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Inkbird IBBQ-4T Bundle Deals - Thermometer + Pen + Gloves $109.49 Delivered @ Inkbird eBay


Inkbird are having a 3 day "get ready for Christmas" sale on their IBBQ-4T WiFi thermometer unit. Some pretty good prices here if you are looking to get your summer bbq low n slow right or simply as a Christmas gift for someone.

If you are an eBay Plus member you can also use your monthly $5 coupon towards your purchase.

The triple pack with pen and gloves is probably the best value pack IMHO.


IBBQ-4T Thermo + ITH-1P Pen + Heat Proof Gloves - $109.49 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224491242343

IBBQ-4T Thermo + ITH-1P Pen + Cases - $128.79 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324671614272

IBBQ-4T Thermo + Case - $100.00 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224322361549

IBBQ-4T Thermo + ITH-1P Pen - $99.18 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324202229334

IBBQ-4T Thermo + Laser Thermo Gun - $119.00 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324928432223

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    I have the exact combo and honestly this is one of my fav purchases from last year .. I use them from smoking meat to making lattes and they have been fantastic…

  • It seems like a no brainer to get the triple pack for ~$10 more, but I'm tempted by the case option…

    Someone, change my mind?

    • +1

      I use just the IBBQ-4T case and store both the thermo and pen in it… I threw out the foam Insert to allow this to happen. I only wanted one point of storage.

      I already owned gloves. So it's up to you really.

      • Ah, I was referencing the $100 option, not the ~$130.

        What do you use the ITH-1P Pen for if you already have the IBBQ-4T probes in the meat?

        • +1

          Yeah just telling you that I personally find the case sufficient to store both units.

          I use the pen for quick instant reads. Useful for when you aren't low n slowing and also useful if you need to probe other areas of large cuts. It's just a matter of which scenario.

          • @kickling: Thanks!

            I guess I could get behind a IBBQ-4T, case and ITH—1P Pen combo for ~$110 but doesn’t seem to be an option… 😉

  • OP, can you request a deal for the IBBQ-4T + Gloves bundle like previous deal?


    • +1

      I'll send the rep a message. Price won't be as cheap though since there's no 10% off ebay code.

      • Thanks! Hope they can match that deal or at least close to it. I already have a pen.

    • +1

      I was going to say this seems very expensive!!

      You can almost get a Thermapen for this price. Pair that with a maverick xr50 and you've got a far superior combo.

      • Don't think you can really compare a 4 probe wifi thermo with a pen. Let alone the price of a Thermapen + XR50 together.

        I replaced my XR50 with the IBBQ-4T as the probes died (and too expensive to replace). I do miss the extra hand-held device, but I love the wifi.

      • I have the IBBQ4xs and it has held up well under heavy use - smoking in a kettle BBQ and monitoring temp of oven inside. I also have ink bird temp and humidity controllers on a curing fridge for the last 2 years. No issues with product quality for me so far.

    • Please pm me and i will do AU$94 for 4T + Gloves

      • PMed you. Thanks.

        • Got it

  • OP, putting forward a request for a deal on IBBQ-4BW please.

    • +1

      IBBQ-4BW+ Fast read IP $129.99

      • What is the main advantage of 4BW? I can see it's got bluetooth + wifi and a bigger battery. If I don't need the Bluetooth, am I good with just the 4T?

        • Personally if you don't roam with your unit (ie go bbqing somewhere without wifi) then there is not any reason to have both data connections.

          You can still use your 4T away from home anyway I reckon if you somehow did a wifi broadcast from a secondary phone (maybe).

  • Dang tough choice.
    Case? Glove?

    Or just the pen and 4T

    • You can just get a Decor/Sistema container to put all your gear into. A case isn't vital.

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