This was posted 6 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$500 Gift Card & $10/Month Credit with Telstra 5G Mobile Broadband 300GB $69/Month 24-Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Telstra Mobile Broadband deal available at JB

24 month contract

For $59/month you get 150GB + 150GB mobile data plan and $500 JB gift card

$500 GC can be used for modem, or you can choose MU500 modem instead of the gift card

the $500 Gift card offer expires 19th December
Not sure when $10/month credit expires

Internet is slowed when cap is reached

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    oooopppp 24months

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    was 750 bucks GC. So keep waiting……..

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    24 months means $250GC value… even worse than the previous $400 offer

    • Was that one 300GB? I thought it's only 60GB

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    Ouch 24months… That's 2 lifetimes 😂

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    bruhhhhhhhhhhh 24 month plan….

  • How to get the $10pm credit?

  • 24 months, we should be on 9G with an iPhone 17 by then

  • 24 months?. 12 months then I can consider.

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    points taken about the 24th months but the $10/month credit swayed it. It comes within range of comparable NBN plans at $50/month comparison and the $500 GC goes a long way towards a decent modem. Each to their own but seemed like a worthy replacement for a similar cost NBN plan while being able to move it around

    would be interested to see the comparable plans members are talking about. I only found plans that had a similar cost for around 80gb/month and when compared to this deal
    the option to take $500 and sort out modem or put towards something else seemed like a good option to have

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      It's a tough crowd these days. Thanks for posting it will help some, which is the point of this website. Don't let the nah sayers get you down. You get a plus one from me

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        oh its no worries at all, i did try and search up previous deals so i'm not sure if there's some sort of way to categorise these deals so you can check how much of a bargain it is compared to previous bargains, so i guess then you can make an informed decision. if you search for something like telstra wireless right now it goes through a lot of results that aren't neccesarily the same thing which makes it difficult to gauge if it's a good deal or not. I did to it before purchasing/posting.

        the $10/month credit goes both ways, i think its still basically a given that there will be cheaper plans within 2 years but it means you can keep it a fixed cost for 2 years replacement to NBN. won't be able to take advantage of NBN switch/porting deals of course but how good those deals can be hit or miss and this one "should" be faster than a similarly priced NBN plan albeit with data limits

        i didn't see any mention of the $10 credit online on their website or anywhere else hence the posting.

        • Hey guys, I can't see any info about the $10/month credit.

          Trying to sign up to this at JB but the staff said it's only on upgrades and not new services.

          • @YellowEarthAustralia: sorry can't really comment much further than that the guy at store had received an email and in the email it clearly said $10/month discount. i didn't notice any description about upgrading an existing service. Maybe they made a mistake? He seemed to know what was going on. Perhaps try another store/staff member?

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    I had this same exact deal last year $59/month for 12month and 500gv. 24 months is no deal for me atleast!

    • Was that 300GB? I was looking for something similar this time last year. Not sure how I could miss it

  • They should just bundle the sim with Nighthawk M5 and sell that a wireless alternative product to NBN. I think many will go for the deal if marketed correctly.

  • got it on 12 month contract last time around with free modem ($599) and work well in 5G areas

  • So what would be the early termination fee after 12 months? $360?

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