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USB 3.0 Sharing Switch US$20.46 (~A$28.81) Delivered @ PC Peripheral Store AliExpress


Good price on this USB 3.0 Sharing Switch that works the same as UGREEN model. This acts similar to a KVM switch in that you can share 4 USB 3.0 ports between 2 computers and switch between them with a button.

I have one on my desk at work connected to my Windows PC and another to my iMac so I can use the same keyboard/mouse and USB flash drives between the 2 computers. All I have to do is press the button on top of the hub and the other device now has control. There's also a micro USB port on the hub to provide extra power if required.

It can be had for US$19.93 (~A$28.07) from this seller on AliExpress if you want to save more. It's not shared in the main link as the seller's feedback is <95%.

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    • +31

      Pick a brand. I'll slap a sticker on it and sell it to you for more.

      • -13

        I don't need a sticker, just want to know what brand this is.

        • Sound like from Clear that branded ones have the same function except cost.

        • +4

          Which brand of USB sharing switch do you trust?

          • -1

            @smartazz104: I don't have a USB sharing switch.

    • +4

      It's "USB Switch Selector" brand.

  • Thanks OP, worth a shot

  • +2

    Is there a similar product people recommend that also has inputs for screens (HDMI/DisplayPort)?

    • +3

      I use a similar switch and a dock, so the dock plugs in to a usb port on the switch and then my home PC and work laptop plug in to the switch alternating 'inputs'. So everything is plugged in to the dock and the switch just changes between the laptop and home PC.

      The thing to remember is that all your video is passing through the USB port when doing this, it doesn't bother me but if you have invested in a $$$ graphics card and $$$ monitors you probably don't want waste them on a USB KVM.

      • Ah good point, would not have considered this at all.

      • +1

        Value of video card and monitor is mostly irrelevant. Picture will be identical if HDMI or DisplayPort

        Where you might run into issues is at higher resolutions and frame rates you're now going through two cables instead of one and dependent on the quality of the cables and the switching and whether it can handle the bandwith. I have an "8k" one that has issues with my laptop at 4k/60Hz but works fine at 4k/60Hz with my RTX3070. Need to try a different USB-C -> DisplayPort from my laptop but it works fine when plugged in directly.

        • I believe mark-emark is referring to using a USB3.0 dock that would use Displaylink rather than a graphics card, and using this as the switch, not a type C dock with Displayport alternate mode like you seem to be using, as this wouldn't work with one of them.

          • @witheredcouch: I'm using a video switch like the OP asked about. Not even USB-C to DisplayPort alternate mode. 2 x DisplayPort in, 1 x DisplayPort out switched alongside a USB switch so it switches monitor and KB/mouse etc in one go. OP specifically mentioned inputs for video.

            And yes using something like Displaylink doesn't even use your regular video card. It's basically a whole new video card.

    • Yep - KVM. has hdmi and usb ports so my dad can switch between work comp and laptop using the same keyboard/mouse/monitor with the press of a button.

      Unlike commenter below however, the video signal is passing through HDMI cables, so no issues with loss of quality. It doesn't have DP though.

    • I have a two switch solution. Couldn't find any single KVM device that does DisplayPort and G-Sync at anywhere near a reasonable price.

      Using this plus this.

      Paid $71.88 for both. For that price I can press two buttons to switch.

      • Wouldn't it be easier to just use your monitor to change inputs then?

      • What is your monitor resolution / refresh rate?

        I bought a similar DP switch and it did not work for me (3440 x 1440 @ 100hz). Screen will work momentarily then continue to flicker on and off when I try to use the DP switch.

  • +7

    Why is it that things I buy come up on Ozbargain weeks later? I SWEAR TO GOD THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!!!

    • +1

      I bought this from Amazon on 27th Nov. ALL THE TIME!!!!!

    • +1

      OzB app is always listening.

    • I just bought one off amazon last night :(

  • Does this switch screen that have USB 3.0 ports ?

  • Also this device is super finicky when it comes to what is plugged in.

