This was posted 5 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ready, Set…Cook! Butterflied Lamb Leg $14.99/kg, Chicken Drumsticks 2kg $4.99 @ ALDI


Lamb Leg marinated in Honey & Rosemary. Just eat it.

Chicken drumsticks credit to @WatchNerd

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    I love aldi, I love OzBargain and I love lamb… I'm sorry, but I don't see where the deal is here….
    What's the usual price for butterflied lamb?

    • Was $18.99 per kg

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          It's $20 per kg at woolies. $14 is for 700g

          • @bibekl: My bad. Quikmafs. I tried to neg my own comment but it doesn't work.

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    Instructions unclear, ate raw meat, now in hospital

  • Boneless lamb AND marinated, Ready to cook for 14.99 / kg ??
    Find the same bargain anyone please ?

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    So no bone for the dog? No deal.
    Removed before cooking of course.

  • With sauce in, it's only a slight bargain!

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    is there one without sauce for $14.99?

    • Aldi lamb shanks are $12/kg bone in.

      I suppose you could rinse off the sauce

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    Slow cooked this last night, delicious and tender.

    The bag is not full of marinade just enough on the meat so your not paying for liquid.

    Same item at woolworths is $20 to $21 a kg.

    • Oven, bbq, or slow cooker for the slow cooking?

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    Also Broad Oak Farms Chicken Drumsticks 2kg $4.99.

    Using math it equates to $2.50 per kg.

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            @nerd1: Yes, because I'm going to stuff around going all the way to Aldi specifically to take back a piece of fatty off-cut.
            Waiting a week for the next shop would also be pointless, and I'd have to store said meat.

            No thanks. I'd rather warn others that this particular meat product 'can' be a very disappointing purchase.

            The above posters (and the negs) clearly don't get the disappointment in preparing a meal over the course of an hour, and finally, once cooked, you cut into it and find it's not what you paid for or expected. It's not just the deceit in taking my money in the first place, it's the time and energy taken to cook the piece of crap only to be disgusted by the end product. God I wish I took a picture. It was disgusting.

            But that's ok, as long as everyone else got the cut they paid for- I should just be quiet. God forbid I warn others.

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    • Yep!!

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