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Free 3 Hour Delivery (No Min Spend, Was $15) @ Chemist Warehouse (Select Locations)


Greetings everyone, Chemist Warehouse have brought back this popular offer in the lead up to Christmas.

Their 3 hour delivery service via DoorDash is usually $15, however has been changed to $0 with no min spend until 24/12. Good way to miss any crowds.

Should work on most items in areas that DoorDash is available, it will show up in the final checkout as “Fast Delivery” as an option which is required to be selected.

Note: This service excludes medication and is available in select locations that DoorDash is available.

As always, enjoy :)

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    It's showing as $30 minimum spend for me.

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      I just placed a $28 order

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        I'll give it a try.

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          Yes can confirm it definitely works. Thank you.

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      The driver is so cute.

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      • I prefer honesty.

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      This is hilarious.
      Even more surprised they didn’t refund him

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        He hasn't updated the main post, but they did refund in the end plus credit as an apology. That said, pretty bad first response. I've had this happen with Amazon, AusPost and all the 4 delivery food people. I feel its gotten worse lately, I guess they don't want to ban drivers considering all short on them

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          Happened to me before (on UE). Response firstly goes to the lowest level of customer service agent and they have very strict rules to follow. The more you push, the higher up it'll go until someone can override the blanket rule.

          This could've been due to requesting refund/credit too often that it was flagged as 'abuse' when really it could've just been bad luck.

        • Only after posting video evidence and a screenshot of them denying the claim on social media while tagging them.
          I have also had this happen with AusPost, though video evidence and social media won't help with them.

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      Who spends $114 on food delivery wtf

      • Clearly someone who can't get out of bed lol

      • Lobster for breakfasy

    • Don't have FB and can't view the video without logging in but from the thumbnail, is that one bag? $114? Holy shit what did he buy 😂

      • Driver put the ONE bag down, took a photo, picked it back up and walked away.

        DoorDash support said they had reviewed the case on a "case-by-case basis" and in this instance couldn't refund.

        An update in the comments had a $114.20 refund + $20 DoorDash credits for the "inconvenience"

        • Yeah wow, one $114 bag of food.

          DoorDash support said they had reviewed the case on a "case-by-case basis" and in this instance couldn't refund. An update in the comments had a $114.20 refund + $20 DoorDash credits for the "inconvenience"

          See here

        • Doordash 'case-by-case' is their generic response to any future claims in instances where you've complained more than twice in the past.

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      What kind of driver just leaves a food order on the doorway of a multi-unit dwelling in the first place?

    • I’ve had crap like this happen to me with all the good delivery services and I get the generic “due to our policy we cannot refund” and I get the customer service say “I’m so sorry, I wish I could refund but it’s just not possible” Had them provide photos and it’s not even my place. But according to them “our tracking indicates our driver was at your location” Just yesterday I ordered Dare No Sugar and another plain cold brew. They sent me Dare regular sugar and vanilla cold brew. According to UE this is not eligible for a refund. So yeah, they can just give me whatever and even if I can’t drink it or eat it, too bad.

      • Happens with AusPost too.

    • Thank you for sharing. Badly behaving employees exist but the "its our policy to not do anything about it" response is mind boggling. I certainly won't be giving DoorDash any of my business and will be advocating for anyone else thinking of using DoorDash to also avoid.

      • I certainly won't be giving DoorDash any of my business and will be advocating for anyone else thinking of using DoorDash to also avoid.

        I hope you don't use Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo, Australia Post, Amazon etc because responses are all the same. The common thread here is delivery.

        If you're boycotting for this, would I be safe to assume your also boycotting Nestle and it's brands for much worse infractions?

        • Are you saying they should be supported then?

          My answer is, it depends. I'm perfectly happy to go without or put them lower on my list of choices if entirely unavoidable. As mentioned earlier, its entirely expected for individuals to mess up, we're all human and make mistakes. But its a poor reflection on the organisation as a whole when the knee jerk response is: its our policy to let employees (or partners or whatever they're called nowadays) to steal from customers and let it slide.

          Given the blatant evidence provided, I would have expected anyone with the most basic logic comprehension to apologise and follow up if they don't have the authority to issue a refund/credit. It's really not rocket science to turn situations like this around.

          • @eggplant: Drivers are independent contractors.
            Customer service agents are employees.

            This, as well as a driver supply crisis gives them more leeway. Customer service agents have to stick by their rulebook to prevent customers abusing the system. You know how many people say their meal hasn't arrived/was stolen/items missing etc to scam a free meal?

            Furthermore, afaik there is no option to upload video content when requesting support so they would likely not have seen anything. With such an expensive meal it was only common sense to be cautious at first. When either the evidence came to light, or without them seeing it they refunded the entire amount + a $20 credit.

            Comparing this to my Uber Eats experience in which I had "inadequate proof" an item hadn't arrived I fail to see why I should stop supporting DD?

    • It's not the end of the story yet. I wanna hear the story of than stealer.

