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25% Cashback on $10 Super Swap Gift Card @ ShopBack via App


Today’s deal of the day.

The ShopBack Super Swap eGift Card - One card, many options! It can be swapped for up to 150+ retail brands including Coles, Amazon, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Adore Beauty, Catch, Myer, Bunnings, H&M and more!

Referral Links

Referral: random (4068)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +19

    To easy. Free money.

    P.S. This deal is found via "Daily deals that sleigh" banner on the main home tab in the app. It is then under the header "Today's Top Deal".

    • +1

      If you don't click the banner and purchase it from there, you would only get 2% cash back.

        • +9

          This makes zero sense.

          Just buy $10 and another $10 gift card and you will get your $2.50 for the first $10 plus $0.20 for the second $10

          • +5

            @cute as ducks: Some shops limit how many gift card you can use in one go. With many small denomination GC, you won't save a lot in big purchase. With 15% off TCN from Coles, for example, you can buy $100 denomination card. If you want to buy something with price tag say $200 from JB hi-fi, you can save $30. But with 8 GC limited, using $10 from this deal, you only can save $25. Not to mention you need to swap, verify, fill in the GC number, pin 8 times. And you also need 8 shopback acct to get 8x $10 in the first place.

            • +4

              @jayzee: It $10… just redeem it at Coles with split payment.for groceries

  • how many can we buy?

    • +1

      Only 1 $10

  • Only $10 or $10 minimum?

    • +1

      1 order of $10 denomination per account.

      • +6

        Thanks for your data, have $2.50 😂

        • +2

          Harris Technology not honouring a coupon is a bigger deal. Not all your personal information and passwords being sold and now easily accessible online.

  • Just one gift card at max..and that too $10 denomination only.

  • I have so many small denomination prezzee vouchers! Wish you could combine to swap for single larger voucher.

    • +3

      I just swapped to Amazon straight away.

      • +2

        Yeah Amazon has the best gift voucher system, but I already have enough balance there for now.

        • +6

          It's never enough :)

    • You load onto an amazon account if you want.

      • How do you do that?

        • +1

          Amazon.au > My Account > Gift Card Balance > Add Giftcards

          Note: You can't remove giftcards once added to account. i.e. you can't move balances to another account once the giftcard has been used on an account already similarly to eBay.

          • @Sheng: Can you use gift card balance to pay for subscription?

            • @khmerunited: Not for Subscription my bad

              Edit: Yes.. pretty much all do that who hold VISA card. 2% GC + 10%S&S savings

  • I never get any of this promotion, is there a banner or activation? I cant see it on my Earn more using the app

    • No just go to gift card section and look for swap gift card and buy $10 one.

      • thanks found it

      • Note to others: if you go this way make you click on the other $10 option with the up arrow next to it, otherwise go through the Deals That Sleigh banner like Sheng posted in the first comment

  • +4

    $2.50? Very generous, thanks. Edit 2.46 if minus standard discount for coles cards.

    • +2

      Standard is 20c at 2%. So its really an additional $2.30 on the shopback swap.

      • +3

        Yes, of course, standard for me is 4% with Union Shopper which is $0.40, so $2.10.

        Just make sure the gift card is not lost, otherwise it is -$10…

  • +1

    Still showing as only 2% cashback on my app.

    • +5

      There are two $10 cards one with ⬆️ Has 25% cb

      • +1

        Thanks. Explained it much simpler than I did so I removed my complicated explanation 😄
        I can definitely see many will click the wrong one and the complaining will begin…

  • +5

    Paid with SB balance !

    • “We have to go deeper”

  • +1

    Why not.

  • keep saying my credit card is failed and the order cannot be placed….. system is down…. :(

  • Great deal, thanks OP.

  • Thank you!!!!!

  • Awesome, paid with Shopback funds and was tracked immediately :D

    • As in you got $2.50 cashback tracking already? Mine is only coming up as 20c and I definitely clicked the 25% $10 option..

