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Behringer Model D $377.49 + Delivery (Free with Prime) & Other Great Behringer Deals @ Amazon UK via AU


Behringer Model D for $377 is a great deal, cheapest I've ever seen. Nice Moog clone at budget price.

Also other Behringer synth deals

CAT - $391
Crave - $261
Neutron - $344
Odyssey - $799
Poly D - $1017
WASP - $285

Most of these prices I haven't seen cheaper.

update: prices slightly lower now

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Behringer Model D $381.40
    cheapest I've ever seen.

    Same one was selling for $360 2 months ago…

    Most of Nov was in the $370's

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    cheapest I've ever seen.

    Seems to be pretty close to the highest price in the last 6 weeks.


    • are you even remotely interested in synths jv?

      • Only for composing… I don't do live shows any more.

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    I didn't say that the prices were never cheaper, I just said I hadn't seen it cheaper.

    I have been watching these synths and not seen a price slightly lower than the current deal, as I said, though I suspect they were limited availability and did not last long at all. Almost every other site is asking >$100 more on these synths.

    Yeah they are budget synths, but they sound freaking great for the price. Someone missing a screw in Portugal doesn't invalidate the overwhelmingly positive response on these instruments internationally or the deal itself.

    All you did was set out to invalidate my contribution to the site. Was that to make the world a better place? Or petty vindictiveness? Or just because you are obnoxious? It's hard to tell your motivations. I've seen you do it to other perfectly good deals as well. Everyone can see what you are doing. It's not a mystery.

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