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Miele WDB 030 7KG Washing Machine $999 Delivered @ miele_official eBay


It could be the 1st Miele washing machine below $1000. Free delivery

Only 6 left out of 22

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      I feel even though there is only 6 available, there isn't going to be a huge rush of people vying to buy a washing machine. I can't attest to the quality of the machine but it appears to have a good discount so I call it a deal. The guidelines say that moderators can keep the deal alive at their discretion.

  • Made in?

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      • Olaf Out Loud…

  • Only series 8 is made in Germany. On the top right hand side has to be printed made in Germany. I did not see anywhere says made in Germany in this one.

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      Are you perhaps confusing this with the Bosch.

      • Got it wrong, true I was talking about Bosh.

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      Pretty sure series 6 and 8 are Bosch concepts

  • So is it made in germany? Can anyone confirm?

    • Origin Germany

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      Yes i live in germany i see these being made. confirmed.

  • Good deal for anyone who happens to be in the market for washing machine atm.

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    Avoid - 2 year warranty for a supposedly high quality product. Proper long term review here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_NsM_QUC30

    2020 Update:
    Having had the machine for 3 years, I wanted to do an update:

    So, after 3 years of service, we just got rid of this machine. Here's why:

    In the first 2 years the machine worked well and we were very happy with it (aside from a small issue with the machine not wringing out towels very thoroughly so it required an extra spin after a complete cycle - but that we could live with.) In the 3rd year it started breaking down a lot. We called the repair people 5 times this year, and the 5th time the problem would cost £400 to repair, so we decided we'd just get a new machine.

    The issues that started to come up in the 3rd year:

    1.) Heating Element Issue:
    An error came up on the machine. The repair people told us it's a known issue that this machine has heating elements (thermostat & heating sensor) that wear out quite easily causing the machine to stop working as long as it shows the fault / error message. We replaced the heating element and avoided running the machine at very high temperatures to help preserve the replacement heating element. Very high temperatures can make it break since it's just a weakness of this part - we found this out after we had to replace the heating element 3 times!

    2.) Drum spinner breakdown
    The final straw was when all the parts that hold the drum in place snapped (the ball bearings, coupling & spinner) causing the drum to spin askew, banging against the sides of the machine noisily. This would cost £400 to repair and our 2 year insurance had run out by this point so.. we decided to buy a new machine since it would cost about the same as the repair.

    Final thoughts: I don't know if we were unlucky and got a dud machine - which is possible, but personally, we were put off from buying Miele again since it's so expensive and lasted for so little time - and also our repairman told us he personally wouldn't buy a Miele based on his experience working with these machines. The new machine we bought is a Bosch - fingers crossed it will have a much longer lifespan.

    If you buy this machine (or any other) I think it's worth getting some insurance for 3+ years to cover you, just in case!

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      That's my experience with this brand to a tee.

      • Worrying news. Is this with the same model?

        Do the higher end model suffer the same problem?

        I have good luck with this brand, and been really happy with the performance/longevity. But do notice that there seems to be a general decline in quality over the years when I come across these machines at the store.

    • We're over 10 years and still counting.

      No service calls whatsoever. It is used most days. It is noisier now. The drum doesn't seem to hold balance so well and the spin speed is down. Other than that, it still turns out clean clothes, dry enough to hang out (or go into the dryer if people are that way inclined).

      FWIW Miele cooktop works fine. Miele oven works fine. It is our third dishwasher, oven and cooktop but that is due to being left when we move. Each place we go we seem to have to replace another brand appliance fairly quickly (probably not fair to neg the brands due to not knowing how old they were).

      Add to that a Miele Vacuum cleaner, also exceeding 10 years with no service.

      One concern I have is the price drop relative to other brands. Frequently, price drops mean the engineers and accountants have been at work cutting costs (we don't need to use top grade plastic here or top grade metal there; we can have out electronics made in China without losing our 'made in Germany label', etc). On the other hand, it may just be due to the use of robots and greater sales volume.

    • When I was looking a few years ago I found the 1 year warranty on a product they were advertising as having a 10+ year life disturbing to say the least.

    • What machine did you get after? I saw these sort of comments when I researched my Miele but it seems like every machine is going to have these sort of issues.

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    This Miele or a german-made Bosch model?

    I'm leaning more towards Bosch (and waiting for a good deal) as they have higher capacity (8/9 kg) models for similar pricing when on special. I think 7kg capacity is a big negative here.

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      Go the Bosch Serie 8 I-dos, I sold a Miele WDA200 for one.

      Haven't seen one at ozbargain deal price in a while. I used a Goodguys commercial account for my machine, had it since August 2020 and it has been really good.

      I paid $1300 which is over OzB, but sold the Miele on gumtree and needed same day machine.

    • India/PRC made series 4. Going rate is app $600 or lower.

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      The WDB030 has the same internal drum dimension as a 8KG model. I went into to HN to measure out the drum size of this model and it's no smaller than a 8kg german made (WAW) Bosch.

  • This is the issue with Miele products
    They boast about quality and built to last 20 years.But warranty is only 2 years.
    Pay similar price for AEG or Siemens you get 5 yr warranty and even after 5 years they look after you(at least from my experience)

    • Miele offer a 5 year warranty.

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    Have had our 7kg Miele honeycomb for a decade. Have not had a single issue despite moderate use, keys, rocks, hard water, earbuds going through it. sitting on a trolley spinning it's guts apart for 2 years while the house got slowly renoed. Flawless just on the smaller load size.

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    I bought the same machine in October 2018 for the already discounted price at $1299 (was $1499).

    Miele rarely discount more than $200.

  • thx got1

  • Only 1 available now

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    I bought a Bosh on black Friday at the good guys. Very nice and quiet. The good guys has a special 5 years warranty that they send you a digital code 3x$20 each year for the next 5 years. That add to $300 for 5 years. The warranty cost $195. We got our first $20. Spend on washing liquid. Used 15%giftcards to buy on top of 10%discount washing machine.

    • I know you’re been mentioning different stuff but no reason to neg the method even if different prdoduct

  • I can confirm it's made in Germany. Received mine last week. The motor is whisper quiet, the machine is a good 15-20kg more than others due to the use of cast iron as counterweight. Wash came out clean and noticeably drier due to the high spin rate (1400 rpm). Drum size equivalent to a 8kg Bosch. Strong, solid, build just like a Mercedes Benz.

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    I worked for Miele (no longer do) for 20 years and my experience with them is they will replace machines at the drop of a hat to keep customers happy. They fix broken machines out of warranty regularly and mostly free if it is a faulty part and no fault of the customer.
    They even fix them free if it’s the customers fault 80% of the time.
    You get 2 year warranty but the customer service and customer care even when this is finished is second to none.
    However there are always edge cases where customer demands can’t be met or are just unreasonable, they are the ones who complain the loudest.

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