OzBargain 2021 Christmas Donations - $39,910 to Charities of Your Choice


  • 18 Dec 1:00PM: We have 991 unique commenters in this poll (at 12PM on 18 Dec), which means we will be donating $39,910 to the 7 most voted charities ($5,702 each). Here is the list of charities we will be donating to this Christmas:

    • beyondblue
    • Sikh Volunteers Australia
    • Cancer Council
    • RSPCA Australia
    • Dementia Australia
    • Aboriginal Literacy Foundation
    • Lifeline

    Donations will be made next week.

  • 14 Dec 9:50AM: We have already reached 50 charities. No more suggestions, but please keep on voting on the already suggested charities.

Original Post

It's that time of the year! OzBargain is committing to donate at least $30,000 to selected charity organisations this Christmas, and we are asking our community for recommendations!

OzBargain has been a for-profit company since 2010 (which surprisingly some didn't realise, from interactions with some users at the birthday meetups). Banner ads and affiliate links served to non-logged in users generates revenue for OzBargain, which is used to pay for all our full-time staff, hosting and other operation costs. Money we make from the banner ads is also used to sponsor all the meetups, free T-shirts and hoodies, monthly prizes, etc. Moreover, we have been setting aside some funds at the end of each year to give to charities voted by the OzBargain community, for the last 10 years.

For this Christmas, we will be donating $30,000 to 6-8 different charities, and for each unique commenter in this forum post, we will be donating an extra 10 bucks, up to $10,000 extra. For example, if there are 1,000 OzBargain users commented in this post, we'll be donating $40,000 to 8 different charities ($5,000 each).

But which charities? It's up to you, the OzBargain community. For starter, I'll pre-select 20 charities from last year's Xmas donation. Commenters can also suggest new charities using the Suggestion box above the comment form.

Add your poll suggestion here

If you are suggesting a charity, please also

  • Provide a link in the comment.
  • Add one or two sentences on what this charity is about, to help the community to decide.

Even if your preferred charity has already been suggested, leave a comment and let us know! Remember every unique commenter on this thread will add an extra $10 to the donation.

The poll will run until Saturday 18 Dec 2021 at 12:00PM. After poll expires, votes will be revealed and we will divide up the final donation amount to give to the top 6-8 charities. I will sort out all the donations next week (before Christmas).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which charity should I suggest?

Update: As we already have 50 charities on the list, we are no longer taking suggestions.

There are some limitations on the charity that a user may suggest:

  • It must be a registered charity eligible for DGR (deductible gift recipient). That would unfortunately make NPOs like Wikipedia & Sea Shepherd & some international charities ineligible.
  • As we are OzBargain, it would be great if the charity is Australia based or benefits Australians.
  • The suggestion feature will also be closed after having 50 charities on poll.

Please note that all the suggestions will have to be manually approved by the moderators, so they might not show up straight away.

Q: How many charity organisations will OzBargain donate to this Christmas?

6-8, depending on the final donation amount. For example,

  • No one commented on the post — $30,000 will be donated to 6 charities with $5,000 each.
  • 100 unique commenters — $31,000 will be donated to 6 charities with $5,167 each.
  • 500 unique commenters — $35,000 will be donated to 7 charities with $5,000 each.
  • 1,000 unique commenters — $40,000 will be donated to 8 charities with $5,000 each.

Q: Why is foo charity on the list? Why is bar charity NOT on the list?

All the charity organisations are suggested by the community (either this year, or from previous years). If you think certain charity organisation ought to be on the list, please suggest it (provided that we haven't reached the 50 options limit). If you do not think a certain charity should be there, please leave a comment in the post, and use "Report" to notify a moderator. We will assess your claim and decide whether to remove that charity from the list.

Q: Any bargain?

Free $10 to the top charity when you comment!

Poll Options expired


  • +1 good initiative

  • Kaching

  • Awesome.

  • Nice we can do this as a community.

  • +$10

  • Suggested PANDA


    PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia supports women, men and families across Australia affected by anxiety and depression during pregnancy and in the first year of parenthood. PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline for individuals and their families to recover from perinatal anxiety and depression, a serious illness that affects up to one in five expecting or new mums and one in ten expecting or new dads.

