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Gigabyte AORUS 7000s M.2 2280 NVMe 1TB Gen4 Internal SSD 7000MB/s $255 Delivered @ PC Byte


1TB SSD with heatsink perfect to upgrade internal storage on your PS5 or other, not as cheap as black Friday at $249 but still good.

Beats the PS5 minimum read speed of 5000/mbps at 7000mbps.

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    1tb of games.

    I remember having to format my whole PC to fit the 4GB monster that was Baulders Gate.

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      With this you can install all 3 Call of Duty games on your PS5 at the same time!

      • Ill hard pass on that.

        Last time i tried it, I literally found more childish behavior than fortnight.

        Perhaps its improved, but the gameplay was not worth the community, last version.

        • +5

          This is why im loving single player games these days. Sometimes i hate the people on there too

        • I enjoyed playing the Zombies maps with some friends, and occasionally the story mode is worth a shot. But I agree, the people there are almost as toxic as MOBA ones.

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      I remember upgrading the memory on my s3virge from 2mb to 4mb so I could run it in high res… 800x600!

  • 2TB also on sale at $529.

  • Still cheaper than upgrading the Xbox Series X/S.

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