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Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite $35 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


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apparently the difference between Firestick and Firestick Lite is that regular Firestick has Dolby sound. Here's an article about the comparison

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    Same price on Amazon, FWIW.

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    the difference between Firestick and Firestick Lite

    The Lite has no volume control, which can be a minor annoyance. It means using a separate remote for that.

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      Is that really it though? Like they made a whole cheaper "Lite" version, and all they cut was some surround sound thing and a volume button? Crazy.

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        Can confirm lite version is great as long as the smaller remote isn't a deal breaker for you

    • Bear in mind that the 4k/4k max doesn't control the volume of the fire stick output. I've got a computer monitor with a soundbar without volume buttons, and I naively thought the 4k max would allow me to turn off/adjust volume of the fire stick. It doesn't. Hence for my usage 4k lite is good enough.

  • These always require a power cable correct? They never seem to depict that part, and instead imply they are a hdmi dongle like a Chromecast.

    • It can run from tv power but it's less reliable that way

      • No it can't.. not from the tv USB source. It needs to be from a wall socket.

        • It runs from tv on my tv (Sony 4k)

          • @silenthillrocks: Did you use the usb3 port or the usb2 port. For me the device works fine with initial setups. But when it rebooted it say not enough power. Btw I am using USB2 port.

        • Is that the 4k max or the lite?

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            @MS Paint: I have a lite. I assume 4k max requires higher power (particularly when watching 4k videos)

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            @MS Paint: 4k max runs fine on tv or monitor USB.
            Chromecast with Google TV requires wall socket in comparison

            • @ShouldIBuyIt: Can it also play 4k video fine while on tv USB?

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                @silenthillrocks: Sorry don't have a 4k screen to conduct testing (I know, it's almost 2022…)
                Maybe that's a case where USB powering could fall short, good point.
                Maybe someone else can confirm?

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          your tv probably only delivers 500mA

        • Needs a 2A USB port (for the 4k max)

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          Runs fine off my TV USB. The supplied USB transformer is only 9W so its not a big deal

  • Never use this before does it cast videos like the chromecast for example if i want to cast a video from foxsport page or any other stite will it work?

    • I believe it mirrors, not casts.

      Just use the built in apps or sideload apps.

    • It has Miracast but it's much better to sideload the Android tv app onto the firestick

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    Great price if you don't need the 4K version. An excellent little gizmo.

  • 4K Max has more processor power?

    • Processor is slightly faster perhaps, but key difference is in increased memory (ram) and upgraded video decoder

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    Retro Gaming on Fire TV 4K Max

    • Yep it's great. Set mine up with the latest Retroarch and Mame2003, Mame2010 ran beautifully on a 65inch TV.

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