  • +$10 squids - Thanks OzB

  • Bargain and feel-good feeling that win-win to me.

  • Great work!

  • !

  • +10

  • Awesome.

  • Great work. Such a great community

  • +10

  • +$10

  • Thank you for this.

  • Terrifying cake journey

  • Awesome!

  • Thanks Ozbargain, as always. my favourite place to be

  • Lovely work by Scotty and Ozbargain.

  • Thanks OzBargain!

  • A great gift as always, bringing that cheer to end the year!

  • +$10

  • Thank you for doing this.

  • +10

  • Great stuff ozb team!

  • +1
    Suggested UNICEF COVAX


    The largest vaccine supply operation ever is underway – and UNICEF is leading it on behalf of the COVAX Facility.

    We are working to ensure that all countries and territories participating in the Facility have equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

    Through the COVAX Facility – led by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, WHO and CEPI – UNICEF is working with manufacturers and partners on the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine doses, as well as freight, logistics and storage. In collaboration with the PAHO Revolving Fund, we are leading the procurement and delivery for 92 low and middle-income countries while also supporting procurement for more than 97 upper middle-income and high-income nations. Together, these represent more than four-fifths of the world’s population. UNICEF is also procuring and transporting immunization supplies such as syringes, safety boxes for their disposal, and cold chain equipment such as vaccine refrigerators.

    UNICEF has been organising the international transport of COVID-19 vaccines for the COVAX Facility since February 2021. COVAX is currently delivering vaccines to countries and territories around the world, with the aim of protecting frontline health care and social workers, as well as high-risk and vulnerable groups.

    You can find out more about upcoming deliveries in the UNICEF Vaccine Market Dashboard.

    Why UNICEF?
    As the largest single vaccine buyer in the world, UNICEF has a unique and longstanding expertise in procurement and logistics to help children in need. UNICEF procures more than 2 billion doses of vaccines annually for routine immunization and outbreak response on behalf of nearly 100 countries. We are the main procurement partner of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and have helped reach more than 760 million children with life-saving vaccines over the last 20 years, preventing more than 13 million deaths.

    In vaccinating health workers globally, we ensure that they can get back to work so that children and their mothers get the critical health care they need – vaccinations, treatment of malnutrition and other deadly diseases such as malaria and diarrhoea, as well as obstetric, prenatal and post-natal care along with services for newborns. These are critical services without which millions of children’s lives are at risk given widespread disruptions to essential services during lockdowns. We cannot let one disease lead to outbreaks of other diseases that could reverse years of progress in child health.

    • +1

      I was going to suggest this one too - it's a great cause and really needs the funds. We should be doing everything we can to vaccinate the ENTIRE world.

  • Thank you, this is a very generous act of kindness after what has been a difficult year for so many people

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Great work and keep it up!:)

  • Thanks Scotty. Terrific initiative. +10

  • +2
    Suggested MAA International (Muslim Aid Australia)

    MAA (Muslim Aid Australia) International

    MAA is an international relief and development agency working to support and assist the world's poorest and most needy communities worldwide since 1989.
    Transparency reports available on their website (their utter transparency is one of the main reasons I support them).
    MAA International

    • +1 for this charity.

      +$10 comment.

  • +$10

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you ozb!

  • The most wonderful time of the year :)

  • Good job! Keep up the donations!

  • Good deal

  • Thanks OZB!

  • ❤️

  • I a unique

  • Thanks for contributing $10 for me!

  • $10 love this initiative

  • Great work everyone, thank you

  • -1
    Suggested Compassion Australia

    Compassion is a Christian international holistic child development organisation. Through our Child Sponsorship Program, more than 2 million children are currently being released from poverty in Jesus’ name. With over six decades of experience, Compassion’s unique approach to solving poverty works: research proves it.

  • Great work team, a wonderful initiative!

  • As always, great initiative!

  • +10. Good on ya Scotty

  • Pets of the Homeless does way more than keep best friends together.
    Thanks to OzB for this initiative.

