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[PC, Epic] Disco Elysium - The Final Cut $25.64 ($10.64 after $15 Coupon) @ Epic Games


I've been hesitating to buy this game for a while, but now is a no-brainer at $10.64 (using the $15 voucher deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/672064)

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  • +2

    Awesome price, been waiting for it to drop. Will grab it now then.

  • +10

    Highly recommend this game. Steal at this price.

  • Been holding off too, cheers for the share!

  • +11

    Great game. Play drunk for next level immersion

  • +1

    What an experience this is

  • +2

    My favourite game of of last year. Final Cut edition + $10 purchase price? Must buy IMHO.

    • +1

      What does it add?

      • +1

        Full voice dialogue for everything/everyone is the key thing.

  • Literally looked yesterday for a deal on this game to use the coupon and it was at RRP. Trigger pulled, cheers!

  • Thanks and also for the reference to the coupon. Had my eye on this for a while, bought.

    • +8

      Right cause books have voiced dialogue, music, sound FX, puzzle solving, decision making, stats and many more things that I haven't included as I don't have all night.

  • +1

    It's an awesome game. Steal for this price. Happy to see DE getting some love.

  • I hate the title of the game. Doesn’t suit the game

    • +1

      yeah it will always be No Truce With The Furies to me

    • It only suits if you can make “the expression”


  • Been sitting on this one for a while (not sure if I've got the time or patience for such a text heavy game these days) but for 10 bucks couldn't say no.

    • Yeah I might pull the trigger but I also hate text heavy games…. what to do…

      • +2

        Play Planescape: Torment first - hahaha

      • +1

        I feel like for a tenner even if you don't end up playing it you won't feel as bad haha…

  • +3

    dang I bit the bullet and paid a lot more a while back when it was 'banned' and hadn't quite been removed from steam…lol still haven't played it yet but didn't want the man to win.

    c’est la vie

  • got a DRM free version from gog loooong time ago for about this price

    fantastic game if you like reading

    • Russian or some such?

      • somewhat in that direction

    • +3

      Not anymore, the game is fully voice acted now. Pretty great voice acting at that!

      • oh great time to revisit then

  • +1

    Yeah great deal, picked it up yesterday. I do wish it was more affordable on the switch though.

  • +2

    $6.20 on GOG using a Russian VPN without any coupon.

    • +1

      Which platform is it better to get it on do you think?

      • Between the two I would always choose GOG, even at a higher price, you get a permanent downloadable copy that isn't locked to a serial key etc.
        The GOG Galaxy launcher has been around for longer and is more developed, with Achievement support for years.

  • Hey all, where do you get the $15 coupon? I'm logging into the Epic store and getting nothing.. last year it came up when I logged in. Any thoughts?

    • I just scrolled down in the launcher and found an item listed about it.

    • Add game to cart and then go to cart and you will find that $15 off is automatically applied.

      Don't click buy now.

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