    • Wow, it only takes one for me.
      I will never use DoorDash, even if it is free.

      And they didn't refund either.

  • just placed $12 order with fast delivery

  • Fantastic initiative for people who relied on the free delivery government program that was going on.

  • Did an order for delivery by 12. Let’s see his this goes.

    Edit. Just delivered. Super good.

  • +1

    They just cancelled my order

    • Same with me, "inventory issues"

      • Same with mine 'due to an unexpected issue experienced by the Dasher'. Mine was over the minimum spend and the Dasher got to the chemist, but cancelled it 10mins before it was due to be delivered.

  • I placed a $2 delivery, how are they gonna make profit off that

    • +9

      by suddenly discovering that "something went wrong with your order"

      • -6

        so today I spent $2 , which includes item itself, the labour of the worker, the labour of the driver, the car, the fuel , all the cost to deliver a $2 item for me for free, what a bargain

  • Min spend $30, excludes prescription and pharmacist only medication.

  • Got my order within 90 minutes. Not bad at all.

  • Got my bodysoap delievered in 2 hours!

    Can anybody on this earth explain how, why and the cost of doing this

    Surely CW are still paying $5 or so per order, and with no minimum theyre going to be losing on every order.

    its amazing

    • +2

      It could be part of their marketing budget. Advertising costs a fortune. So they’d lose money on this, but get lots of advertising and many people (perhaps not ozbargainers) would say “wow that was really easy and convenient” and so it again in future but spend more and pay for delivery. In the long run they’d likely make money from a campaign like this.

  • Geez what was meant to be an easy order and delivery has turned into a sh*tshow. Looks like the driver has taken off with my order. Never using DoorDash again.

    • Really? Have you checked your order status?

      • +1

        Yep. 1 minute before the expected delivery time, I get a text that the 'order has been cancelled due to an unexpected issue experienced by the driver'. Spoke to Chemist Warehouse and they confirmed the order was picked up by the driver. Got onto DoorDash customer support (who were no help at first) and they confirmed it was picked up. They called the store and organised a refund and will investigate the driver.

        I live 5 mins away, I shouldn't have been lazy and gone and got it myself!

        • How much did your item cost?

          • @PeeDee: $31 for a couple of cheap perfumes

  • Door Dash. No thanks. Might be lucky if you get it in three weeks. Hopeless company.

  • Says no medication. But I tried ordering allergy spray and fast delivery wasn't available. Added a 0.99c hand sanitiser to cart and proceeded with the order with fast delivery, see if it arrives…

    • +2

      Update: delivered 1hr 15 later with nasal spray included

      • +2

        Because that's not a "pharmacist medicine" or "prescription only medicine", as the conditions says.

  • Got 2 cans of deodorant delivered. Thanks

    • +3

      I can understand why you wouldn't wanna go out and buy it yourself mate =p

      • -1


    • Are you too scared to go into a store and buy your own deodorant? Not sure what your point is.

      • As soon as people feel unwell where do they go to get the cough remedies and panadol? Have you seen the number of CW stores that have been exposure sites?

  • Hey is this just an error that they are just going to fix or is this or is it actually real here?

  • I used this last time and my order arrived WELL before the time they said. I was really impressed with the service.

  • Would never have used this service if not for this post.

    Delivery received within an hour of ordering.


  • Does stuff cost more with DD like other restrnts?

  • Ordered at 10amWST. Still patiently waiting for my delivery 🤣

  • I just tried it out because my local Chemist Warehouse ran out of home COVID tests in anticipation of Christmas day, I shouldn't have left it so late, but was able to get free delivery at the second stage of checkout. I had the option (ordering at 1am) of 12pm delivery or 6pm.

  • +1

    CW order page sucks. The “view order” and “cancel order” buttons are right on top of each other. Went to view my order but accidentally hit the cancel and there’s no next step, so the accidental press immediately cancelled the order and no way to undo it,

    • +1

      Went to view my order but accidentally hit the cancel and there’s no next step, so the accidental press immediately cancelled the order and no way to undo it,

      Serious WTF! 🤦🏻 x 1000

      Whoever the UI/UX designer is ought to be sacked immediately. Even the developer who built that functionality without kicking up a fuss should be sacked.
      UX 101: For any destructive action, you should always precede it with a confirmation from the user (sometimes multiple confirms).

      • +1

        Yeah it’s so silly. The options are 1mm apart on my iPad. Then I called CW and they couldn’t undo and told me to call the store and they couldn’t undo either and told me to reorder. But this was my $5 cashback bonus on $10 spend from Shopback, so boo, there’s goes my bonus. Plus the item was down from $29 to $12. So annoyed, such a design flaw.

        • +1

          So annoyed, such a design flaw.

          Even if you gave them feedback on this serious design flaw, they won't even bother passing it onto the responsible IT team, unless you happen to have a diligent customer service rep.

          Also, thanks for the heads up on this.

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