  • I like turtles

  • yeet

  • +10 for charity

  • +2
    Suggested HAART (Homeless & Abused Animal Rescue Team)

    A tiny animal rescue charity with a no-kill policy. Saving animals through a network of foster carers, they have no office, no paid staff and all work is done by an amazing group of volunteers. They are solely reliant on raising their own funds and a donation from OzBargain would make a huge difference.

    • Agreed, it's the smaller rescue shelters that need more help. Hope they get some donations!

    • I voted for them xx

  • $10

  • Just another way that OzBargain is awesome.

  • Project Underdog Rescue for me! I've never heard of it before but it sounds wonderful. I regularly give to animal charities and crochet kitten blankets.

  • I love this annual discussion. I've learnt about so many great charities from it.

  • Great work!

  • Please note that we have already got 50 charities in the list so I have turned off the suggestion.

  • +$10.

    Awesome as always Scotty and team @OzBargain.

  • +4
    Suggested Mummy’s Wish

    May I suggest Mummy’s Wish please.


    They’re a cancer support charity specifically helping mums with kids. They were a lifesaver for us- arranged care and cleaning, special teddy bears for the kids with the ability to record mums voice (they are so treasured now that she is gone). They helped me educate the kids with what was happening, what to expect and prepare them for what was to come. My kids were newly 3 and 4 when she died- helping them understand seemed an impossible task. They fill a pretty huge gap when it comes to having no choice but to live a “normal” life whilst being consumed by cancer. And they actually care.

    Also, is a second suggestion allowed?

    If so, Bezzina House Lodge at St George Hospital, Kogarah. They provide accommodation for patients and families undergoing cancer care by the extremely specialised people at SGH and SGPH. They prioritise out of area and interstate and international patients.

    This gives access to one of the few hospitals in the Southern Hemisphere that offer HIPEC and peritonectomy procedures (5 hospitals last I checked, 3 on the east coast of Australia). Peritonectomy is a high risk intensive surgery that lasts 10-12 hours and can have recovery time of 6 months, but buys time. 3 years in our case.


    I’m not affiliated, but there are a handful of charities which made a tangible difference to me and my kids. All of which I knew nothing about until I was drowning in a world I never dreamed I’d have to be a part of. Sadly I now personally know DOZENS of young mums fighting an incurable disease for their life and just another day with their babies.

    For the record, my wife was young. She died at 38. Don’t be ignored and get checked. #never2young #(profanity)

  • Well done, Ozb is the best!

  • Thanks so much to Scotty and the whole Ozbargain community!

  • I dont see a Suggestion form.

    In any case, I'd like to suggest Yellow Ladybugs https://www.yellowladybugs.com.au/

    "Yellow Ladybugs is an autistic-led non-government organisation with strong bridges to the community. We are dedicated to the happiness, success and celebration of autistic girls and women"

    "Yellow Ladybugs runs regular informal social events that offer peer-to-peer connections for autistic girls and gender diverse young people, generally between the ages of five and sixteen. Our events bring our members together in an inclusive, fun and sensory-friendly setting. Underpinning every Yellow Ladybugs event, our mission is to foster a sense of belonging, to help our autistic members connect with their peers, and to instil a sense of autistic pride within our community"

  • -1

    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

    I think they would need a lot more resources this year with the situation in Afghanistan.

    Thank you OzB

  • +$10!

    Good going!

  • +10

  • 💸

  • This is a bargain

  • WooHoo! Charity

  • Merry OzChristmas all

  • Thanks!

  • another tenner

  • Well done OzBargain.

  • I love the generosity generated by many members of this community. My many thanks to the administrators of this site for this great initiative.

  • Good stuff!

  • +10 HAART, thank you :-)

  • I love that we can do this!

  • Great effort!

  • Thanks scotty and OzBargain team!

  • +10

  • Thanks scotty/team.

  • Great work in spreading the cheer :)

  • Awesome, good work!

  • $10 comment

  • Thankyou OZB - such a great community!

  • Thanks!

  • Seem to be not seeing how to make suggestions but my 2 cents for consideration:

    The life you can save makes “smart giving simple” by curating a group of nonprofits that save or improve the most lives per dollar. They aim to create a world where everyone has an opportunity to build a better life and where there’s no suffering or death due to extreme poverty.


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