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Unlimited Free $15 Coupon to Spend on Purchases over $22.99 @ Epic Games


Epic will be providing $15 coupons again as part of their Xmas promo.

Note that there is now a new shopping cart feature which means you may be able to add multiple items to your cart before applying the $15 coupon.

Note that the $15 off will only apply to games over $22.99 and not the total cart amount.

From Epic US

Yes, you read that correctly. Every full game you buy over the cost of $14.99 will receive a $10 off coupon applied at checkout, with no limit on how many games you can purchase. That means that no matter how many games are in your shopping cart, at least up to the 50 item transaction cap, any that cost over $14.99 after a sale discount has been applied will have an additional $10 off coupon applied.

Stay tuned for the daily freebies.

Credit to billbil-kun.

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  • +34

    No one actually spends money on EGS, right? It's all freebie libraries.

    • +107

      I've bought a few things on EGS where they've been a bargain.

      If the price is the same I'll buy on Steam.

      Over the years EGS has given me well over 100 freebies, I understand they're trying to buy marketshare, but I don't buy into the irrational hate they attract. A competitor for Steam is good in general.

      • -99

        Do you work for epic?

      • +7

        Yeah, Epic give incentive to list exclusively, the game studio chooses to accept or not, and Epic get the hate. I don't see the equivalent anger aimed at real estate agents who list exclusively.

        • +2

          Because it's a new occurrence on the PC market. I think it's shit but I vote with my wallet, pretty simple.

    • +3

      Bought a game, the following week it was free… GG never again

      • +18

        Well that's flexing your rational brain…

    • +7

      I bought a few things since they were cheaper than any other store.

    • +13

      I've bought a few great indies when these coupon deals come up. Getting games like Hades around the ~$10 mark is insanity. I kinda wished I paid full price for it - one of my all-time faves, and hope SuperGiant have done really well to keep going.

      There are a few of the best 2021 indies on the cheap here:

      Inscryption $14
      Death's Door $14
      Chicory: A Colorful Tale $15

      I got Death's Door with the last coupon. Well worth your time and $14. Should have won indie GOTY.

      • Deaths door is brilliant. My goty

      • +2

        Buy it again on Steam when not on sale?

      • +2

        +1 Inscryption. I just check EGS, it's $8.16 right now

        A wild ride that is well worth that price!

      • death's door is okay, the combat is pretty basic and i think the only real big positive are some of the boss fights are cool. otherwise it's just pretty generic for an indie game

      • +3

        Death's Door shows up as $21.71 for me, which puts it under the $22.99 needed to use the $15 voucher.

      • +1

        Inscryption is brilliant. My goty

        One thing to watch out for, though: At some point you can’t progress unless you’ve lost the game at least twice but there’s no way to know, it just assumes you’ll lose twice naturally.

    • +7

      Only a couple of things, using these coupons.

      Steam takes a greedy 30% cut from developers and they have only been able to get away with it, because they dominate the market. Epic takes a 12% cut.

      If a game is on both platforms I would pick Epic over Steam because I buy games to support developers, not middlemen.

      • +2

        I think Epic gets enough in royalties from UE licensing to be honest.

        Developers can charge more for their game on Steam if they like, and get all the benefits the Steam platform has over Epic.

        I'm all for developers, Indie ones especially, but they still have a choice.

        • +3

          Yup, Epic store is a loss maker and might always be.

          However, it's a fraction of the cash they make from Fortnite, so who cares? We get competition, developers get more cash and a choice, literally no one loses from this except Epic who are more than willing to take a chance on this.

          Only thing I don't like are forced exclusives, but you can't win them all. That never stopped me buying a console despite it being common there.

          • -11

            @freefall101: You think Epic Store is losing money hahahahahahaha

            • +9

              @lordezekiel: EGS is losing money, don't mix it up with UE licencing fees or Fortnite, that's not what they're talking about.

              • -8

                @Kozhutki: Let me guess, you all think that massive companies all honestly report their financial information too…

                • +3

                  @lordezekiel: Not aware of Loss Leader? Sony and XBox do it with their consoles and printer manufacturers with printers.

                  Businesses with large incomes from other departments can take losses in one department for a long time in the hope they eventually gain a significant amount of the market.

      • +2

        Steam offers more than most for their cut. It's absolutely too much, but what exactly does Apple, Google or Epic offer for their cut (market share is irrelevant)?

        Epic has zero features that make a store feel like a store. Took three years for a (profanity) shopping cart? The most egregious feature missing are reviews, practically the most basic mechanic of an online store.

        I don't understand people thinking buying on EGS sticks it to the man. You're being a contrarian for what? Epic as a company is as dodgy as the rest of them, do you honestly think the developers are being paid extra since they have to pay 18% less in fees?

        • +5

          I don't care about the extra junk that Steam has. Trading cards, animated backgrounds, community groups etc. User reviews would be nice. Epic has "OpenCritic" reviews for some of the games. Also I find the Steam UI busy, can't even remove the ads from library view.

