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Spark Gaming Chair $59 @ Officeworks (In-Store Only)


So the chair was $199 before black Friday sales. Then dropped to $89 for the sales, and is now $59.

Beat your next high score in style and comfort, with this Spark Gaming Chair. This cushy, PU coated seat is tilt and height adjustable to suit multiple users and is suitable for 3-5 hours of use. Plus, the sleek, black design with striking green accents is sure to elevate your gaming setup.

It's suitable for between 3 and 5 hours of use.
It has a weight capacity of 120 kg.
The backrest and seat is upholstered in PU leather.
It has a durable nylon base.
It has chair tilt, seat height and tilt tension adjustment.
The armrests are fixed height.
The chair measures 660 W x 680 D x 1250 H mm.
This chair takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble.
It has a striking black and green design.
It comes in one box that measures 810 x 600 x 320mm and weighs 15.5 kg.
This chair is designed for use in your home setup.

Plenty of stock around.

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  • +16

    Yeah most companies always revert it back to their original price for a few weeks then black friday they can say 60% off etc to draw in the suckers because that's what it's actually worth quality wise and now because they have excess stuff just drop it again to get rid of it. JB did it for their galaxy buds left it at $249 just so they could legally advertise it as 50% off and have it on their main catalogue page..

    • +16

      The chair was a new range prior to black Friday. It's only dropped in price. $89 was probably a fair price but I think $59 for a cheap kids gaming chair is a bargain.

      • +6

        Why do you say ‘kids’? I only ask as I am considering getting it for myself for a work from home chair.

        • +30

          Young gamers etc. Recommend going and trying one. Not sure I'd do a full day's work from this style of chair.

          That being said a proper ergonomic chair will usually set you back a bit more than $59.

        • +26

          Cause they don't have back issues yet, so will tolerate sitting in a shitty chair for longer.

          • +5

            @Jenny Death: Young people sitting on the floor are more comfortable than me in any chair

        • +5

          If you’re WFH at least 3 days a week and 8+ hours a day invest in a proper office chair. Might set you back $400 but will last longer than this.

          • @sween64: It’s just two days a week but I don’t want to be causing myself back issues unnecessarily

            • +5

              @loulou1: If you can afford it, get a proper chair. Also a sit stand desk and anti-fatigue mat.

        • +15

          Because the 120kg limit might not work out for the average adult gamer…

  • +2

    tempted, just wonder how long that pu leather will last and how long before my ass feels like it is sitting on concrete.

    • +21

      1) longer than you might think.
      2) not as long as you hope.

      Spend money on a decent chair for 8+ hours.

      • any recommendations?

        • +1

          Buro is the ozbargain preferred

    • +2

      My experience of PU leather is that it does not last very long before it starts flaking off. As for the concrete, I didn't have that issue. For the price though, I guess it's worth it.

    • Seat covers?

      • Definitely an option, but then you have to constantly adjust them.

      • +4

        Lambs wool ftw

        • Nooo - not for the win - i don't know why people like lambs wool seat covers… i know someone with them in their car (I have the same type of car without the covers), I had to go on a 2 hour + trip with them in summer, it was so uncomfortably warm I was legitimately worried it was damaging my fertility!


    • +7

      Once it starts flaking it gets everywhere! It’s as bad as glitter.

  • +2

    I have actually tested it at OW with it was $89 and i was tempted.
    At $59 it is a good price. $199 is a robbery.
    Thanks OP.

    • -5

      True, but the issue is that all these office/gaming chairs are ridiculously overpriced. I paid $160 for the finest Chinesium junk that I'm currently using.

      • +12

        just remember it's the companies here that wanted it to be built like junk to keep costs down

        • +1

          I was complaining less that they were junk, and more that I had to pay premium prices for said junk. My criteria was cloth, rather than fake plastic leather. I also wanted something bigger than a "student" chair. The cheapest I could find was $160, and it was still junk, even at that price.

          • @Skylex: fabric is the way to go I agree.

            Only thing decent would be those Matrix Ergonomic Chairs but not the price

            • @Poor Ass: Kogan are selling Ergolux Brooklyn for $129, which is kind of okay I guess. I got a popup for $5 off first purchase voucher, so $124 delivered with free trial of Kogan First which isn't too bad, but Kogan.

