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ASUS RTX 3060 TI Dual Mini OC LHR 8GB Graphics Card $999 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Good luck etc. Same price as black friday I believe..

"On sale! (normally $1249) Limit 1 per household. The ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Dual Mini OC LHR 8GB graphics card features a 1680MHz boost clock (gaming mode), 1710MHz boost clock (OC mode), 8GB GDDR6 256-bit memory interface, PCI-E 4.0, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4a, HDCP 2.3 support, OpenGL 4.6 and DirectX 12 Ultimate support."

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    Is click and collect available?

    • +1

      PCCG only do delivery now.

  • +34

    a Nvidia x060 series card costing ~$1000 hurts my soul

    • +7

      mine too :( - and it being a "deal" no less 😢🤮

      • +1

        No worries. It will be OOS in 3 hours and let's get the card to do the right thing!

    • +2

      wouldn't xx60 make more sense? 🤔🤔

      • +2

        You are technically correct, the best kind of correct.

        • +3

          You have been upgraded to bureaucrat level 35.

    • I remember paying $220 for a GTX660.

      • +3

        $270 for a GTX 1060 3g

      • I paid under $450 for an RTX 2070 not too long ago, and sold it for $600 just last week.

        That's not how it was supposed to work.

        • I recently bought a 3060 Ti. I'm hoping the next time I have to buy a GPU, it'll be better and half the price of it.

        • I sold both my 4+ year old rx480's for more than I bought them new as well.

    • +1

      Is there any end to this in sight?

      Crypto doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

      • When the chip shortage ends the price might stabilise a bit but from what's being said the card manufacturers seem to be seeing it as a good time to just keep the new MSRP as the new norm since the market seems to be able to bear it.

    • +3

      In my mind that's like GTX TITAN money, the card for when you absolutely have money to burn beyond the point of all reason

    • I bought it the week it was released (EVGA 3060 Ti 8GB), and I thought I was being ripped off for AUD 715… Glad I jumped on board!

  • +2

    Hoping they could bring one of the full size 3060 Ti back to sub $1k :(

  • +2

    Got full excited for a second then realised it was mini, need the full size pls

    • +1

      What's the diff

      • +2

        Temp, clock speed

        • +10

          I run one of these 1920mhz, doesn't crack 70 degrees (although I have a huge case with good cooling). Got it almost 4 months ago, when it was $860, and people were saying hold out for the 3 fan then too.

          Reality is most are 2 fan anyway and not really much different (there's even some single fan models around). This is only 3cm shorter than the MSI Ventus 2X and 4cm shorter than the 3060ti founders edition, it's not exactly tiny.

          Considering the power consumption, it really doesn't need the 3 fans like a 3080 does.

      • +15

        One is smaller than the other

        • +1

          That's what she said.

      • +4

        These cards are really purpose made to fit the NUC 9 barebones kit.

      • +1

        One you check now

        The other you check in a year when you go to resell and that’s the first time you realise it’s a mini

  • Is it worth buying a mini or is there any chance i can get one full size for the same price ?

    • even the single fan on the 3060 non ti is fine! generally newer gpu's make a bit less heat every release and they are making small head way with heat exchanges. Until they hit a brick wall which may or may not be soon

  • +2

    Thanks, I hate it.

  • Any chance GPU prices are going to fall in the near future? If not, might as well bite the bullet…

    • +2

      There is a chance they will fall, but also a chance they will rise haha.

    • That depends on the price of etherium. Bitcoin is going to go waaaay down, I'm fairly sure of that. But whether or not Ether goes down as well… I'm not sure. We can only hope.

      • +8

        If anyone says they are fairly sure of any crypto movement you should not listen to anything else they say. ^^^

        • Gamer Dad is right about ETH.

          The high gas fees prevent traders from panic selling ETH on Friday/Saturday.

          • @rektrading: Would the rising complexity make it less profitable to mine even with the same price of ETH?

            • -1

              @DmytroP: I don't understand what you mean when you say complexity.

              Do you mean mining difficulty?