          I am not being a contrarian. I think the Epic store works well. UI is nice and minimal. Games always download fast. And most importantly for me, more of the money is going to the developers. If you think Epic store sucks and Steam is perfect, that's fine, but I think you are being a little bit dramatic.

          • +2

            @Aureus: And that's fair that all the random stuff Steam has is not for you. The same way people don't understand why others need achievements in games (I'm in the middle), but I still like options. And to your last point, I don't think Steam is perfect at all. Valve is slow with so many things, there's still so many outdated areas of the client, not to mention all the failed experiments they've done.

            I'm not a Valve dick rider (even though I've adored all of their games), it's just personally being a gamer on PC most of my life, I appreciate what they've done for PC and what progress they've made for the future. I don't appreciate new stores opening up and offering not even a fraction of what should be considered standard and trying to get a piece of the pie while bringing in the toxic console exclusivity deals. And yeah, I get it, they have to do something to try and gain market share, but evidently buying exclusivity rights isn't working.

            I don't fault or care about people getting games for cheap or using EGS, that's the whole purpose of this website, I mean I rarely buy off Steam anyway when there's plenty of third parties that are much more competitive.

        • +3

          do you honestly think the developers are being paid extra since they have to pay 18% less in fees?

          For indie devs, definitely — on a $30 game they’d make $26.40 instead of $21, and with these coupon deals (unless something changed recently), Epic actually pays the devs the coupon difference out of their own pocket so if buying a game like Severed Steel for A$26.96 - $15 = $11.96 for example, devs actually receive more money from Epic on the purchase than from me.

          For larger game companies, whether actual employees see any benefit from the extra money would vary.

          • +2

            @Sven Viking:

            For indie devs, definitely

            Debatable, most indies aren't self published and it's not uncommon for indie devs to get bad deals. And you're right, Epic does pay the coupon, and good on them for doing that, otherwise this coupon thing wouldn't be feasible in the slightest.

            I don't fault indie devs taking the EGS deals, it's guaranteed money in a very competitive market.

            • @Kozhutki: I don't see an issue at all. EGS makes Steam more competitive and Steam offers more features but takes a higher fee.

              Let the devs/market decide - lose 30% but gain all the Steam benefits, or go with EGS at 12% and get basically nothing.

              • -1


                I don't see an issue at all. EGS makes Steam more competitive

                What exactly has happened to make Steam more competitive? They've changed absolutely nothing.

                • @Kozhutki: Steam has had like 5 major overhauls since dropping what, 20yrs ago? Anyway, I found this steam vs epic features list post from 3yrs ago. Not sure how much EGS has added since then.

                  Edit: Cool! EGS gave devs free Fortnight Voice Chat and Anti-Cheat

                  • @TogTogTogTog:

                    Steam has had like 5 major overhauls since dropping what, 20yrs ago?

                    And how does that have anything to do with EGS? I guess releasing the Index was a defense mechanism too 🥴

                    Epic has added a shopping cart.


                    • @Kozhutki: You're basically judging a book by its cover, while it's being written. Or comparing a 3-year-old to an adult.

                      It's also not fair to say Steam took 5+ years to implement a shopping cart; it's expected everyone has one now.

                      • @TogTogTogTog: Of course I'm judging a book by its cover. It's been a standard feature for 20 years. You can give companies more leeway when it's "new tech", shopping carts are not new tech.

                        Not sure what your point is. Either way, I don't care. EGS is shit, end of

                • +1


                  What exactly has happened to make Steam more competitive?

                  Valve announced changes to their revenue share agreement four days before EGS was officially announced, which is widely considered to be more than a coincidence since it hadn’t changed for 15+ years prior to that. The changes only benefit big publishers though.

                  • +1

                    @Sven Viking: True that.

                    The changes only benefit big publishers though.

                    Not entirely. Most of the time yeah but it is just $ revenue and not quantity so it's a little more obtainable for indie hits.

                    • @Kozhutki: True — while thinking about struggling indies I was probably just automatically imagining people making less than US$10-50M per title, but it’d be very possible with hits. So one good effect of the EGS at least.

    • +3

      I bought Subnautica Below Zero and the first set of KH games.

      Kinda sucks that I have to run EGS through Steam to get controllers working, but at least it worked.

    • +2

      i bought Chivalry 2 since its only exclusive to Epic.

      • +1

        mordhau mordhau mordhau

        Chiv ii is for the weak (:

        Mordhau is $14 on GMG I saw this morning

        • +1

          Mordhau is part of this months humble bundle. 16AU and you've got other games too


          • @DrSwag: nah I have so many games to go through that any subscription would just be silly

            • +1

              @shabaka: You can buy a single month, I think the price they quoted is the single month purchase.

