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Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1TB M.2 (2280) NVMe PCIe SSD $89.90 Delivered @ Harris Technology via eBay


Someone posted this earlier on Amazon for $99. So I thought I'd post this since it is cheaper.

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    That's a good deal.

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    Could have used the $15 off 'compensation' coupon, if it was $0.10 more.

  • Nice deal OP, I was waiting for an 1TB m.2 ssd for under $100.

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    I just bought this at $110 a few days ago, thank me later guys

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      I would check the required specs, this is too slow for the PS5.

      Sequential read speed: minimum 5500MB/s recommended for the PS5.

      This is wayyyy slower.

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    Got one, the lowest price ever. Thanks OP.
    Now I'm gonna need an enclosure. Any suggestion?

    • You're welcome

  • OOS

    • Thanks updated

  • OOS already, OP please mark

    • That was super quick, thanks, updated

  • Missed out at the check out 😓

  • p1 is qlc nand

  • Got 1 of these bout 1.5 years ago and it has been rock solid 👌

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    Just putting it out there that the Crucial P1 uses a Silicon Motion SM2263 controller which contains a fault requiring a firmware patch, which 4 years later Crucial still haven't released. Personally I'd steer well clear.

  • too late… you bought all of them, malakas :)

  • Anyone familiar with HT’s stock control tightness? I’m counting on my purchase being a Christmas present so I really don’t want to be told in a week’s time that they are refunding (from not having enough stock to fulfil existing orders), leaving me short on time to find a replacement for a really hard to shop for recipient.

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    back in stock, if any one needs them.

    • Thanks!

    • 70 + in stock as of now.

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      I think I saw this with a "Save up to x% when you buy more" discount before it first went OOS, it would have been close to ~$90 for quantities of 4+ even without the SPENDSVE code. Might be why they paused it.

      As an aside, for a limited quantity (<10):
      Intel 660P 1TB, M.2 80mm, PCIe 3.0 x4, QLC (with 256MB DRAM) @ $76.30 each for purchases of 2 or more.

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    Back in stock still!

  • Thanks . got one

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    hopefully will get an extra $10 gift

  • Got one to store some games :) ty

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    Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1TB M.2 (2280) NVMe PCIe SSD with 5 years warranty + ESET Internet Security 3 Device 1 year = $92.89 (Not bad)

    • I would pay to get ESET off my computer. You don't need it nowadays.

  • Any suggestions for an enclosure to use as an external hard drive?

  • Using one as a boot drive for around a year now, while not a fan of QLC drives, its fine for light-write use.

  • Anyone got any update on their tracking numbers.

    HT sent an tracking number a couple days ago, but it still haven't been scanned by auspost.

    • Yes, "Item processed at facility" around lunch time and "In transit to next facility" just a few minutes ago.

      • Cool, maybe if your one was just processed todays, its just an issue with auspost and a big backlog.

        I got my tracking number on the 10th, but no updates and haven't been scanned at auspost yet.

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