    I tried to setup mouse / keyboard ( gaming types ) with this device plugged into Mac / PC.

    For Mac no issues but the PC stops recognizing the keyboard and completely dies after a few on / off switching.

    Ended up not using it.

    Probably would work with really basic devices / hdd setup though

    • +1

      You probably need to plug in a micro USB cable to give it more power since your gaming mouse and keyboard would be powered off a single USB port instead of 2.

      • Normally it shouldn't be a problem, but some keyboards have a stupid start-up current draw. My Deck keyboard often overwhelms badly specced USB ports on startup as it has a microcontroller built into it (and presumably not a very smart power supply circuit).

  • I have one that looks like this, just seems to be a different brand name but the product looks identical so probably the same OEM.

    Works well for my needs switching between work from home and home to play.

  • I have a similar one and it's great for switching between computers. That being said I would probably buy one with DP/HDMI if I were to buy it again as my monitor's own source switching is too slow.

    • +1

      Any recs or ones you've been looking at with DP/HDMI?

      • +1 wouldn’t mind a kvm

      • +2

        At the start of WFH last year I bought this one


        Is 50% more expensive now (I got it for about $30) but it has worked a treat for flipping between work laptop and my personal PC. My recollection was that there seemed to be a few expensive varieties around but I went budget.

        Note that I only use a simple mouse, keyboard and USB headset. Perhaps fancier ones would have issues with power draw and need an external power source too?

    • Try Dell Display Manager. It may work with non Dells but it allows you to set a keyboard shortcut to switch your monitors input source

      • Yeah, I'll take a look but the problem with DCC/CI is it still uses monitor's own mechanism to switch sources, so it's equally slow. The hardware switchers use a single connection to the monitor and perform the switching on the KVM side.

  • +1

    Does anyone have any experience with the Unnlink KVM Switch USB 3.0? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001274095928.html

    It's a little bit more but it comes with a extended button which could be handy so the actual device could be placed out of sight.

    • Interesting - I guess this is the alternative to my question below!

    • Should work no different. The button goes through the USB-C or Micro USB port so it doesn't take up an extra USB port. Certainly a good alternative.

  • Any that have all (or most) ports on the back? Moving 2 or 3 of the ports to the back (and leaving one or two on the front, for USB sticks, etc) would be ideal!

    (Reason: To have the switch located up front, with all the cables going the other way)

    • Plug a USB3 hub into one port on the switch? Actually, if you're going to do that you can save money and just buy a 2 port USB switch for about $20.

      • I don't think you understand me…none of the input ports are currently in the back. The two ports on the back are the connections to the two computers.

        I want the input and output ports to be all on the back (one or two on the front is ok, as long as there are others on the back).

  • Is there a monitor switch equivalent?

    • +1

      Ugreen do one for a monitor on Amazon with 2 HDMI in and one out. I use that (velcroed behind the edge of my monitor) and a Ugreen version of the above as well.

      Lean forward and press two buttons and you have switched computers for around $50 at the time. Lifesaver for WFH with a workplace laptop or similar.

      • Thanks

        • +1

          Just need to search for HDMI switch. Plenty of options.

  • I have the UGREEN one. They work fine, but just a PSA: These use 'dangerous' (only if used in the wrong way) USB-A to USB-A cables.
    I suggest marking or taping those cables to the unit so someone is less likely to use them elsewhere.

  • +1

    I have UGREEN USB 3.0, works fine to share keyboard and mouse between work laptop and gaming rig. However it doesnt work if I'm trying to share the gaming rig and mac book pro. Does mac require USB-C switch?

    • my UGREEN one works between a mac mini and a windows laptop, no extra wire requires, it comes with two normal USB cables.

      • I had to use USB-C - USB cable to hook it up, tried 2 different ones.

  • I have the same setup but it doesn't work properly either. Tried adding juice to the device with the micro USB cable to no avail.

    If you read the reviews on Amazon USA a lot of people have similar issues.

