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Citizen Eco-Drive BM7480-81L $149 (RRP $325) Plus Other Watches Delivered @ Starbuy


Many good citizen eco drive watches at Starbuy.

Worth mentioning

  1. Citizen Eco-Drive AW1588-57E - $179 (RRP $450)

  2. Citizen Eco-Drive CA0730-85E - $189(RRP $499)

  3. Citizen Nighthawk BJ7135-02E - $269 (RRP $799)

Had bought from Starbuy in the past. Highly recommend them from pricing and shipping point of view.

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    the CA0730-85E looks really good, anyone got any more photos/videos of the watch?

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    these are about the right price for them. these claimed rrp are ridiculous. the 1st on is a bit confusing, seems to be a hybrid of everything, lol. 2nd on is nice, with the a tiny bit of orange to spice it up. the nighthawk is also a nice one. I have no citizen watches, but these are getting me interested. unfortunately they are mineral crystals.

  • +14

    I found a CTZ B6818 about 4-5M deep in a tea tree lake in 2001. I was snorkeling and saw the metal shining and thought it was rubbish (Au can) so I dove down to get it. The watch band pin had come out and it still had to exact date and time with the solar panel keeping it running. It is still going strong today and I feel quite attached to it.

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      That's an awesome story!
      You can never get rid of that watch. Unless the pin snaps off again and it "chooses" its next owner.

    • +1

      Hey that's mine, giz it back.

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    That Nighthawk is pretty sexy. Purchased!

  • I love my citizen titanium watch - bought at Starbuy - its a Citizen Super Ti CB0219-50L - limited edition. Bit of a pain to emulate atomic clock radio to set it, but other than that, love it. Eco-Drive is great too.

    • Yes agree, the Eco-Drives are a damn good watch, I seem to be getting a collection of them with today's purchase of a CA0730-85E

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