              • +1

                @nmartin84: yes, but my argument is the same again: too many games, and AWESOME games, collecting dust.

                if I buy any more in upcoming 12 months I will just make things worse.

                nah I am good for a couple years if not longer. I have yet to finish:
                - Death Stranding
                - Control
                - Ghostrunner
                - Disco Elysium
                - Superliminal
                - Witcher 3
                - shall I go on

                and most of the time I am stuck playing Mordhau because it's just fun and never dies.

                every evening coming back from work I'm like.. OK what shall I play to relax a bit.. Control nah too dark.. Ghostrunner.. nah too much flashing.. Death Stranding nah too depressing

                yeah let's just fire up Mordhau, split a few wigs, bash some team members with a club and kill a default archer with a horse turd (actually I prefer throwing axe for the job)

                best time ever

                so nah, I don't need another game to add to the pile XD

                • @shabaka: Might be worth holding off on Death Stranding in case we eventually get the extended edition.

                  • @Kozhutki: yeah I am also holding out on witcher waiting for remaster

                    • +1

                      @shabaka: CD PRoject Red have stated upgrade will be free on PC for all existing owners.

                      • @gizmomelb: and I am waiting for that to start playing it ;)

      • +2

        I played the free weekend last week. Had a ball, much more casual and "fun" than Mordhau.

        If Mordhau put you off because it was filled with tryhards, definitely consider Chivalry 2. You can be sweaty and still wreck, you can be casual and bad and still wreck. Win win.

        • -1

          I know what you mean by that, but I still think that chiv ii made it a bit too easy.

          in mordhau yeah the first 100 hours aren't for everyone to enjoy, there's steep learning curve and mechanics are not forgiving in the slightest. but it's all in the atmosphere, I was dying every minute, and probably took me 10 or so hours to kill someone, but I managed to enjoy it regardless, and there are weapons that are much easier to master, and you can quickly learn how to chamber and punish them morphers and feinters, and that's rewarding a lot

          chiv ii is like.. yeah here's a sword here's an enemy, spam "hit" and you're good to go it's a 50/50

    • +2

      Bought Metro Exodus for $8.58. The actual problem is that it's been collecting dust for more than 1 year.

      Total playtime: 0

    • I paid for ano 1800.. it uses more then 16gbs of ram so i also paid for 32gbs of ram lol

      • One of the few games where I was fine with the ram it was using. That game with the expansions becomes massive.

      • Just the base game? I know I will love the game but I just don't have the time so I dare say the base game at $21 is the right buy. It isn't worth more than triple for the complete edition is it?

        • I picked up just the base game as looking around there seems to be plenty to do without the expansions at first.

    • Definitely have bought a number of things. Far more free than bought, but I certainly have.

      And I would have bought more using the coupons right then except they don't have gifts, so I can't purchase things for my kids as Christmas presents.

      Lost revenue right there for them

  • Is it 1 coupon per transaction?

    • It's basically an unlimited coupon. You claim the first coupon and buy something, you'll receive another coupon. If you put 5 products in your cart, you'll have 5 separate discounts (totaling $75 (15*5).

  • Bought Horizon last year. Yet to play it -_-

    • +2

      Can't play it because you need a GPU worth $1.5k to play it? ¬¬

      • Oh no. Im just so used to playing Dota2. I managed to get an EVGA 3080 last december.

        • +4

          Quitting Dota was one of the best decisions I've made in my gaming life.
          I actually started to play games! I finish about 25-35 games per year from my backlog while it was 2-5 with Dota…

          • +2

            @Azro: Same here, DOTA was bad for my health

            • @putshan: Lol how many hours you guys clocked up on Dota 2

              Mine is 12 000 over ten years

              Even if I did a job at $20 an hour that would be 240 000 dollars lmao


        • Well it's a bad time for sales when we got our battle pass this week!

    • Might be my fav of 2021, enjoy when you get there

  • +1

    No running sale though :|

  • +4

    Untitled Goose Game here I come

    • This was my pick last sale also. Started off as a great game to play with young kiddos, they got to spam the space bar to honk… but then they cry when the goose is a jerk. Given the tagline of the game is "It's a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose." I haven't been able to finish all but the first few objectives with them.

      • +1

        It has two-player co-op now.

  • +2



    • +1

      Doesn’t have a price for it yet

      • It will be a rip off $99 i think

        • +2

          It will be $115 afaik

        • +2

          It's $115 since Square Enix so generously decided to raise the RRP of their new game releases.

    • $114.95…

      That's pretty insane even with the $15 coupon.

      They must be trying to claw back some of the money the paid for the exclusive rights…

      • +2

        it does not have denuvo according to crackwatch so it might be available to download early if you are one of those people :)

        • +1

          Such a massive install, ETA 1 day (will probably end up stretching to 2 days). I've waited 1.5 years for it, I suppose 2 days isnt much in the grand scheme of things.

          But seriously, $115 dollars and we don't even get a plastic coaster with a cd key in it

          • @Butt Scratcher: The port is pretty bad too from what I've seen so far lol $115 btw

    • Oh its finally out for PC, been waiting all this time!

      wait EGS exclusive

      I'll keep waiting

    • Username checks out.

    • +6

      Dead by day light was free just last week.

      • +3

        And it should be free anyways, it's practically a f2p game locked behind a 30 bucks cost.

      • oh was it? Good deal

  • +1

    they annoying thing is they dont DLC with these vouchers

  • got my SnowRunner from Epic when it was released.

  • I got Superliminal from here, super fun game

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