    • +1

      Have the USB2.0 version and whilst it works most of the time, I've found it finnicky/annoying with dropouts and non detections too. Have been looking to try others that may work better. (Have mechanical rgb backlit kb, mouse and heatset plugged in, along with additional 5v micro usb power)

  • -3

    Try Social Good for 100% crypto back…

  • I’ve got the Ugreen version in both USB 2.0 and 3.0

    Works great for switching between my Mac and PC connected to Webcam, keyboard, mouse and audio.

    I wouldn’t advise plugging in a hard driver as it’ll cause data corruption if switching without ejecting the drives first.

  • Anyone tried using this with a stream deck?!

  • nice!

  • +1

    It looks like you can get the same one with another brand white-labelled onto it from Amazon for a few dollars more. I'd take that option so I didn't have to deal with AliExpress. https://www.amazon.com.au/Selector-Oxlaw-Switcher-Peripheral...

  • I am looking for a device that will allow me to plug my laptop into my two monitors.

    Would this work, or do I need something else?

  • Guys, if anyone is after a software based solution, there is Barrier.
    It's open sourced (free) and cross-platform but there may be some quirks.

    Basically once set up, all your screens across devices behave like multiple monitors connected to the same machine. So you just move your mouse off the edge of the screen and the mouse/keyboard input switches to the other machine.

    At the moment I use the mouse and keyboard connected to my Windows laptop to control my Macbook.

    Pros: no hardware to purchase, you don't consume USB ports
    Cons: may take about half hour of fiddling to set up; might be some bugs

    • You can also use Input Director or Mouse Without Borders. I'm sure there are more. The advantage of a switch is that you don't have to have the system on all the time. I have two PCs but only use one at a time (work and personal)

      • Yes there are a few others but Barrier is pretty much the only free/cross platform one.

        The others are either paid, Windows only (e.g. mouse without borders/input director), or have limitations on the free version (e.g. sharemouse free only supports 2 screens total).

    • I've used similar solutions to Barrier before. It's an option if you want to use your keyboard/mouse but my reasoning for the USB switch is the other devices I plug in that can't be shared via the software.

      • Oh yes very good point, hasn’t thought of that.

  • +1

    I think you can get a combo USB 3 and displayport kvm but from memory they cost a fortune if you want one that can handle the full bandwidth of high res and high refresh. Save yourself the hassle and get separate USB and DP switches (it's one extra button press to switch).

    I ran the uGreen 3.0 switch for kb/mouse and this device for the DP stuff and it could still do the Alienware 38" screen at full res and 144hz (total cable length is still a consideration as the switch isn't "powered").


  • I'd hoped to find something that would let me use the same USB-C Hub between 2 laptops. I thought a USB-C 2 into one with a switch would be a thing but can't find one.

    • +1

      Quick Google of "USB Type-C Sharing Switch" linked me to this with it available on Amazon.

      You should be able to plug your USB-C hub into the front USB-C port on that. Will it work? Maybe. The version of USB-C the switch is using is probably going to be the issue due to bandwidth.

      • Yeah but for $200 I feel like I need to just keep manually switching.

        • Yep it's not cheap and won't be for a long time. Much more goes into those than these.

          • @Clear: Yeah. All I am really after is a 2 into one splitter for a USB-C cable with a toggle switch.

  • How much power can you give this via the microusb? I want to run a mic, webcam and Streamdeck off a hub but I can't do it without getting a powered one.

    • It's 5V/2A so that'll be enough.

      • Oh brilliant thanks Clear

        • Obviously you need to supply your own charger. It might even be enough for the micro USB cable to be connected to another USB port on the PC instead of the charger.

          • @Clear: I figure that everyone has a whole box of USB chargers from all their mobile devices from the last decade, right?

            • @macrocephalic: Years of posting Qi Wireless Charger deals has taught almost everytime someone complains about no wall adapter actually being included.

  • A noob question.

    I have dual extended monitor set up at home with my pc and I have work laptop.
    i was thinking if it is possible to connect my work laptop and use dual monitors extended to my personal laptop.

    I can only see 1 out which means I can't have 2 monitors.

    Sorry if its a dumb question.

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