      • Yeah the $2.50 came through within a minute or so

  • cheers chibot!

  • Thankyou, swapped to Amazon and it was quick and easy

  • +3

    Literally less than 2 minutes to convert/swap and apply credit to Amazon.

    Unless you hate online shopping and are dead set on supporting local brick and mortar stores,

    $10 on Amazon for $7.5 is a pretty good deal.

  • need to activate?

    • +1

      Nope, just buy $10 using existing sb balance if available

  • +10

    For anyone that is as dumb as me trying to find it

    Go to
    1. Gift Cards
    2. Tap on the panel that says "shopback super swap card"… "18 options available"…"up to 25% cashback"
    3. Select the $10 with the UP ARROW and it will state "25% cashback", don't purchase the other $10 as it will only give you 2%
    4. Purchase with SB balance or card
    5. Instantly get your $2.50 into your SB balance
    6. Go to purchases and you should see your SB swap $10 gift card to swap

    • +1

      For anyone that is as dumb as me

      What about me?! Dumb and dumber? (Guess which one I am…)

      • Both? We both win!

        Took me like 10 minutes to figure this deal out lol

  • +1

    Upvoted before realising it's just a free $2. Not saying that's not a worthy deal, just got my hopes up because the Doordash 20% promo you could buy a lot more.

    • +2

      Upvoted before realising it's just a free $2


      • For taxation purposes, always round down…

      • +1

        Figured I could always get around 50c off a $10 card anyway (5%) on most things.

    • +1

      Recycle it and buy the doordash gift card via amazon @ 10% off

      $22.50 for a $25 GC + convert this superswap to amazon = $20 for $25 doordash GC which is 20% off


  • Cheers!

  • +2

    So saving of $2.50. Big whoop

    • +1

      Lol, this guy pays full price

      • +5

        And has foxtel

  • only showing 2% cashback for me. no banner in app showing 25%

    • Do you have Daily Deals That Sleigh on the main page or have a second $10 option with an arrow?

      • think the deal expired before i got any of those :(

  • +2

    Make sure you spread the word around the Pensioners Club .
    Its big the saving will give yah 3 Maccas cones .

  • All gone???

  • Literally sold out as I was hitting pay :(

    • +1

      same here. only got $0.20 cash back.

    • +1

      Same :(

  • People often seem to love $2 bonus on a $20 gift card but seems a fair few are unhappy with $2.50 cashback on $10

    • Are you kidding ?
      The Club loves even 20c of pts hehe :)

  • +1

    Showing as sold out for me

  • +1

    All gone :(

  • +1

    all sold out already

  • All gone :(

  • +2

    I upvoted, thinking I could get one, but would like to neg due to insufficient quantity/trolling from SB

    • +2

      Good Call! Sold out whilst most people were asleep!! Vote on who wants to reverse their up vote!

    • +2

      Really it been up for nearly 9 hrs .
      Join the midnight ankers where all the real action is hehe :)

      • Midnight deal always favours Western Australians.

        Fair time to start a deal is 12pm to 2pm.

    • +3

      At least it took like 8 hours. The free $15 took 30 secs.

  • +2

    Mods are slow today..

    • +4

      They're busy ozbargaining SB giftcards

  • All gone. Please mark as expired to prevent others falling into the 2% instead of 25% trapped.

    This is very tricky act from ShopBack.

    • +4

      it isn't tricky if you follow instructions and read T&Cs

      • Many people do not have time to read. It may be sold out after you read it carefully and thoroughly.

    • +3

      Since when is having promo stock that sells out a tricky act?

      By that logic, would all deals that hit OOS out be classified as a "tricky act"?

      • Not that if we marked it as out of stock, rather than here are all the options, but read carefully these are only 2%.
        The 25% you need to click somewhere else where we list it as OOS.

  • +1

    I noticed you sold out all of your $10 2% cards. Nice work.

    • They can get full value at one store Bunnings hehe :)

  • +2

    More than 590 up votes for $2.5 savings which was out of stock pretty quick. Really???

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