, the usual 3 color temperatures and 6 dimming settings.

And that's it. It's a lamp.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Brand name : FAKEME

    • Doesn't instil confidence

    • +21

      No! FAKEYOU!

      • ^thread winner

      • +4

        You both can get faked

    • +1

      Probably the other choice that was left on the table was: "FAKEYOU"
      Sad they didn't pick that one. It would have greatly improved the friendliness and approachability of their (likely imaginary) customer service dept

    • It's pronounced FAR-KEY-ME

      • Come fake fake

      • +1

        no, FAR-KEY-YOU! :P

    • +3

      PS: The FAKEME Brand are just rebranded Sunvalley Products (in this case the TaoTronics TT-DL22)

    • +1

      FAKE mi?

    • Yeah they're not even trying nowadays.

  • +2

    Should be called FAKEREVIEW

    Seriously though, with 18 light modes and USB charging, it's anything but 'just a lamp'.
    Most lamps only have two settings, and one of them is 'off'.

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    We don't have aluminum in Australia. You must be confused with the superior aluminium.

    • +1

      Yes, the additional "i" bonds in the crystal structure clearly strengthen the metal.
      I'll blame Grammarly for that…for whatever reason, it is fixated with 'murican spelling, despite being set to Au Eng

      • What is Gold English? 🤔

        • ¯_(ツ)_/¯
          I settle for Bronze. Works well enough day-to-day and makes people laugh from time to time.

  • Does this come with the wall power supply? Many of these items don't and require you to BYO phone charger.

    • +1

      Who knows. But it seems to have a barrel connector, so my guess would be that the power supply is provided. If not, they are outright evil, other than proudly fake.

      • +1

        Ha, cheers for that. Just noticed it says "AU Plug, 240V" in the item description, so they couldn't get away with not providing one.

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    I got one of these last time they showed up and the construction is ultra poor. After a few uses it started flickering then stopped working.

    • That's what the Amazon reviews are for. I will happily leave a review with photos should it be anything different from what is expected from the ad and will even more happily ask for a return/refund.

      • Sure, I left a bad amazon review, but now what? Organise a refund and have to find a huge box to put it in? (which I'm still looking around for)

        • Well, that's even more concerning then. The lowest rated review on Amazon is 4 stars and not that bad. Maybe it was on the previous TaoTronics listings? In which case it is pretty rubbish to lose the entire volume of reviews for what is essentially the same item…but then the problem is probably filtering true reviews from fake ones…
          And yeah, I gladly take the minor inconvenience involved in returning an item and getting the money back as opposed to being stuck with rubbish.

    • Yeah, I landed on this from that other lamp. The plastic base didn't really inspire confidence so jumped on this that is expected to be (almost) all metal.
      Did a quick eBay search and found nothing comparable for the price, so bit the bullet. I expect to keep this at a fixed setting and not move it much around, so the extra adjustment did not really matter much to me.

      Also, the ones you linked have one more dimming setting according to the blurb. Just to add to your indecision.

    • +3

      If you want more information on that lamp, it a rebranded TaoTronics TT-DL13

      • Nice one! Good to know. These have been very popular on OzB going by preview deals, but these are aluminium too, apparently. 🤔

      • I was sure that was the TaoTronics logo I saw in some photos of the plastic base ones!

        • +4

          You'll most likely receive a Taotronics one (same as the one in the original post). Sunvalley Brand (ie. Taotronics) are banned from posting on Amazon due to paying for reviews, etc.

          • @RichardL: Ah, so that's the full background I was missing! I was wondering why did not see that many TT headphones deals lately.
            Pretty satisfied with the two pairs of NC headphones I got from them in 2019. Thanks to covid didn't end up using those much lately, but are still perfectly operational…but yes, I guess it is natural to expect the hit-to-miss ratio to decrease along with the price.
            Proper QA is not cheap.

  • From Sweden?

  • FakeMe, FakeQ, FakeNews?

  • +1

    Annoyingly, there is now a 20% off coupon which brings the price to $34.55 after the "lightning deal" has ended at $36.99. I'd be asking Amazon to credit the difference if you ordered at the deal price.

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