              • @Skylex: you reckon it's that same stuff inside pleather but just no skin?

                • @Poor Ass: I'm not sure what you're asking. If you mean the Kogan chair, it does say fabric. If you mean pleather generally, then I think it's just a mix of artificial materials compressed to give the appearance of leather, but without any of the durability.

                  • @Skylex: nah I meant the Kogan chair looks like those pleather chairs without the pleather…. just the foam with a layer of fabric

  • +31

    It's suitable for between 3 and 5 hours of use.

    Seems like a pretty short lifetime for a chair, but my garbage service will enjoy taking out 2-3 of these per day.

  • -1

    +500$ for the same chair with '[email protected]' Logo.

    • +44

      Nah, those ones come with a neck cushion. Gives you way more FPS.

    • +6

      I bought a secret lab chair and it’s my daily driver. I had a JBurrows gaming chair from OW and had all sorts of back and coccyx pain.
      The Secretlab one seems to be all it claims to be, no pains anywhere.

      • Also I have had great dealings with customer service, I have had the chair for 6 years and the bottom recently started flaking.
        I hit up the support and they sent me out a new seat base for $80

      • Which model of the secretlab may I ask?

        • +1

          Ive got the Titan. I can sit in it for like 15 hours a day on a lazy weekend and no pain. Only issue with mine is the gas lift is gone, so if I sit at a certain tilt it will slowly drop. Or maybe I'm just too fat. I wouldn't buy another, as I have the below one at work and it's just as comfy at nearly half the price + the mesh back is great for summer.


      • Which model? What about the secret lab causes no pain compared to the other racing chairs? I’ve seen the original model and it just has a pillow for lumbar support which is :/

        • I got the Titan XL and it solved my pain as well. I'm 188cm tall, sat on it when i was 100kg down to 80kg now. Middle back pain/neck strain gone on top of the stretching/exercise I had started doing a year prior to even getting the chair.

          Office works chairs have all been pretty terrible for my issues. Racer gaming chairs only good for a few hours for me. Had one of those high cushion "ergonomic" ones they sell which made everything worse.

          I've had multiple things break with the secret labs chair. Lumbar support adjustment mechanism breaking twice and the lock which toggles if the chair is rocking breaking. All solved by the manufacturer by sending replacement parts for free under warranty. I am very careful with things I own so these faults I 100% believe weren't because of me. I wish for it to last longer than the warranty but I'm not optimistic.

    • I'm guessing you don't have one. I have lower back issues and couldn't last more than 3hrs seated prior to getting a Secretlab.

      I constantly sit 8-10hrs on mine with no issue.

      Worth every cent.

  • +5

    Nice to see it has a bucket seat so you don't fall out during high speed turns.

    • +22

      it's actually a good safety feature for those of us who enjoy some hi-octane pornhub.com

      • Woah!


      • That caught me off guard. 🤣 Was expecting a mention of a racing game. 🤣

  • thanks bought 10

    jokes - bought nil

    • +1

      ha ha lols

    • -1

      Maglia Nera on 07/12/2021 - 13:09
      thanks bought 10

      lols jokes

    • -1

      Maglia Nera 12 hours 59 min ago
      thanks bought 10

      • Maglia Nera likes the number 10

        • +1

          He likes reusing the same joke a lot too 😂😂

  • +38

    120 kg capacity is not enough for high-end gamer.

  • $20.00 Assembly fee + $35.00 Call out fee

    • +8

      $55 for 20 minutes of unskilled labour. That's a 300k job if you can do 3 chairs an hour for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

      • +3

        Unfortunately I found in Australia leaving the door and driving somewhere minimum 10 - 15 mins. Probably works out to be $55 per hour with about $30 hour for the person doing it.

      • +1

        "I build chairs"

      • In reality though it would barely pay the minimum wage after accounting for downtime and expenses.

  • how these one compares for artiss gaming chair. went for $69 while back

    • Artiss breaks they will give you a partial refund and leave you with a dodgy chair or paid of packing and sending (even if Ebay reimburses you). At least if it is OW you can just drop it off at a branch with Artiss won't have. Not that I am saying buy this chair.

