Thoughts on Dodo nbn?

I don't see much talk about dodo's NBN here. Anyone using their service, could you share your experience? Looking to churn from Superloop

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    There are a lot better service providers than dodo, unless they start offering me their services for totally free, with no hidden costs, I wont be using their services not even for 1 cent.

    Superloop is pretty darn good ISP (or at least used to be when I was with them)

    • Thing is I've got a friend using their NBN, says can't complain. Then again he's not tech savvy so looking for more info on the service.

      • why do you need dodo? Like your friend forcing you to join it for referral promo or bonus etc. ?

        there's other plenty of cheap ISP, like tangerine(new user referral+ Cashbacks), Belong (1st month free kinda), More Telecom, Aussie Broadband (1st month free),

        But if you have 5G service in your location, recommend to jump on 5G home internet, a lot cheaper than NBN (especially at higher speeds)

        • Nope, just for cheaper pricing.

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            @KindSifu: All I can say is, you get what you pay for. And it's gonna cost you long term.

            Said it a few times before, personally wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot shit stick.

            But that's just me.

          • @KindSifu: nbn pricing doesn't get much cheaper than SL without sacrificing your typical evening speeds and increased ping. Dodo nbn goes through a 3rd party called Vocus. Superloop manage their own backhaul and connect straight to the nbn POI.

            • @Twix: I don’t now why you would say they go through a 3rd party called vocus, when vocus is the owner of the brand dodo. Plus vocus, IIRC, is like the 4th biggest telco in Australia, compared to superloop which is like a fraction of the size of voucs. Vocus I would imagine build, own, and rent out much more backhaul than the smaller players.

              Not saying vocus is good, dodo is known to be cheap and average for an average user. But just want to correct the characteristics you paint.

              • @cloudy: What I mean is Dodo don't connect straight to the nbn POI. Dodo keep prices low by cutting costs on CVC.

                • @Twix:

                  What I mean is Dodo don't connect straight to the nbn POI

                  I can only take your word for it, but I got this good feeling you are not correct, I would think vocus connections directly to NBN POI, and dodo is just one of many names they sell through.

                  I’m happy to be proven wrong.

                  • @cloudy: Yep Dodo is one of many ISPs that are a reseller and they have to go through Vocus wholesale to get things fixed or changed. Superloop can do it themselves.

                    • @Twix: Dodo (and iPrimus) are both owned by Vocus. As far as I know, Vocus don't have a separation between their wholesale and retailing divisions, so Dodo can 'do it themselves' as much as Superloop can. As other have mentioned, you get what you pay for with Dodo. Avoid.

                      • @st1ng: Maybe it has changed. Yep I know some Dodo users on FTTP who complain about congestion.

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            @KindSifu: If your only criteria is price, then it will be fine ;)

            However, if your a gamer, need international speed/connectivity or use webcams/zoom a lot, you will quickly notice the error of your ways (even just browsing websites you will notice the difference between Superloop and Dodo if your attentive!)

    • Comments about their service standards there are spot on.

  • This post has a same ring as people about to join

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    This is my completely unbiased view of them.

    I generally avoid eye contact with sales booths at malls. Cos reasons.

    But with Dodo booths, I actively seek out eye contact, daring them to approach me.

    When they invariably do, I tell them through gritted teeth, that I have used (not willingly) their services before.

    Don't usually remember their reaction to this statement, as all I'm seeing is red by then.

    I pause for a second, contemplating burning their booth down, before moving on.

    • PS: To my eternal regret, I have not actually burned down any of their booths, so far.
      As this is generally frowned upon in society.
  • If you're after cheapest, spintel is the cheapest 50/20 plan I've seen. $65/month.

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    My thoughts - for ISPs, you can typically only choose two from:

    • cheap
    • fast
    • reliable
    • while some ISPs don't even have one…

  • i would imagine for most avg. people dodo nbn is just fine

    i spent many many a year with then on adsl as they were the cheapest for unlimited and i literally would have downladed terrabytes over that time with little issue that wasnt a basic telstra line issue

    they just didnt seem all that competive on nbn

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    Terrible customer service. Stay away

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