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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1L - $27.90 ($9 off) + $9.95 Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Additional $9 Off for OzBargain Users with code OZCOLD! Available in 5 Colours, Applicable to all Hario Cold Brew Pots in the 1L size.

Be Summer Ready with this Cold Brew Coffee Maker from Hario Japan! 700+ 5 Star Reviews!

Watch the Video Online!

Brew cold brew coffee the easy way with the Hario Cold Brew Pot 1 L. Built with a heatproof Hario glass carafe and a BPA-Free plastic filter and lid, it doesn’t get much simpler that this.

Cold brew coffee is known for being smooth and sweet compared to hot brewed coffee. Cold water doesn’t extract as many acids and tannins, reducing in a low acidity and low bitterness in the final cup. You can use the concentrate to make iced coffee, hot coffee, or mixed drinks.

The permanent mesh filter has 60 micron holes, too small to allow coffee grounds to enter your final brew. It’s easy to clean and should last a lifetime.

Here’s a brief recipe:

Coarsely grind 80g of coffee into the mesh filter.
Add 1 L of cold, clean water to the pot.
Let it steep for 12-18 hours in the fridge.
Take out the filter and store the concentrate in the fridge for up to two weeks.
Mix the concentrate with cold water and ice for iced coffee, hot water for hot coffee, or mixers and a spirit for a coffee-cocktail.

Low Acidity, Low Bitterness – Brewing coffee with cold water produces lower acidity and bitterness levels, resulting in a sweet and smooth coffee beverage.

Simple To Use – Just combine coffee and water, let it steep, then pour it through the filter.

Permanent Filter – The 60 micron mesh filter keeps coffee grounds out of your concentrate, is easy to clean, and is built to last

Cold Brew Coffee On Demand – Cold brew concentrate keeps for up to two week in the fridge, giving you the ability to make a drink on demand.

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All Cold brew / cold drip coffee makers - https://alternativebrewing.com.au/collections/cold-brewer

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  • Code doesnt seem to work?

    • Sorry! Fixed - wrong end date - our mistake

      • Ta, ordered - thanks :D

  • +1

    Nice product. Looks elegant too. I paid less 6 months ago (and got free shipping) but I'd still be happy to consider it at this price - including the need to pay for freight.

    I'm not sure that I'd call what it produces a concentrate. Fine as is. Add milk, ice, liquid sugar as you desire and go!

  • +1

    So, what would be the difference between, say, this $11, 1.4L one from KMart?

    • +2

      I don't have the kmart one so i can't say for certain.
      I have used other tea/coffee brewers in the past that they leave a lot of coffee fines behind. Making the brew more bitter and gritty.
      I don't have that problem with the Hario

      • Cool, I figured that would probably be something like that!

    • And it's good (kmart model) but pouring lip doesn't line up unless you stand on one leg.

      • +5

        I hop you have better results in future

  • Sent the deal to my wife as a potential Christmas present idea - been meaning to grab one of these.
    Hope to be making some coldbrew on Christmas day!

  • +1

    Are you likely to get any decent deals for the 1Zpresso grinders anytime soon? The 90c discount, on a couple of them, is a tad of a joke.

  • +1

    Had one of these for a few years now and it gets used a lot in Summer. My go to is about 60/40 with milk and some ice. Goes down a little too well.

  • thanks, ordered 2

  • Will this get delivered in time for Christmas?

    • Where do you live? East coast yes, WA / NT - no guarantee right now sadly

      • East coast :) Will grab 2/3 as gifts

  • Does this code have a limit? I tried to add two to the cart but it only reduced the price by $9.

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