              The miners will hodl the ETH when the difficulty goes up because their costs will go up. The ETH burn is also causing a supply shortage.

              Low supply + higher cost = hodl.

              • @rektrading: Yes, mining difficulty. Should make mining less profitable at least, it's already less profitable than around half a year ago even at a higher ETH price.

                • @DmytroP: Profits are only realised when they sell.

                  They'll sell what they need to pay for running costs, hodl the rest and wait for a supply squeeze. The price has no way to go but up to the right when there is no more ETH on CEX.

                  • @rektrading: But if at the future profitability it will take many years to cover the GPU price, there will be much less point in buying one, which should help with GPU availability/pricing. Nobody would buy GPUs now to mine for bitcoin for example, even while bitcoin is much more expensive when it was while GPU mining was profitable.

                    The price can go anywhere (as it did before), it's not backed by any inherent value in the crypto coins but in people believing in the future price changes.

    • +1

      The 2060 12gb is apparently a better mining card than the 3060 - https://hothardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2060-12gb-cr...

      If this is true, we 'may' see the 3060/ti prices drop. But really, I have no idea. Also intel arc is due 1st quarter? next year, so anything goes I guess.

      For myself, I'm still on a 970 which works great for emulation so I'm just going to wait for nvidia 40xx or whatever the next gen amd/intel. So quite possibly another year of waiting for me, but my computer works, so I don't feel like I am missing out.

      • I have the 1070 ti and it's handling most games on high at 1440p. I will also wait till next year and see if I can get anything at rrp, if not then I'll wait till the following year.

  • +2

    There's no reason for nerf GPU to be so expensive.

  • $799 RX 6600 XT is a better deal

    • This is way better for an extra $200.

      • Haven't looked but is 3060ti 20% better…? At the mid market I don't consider RT etc a must feature… Last I remember it performed between the 3060 and the 3060ti but I don't think the margin was 20%..

        • DLSS + RT + 20% more with ETH + 40% with RVN + Retail Value
          You can earn back that extra $200 within 2-3 months.

          I know it's hard to accept the GPU prices these days if you only consider it as a gaming equipment.

      • sorry, i thought its 3060.
        if its TI it worth 200 extra

  • mini price for mini card.

  • +1

    Every time I see a Mini GPU now all I can think about is TechFast Fiasco!

    • What was the techfast fiasco?

    • Imagine how he felt when those pills he ordered online didn't do as advertised and size stayed the same…. The wrath would be extreme!!!

    • +1

      LOL OP of that thread came looking to make OzB hate Luke and Techfast but all he got was his own ass roasted.

  • I remember buying the non OC for 859. Mini price and size, great thermal performance. Go look it up compared to other full-sized 2 fans.

  • What's the difference between a mini and a full size card? Don't say size lol

    Is it worth paying $999 for a RTX3060Ti when a $750 console can perform just as well or better? This question is coming from a guy who has both a RTX3080Ti and PS5/Series X.

    • +1

      Thermals and build quality usually…. However its not catastrophic end of the world stuff when it's 'midrange' cards we are talking about…

      It'll likely run at a lower frequency and cost you a few fps…. In saying that there are dual versions which are complete junk and may even be worse in thermals than a mini…

    • Not sure it can. I have a 3060Ti pc with R5 3600 and it seems to perform better on most games than the Series X

  • Hope to see 3070 at this price …

    • -1

      Aren't they basically the same performance wise?

  • Looking to upgrade my 1650 super. Should I pull the trigger or wait?

  • wow, all the video card deal still available

  • nope out of stock..
    can't add to cart..

  • Has anyone bought anything from technopoint.com.au? They have 3060 units at $802

    • the number and address seems suss, some of their prices are good but some are normal compared to everyone else

    • Tech NO point, its name checks in!

  • Looks like any GPU with a small "discount" still sells asap. 3060TIs are available at A$1,199. Crypto still very high after the pull back from the recent peak. eg BTC at 67K AUD after the 90K peak mid Nov. Here is an availability and price history from PC Case Gear, Mwave and Scorptech: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-availability-prices-australia-08...

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