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Allocacoc PowerCube 1.5m 5 Outlets $22 (Was $27.5), 3m 2xUSB $32.5 (Was $40.49), 70mai Dashcam $69.9 (Was $89) [email protected] eBay


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    Oh boy. Here we go.

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    Extra 15 off?

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    isn't this the normal price? remember it was around $10 to $15 in the previous deals.

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    OP are you middleman

  • Meh, 12 power points, 6 usb $40


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      That's huge. A big benefit of the Allocacoc one is its compact size and how large power adaptors won't block the other sockets. It's great as a travel powerboard too.

      • I'd recommend chinese variant over Australian, it accepts both Au and US plugs. You can get them off Aliexpress.

  • Bought many of them before for $10 each

    • The copy will always be cheaper than the original.
      Arlec isn't known for quality.

      I've bought one of those Arlec ones before, it's MUCH bulkier than the Allocacoc.

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    Drop your price further to $12 and you got a buyer.

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    Ebay code SPENDSVE drops $10 off the SSD.

  • HT, do not change or remove the products in the title after posting the deal. It's fine if you want to add in more products into the deal (if space allows) but do not remove what was initially there.

    If there additional products you want to add in please put them in the description, don't edit the title any further. We've locked it from editing for now. Thanks.

  • I can't believe some of the tat that HT is selling these days…. looks like they've merged with my local Hot Dollar stores.

    Foil trays, hairpins, harden hoses?


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    Always surprised that Coca-Col(l)a hasn’t managed to get them for the name.

    • Til. Wow..

      Yet Facebook tries to kill an exisiting business as they have the name meta, and no one bats an eye either

  • Blaaand. Gone are the days I’d get excited for HT deal posts.

  • I'm still waiting from my order from HT. Hallam to Rowville taking more than a week. Auspost rip

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    5 outlet cheaper here $20.90

    • Isn't this the same link OP posted in the deal? Takes me to HT ebay.

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    They will probably cancel your order… again.

    • They won't. It is inflated then discounted. Only cancels order if it is a good bargain.

      • Why they have not been banned from ozb intrigues me.

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