  • Hmm tempted but like allot of chairs from officeworks, they just don't seem to last in my experience.

    • I think you get what you pay for!
      They do have some high end ergonomic chairs $300 plus

  • its made from pu leather, its going to flake overtime. longevity in my experience is poor. but i guess with the low price its given that its disposable and needs to be replaced annually. unless you play to just tape it up or put a cover on it, but that would look ugly.

  • Thanks Op. Got one. For $59 even if it lasts a few months, I am fine.

    • -1

      after few months go back OW for a refund… good thinking

    • +5

      And then straight to landfill! Why not spend a little extra money and buy a chair that will last?

      These things are rubbish and people need to stop buying them.

      • +2

        Little extra? Find me a decent chair for little extra. There isnt.

        • +2

          If your expected timeframe of usage is 6 months for $60, buy an office chair from IKEA that will cost $199 but last 10 years.

          Or if you need cheaper, there are a million second hand office chairs for $100 that are both more comfortable and durable than this consumable chair.

  • I bought one i'll let you know the experiences. My chairs never last no matter what because I do alot of rocking but my last chair was free and the PU is down to the foam again so see how this goes.

    • PU are always like that

  • +1

    From what I've read about gaming chairs, many have said that a good office chair will be much comfier and will last longer. Gaming chairs apparently try and appeal to well… gamers - and tend to be overrated.

    Is this the case here? I need a new chair and this price is very tempting :)

    • +2

      Gaming chairs are a gimmick. This one will use the standard crappy Officeworks star base, gas lift and mechanism with a "gamer" (whatever that means) style seat shape.

      • +1

        Well there you go. That's what I thought, the price just seemed too good to be true and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on an excellent deal here.

        Thanks for the reply!!

  • +2

    suitable for 3-5 hours of use

    At least we know how long this is going to last.

  • +3

    My experience on chairs from officeworks is save f your money. Bought 2 Bathurst chairs covering packed up quickly.

    Then bought 2 different way more expensive ones $400 ish that are rated for 8 hours plus a day both have packed up within a year.

    So on the hunt for better quality ones not from officeworks lol

    • +2

      I'm saving my money to get a Herman Miller Aeron. Figure if I spend 8 hours a day on it I can afford a $2000 chair.

      • Steelcase Leap is pretty good too. I got one when they were discounted for "google" employees.

  • +1

    I need a chair suitable for 8 hours use. Any recommendations?

    • I think for that level of usage it's best to actually try out different chairs before committing; having said that I bought an Ergohuman Elite v2 from Temple and Webster for $580 while it's on sale and it's been fantastic. Comfortable and heaps of adjustment options (will help you sit with proper posture too) and I actually dozed off watching stuff on the PC while I had the chair in recline position the other day lol. It seems to be the chair people recommend if you didn't want to spend $1500+ on a Herman Miller.

    • +3

      No matter the chair, just don’t sit for 8hr straight

    • Beuro Metro

  • +3

    I have a chair, I have a chair, king of the castle, king of the castle.

    • +1

      Waa Waa Wee Waaaa….izzz nicee

  • +5

    I worked in office furniture for many years. This is an extremely basic unit. The limited range of adjustment or support makes this not much better than a plastic chair in a McDonald’s restaurant. In fact, the McDonald’s chair will still be there in 20 years. Look for one with arm height adjustment and back tilt.

  • +1

    At $199 it was just taking advantage of the covid work from home phase. Now just trying to offload them in bulk. Pretty sure still with good margin.

  • +1

    Does anyone have any opinion on whether this is better or worse than the Bathurst chair that is sold at Officeworks?

    • Both will end up on your nature strip in a years time awaiting hard waste collection

  • +2

    Used to sit in chairs like this; looks good at the start but soon enough the PU leather starts to crack and peel (especially now as we're heading into summer) and won't take long for them cheap foam cushions to bottom out. Bit the bullet and spent the money on an Ergohuman a month ago and won't be able to go back. Different price point I know but I realised instead of having to buy a new chair every 1-2 years and being uncomfortable might as well spend the money once and be properly supported and have the chair lasting +5 years.

  • +1

    It's a good price but don't seem very comfortable

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