How to Get a Refund for a Speaker?


I bought a $200 bluetooth speaker this weekend from BingLee, but unfortunately won't have use for it anymore due to an event being cancelled due to the covid stuff recently.

I'm wondering, is there any way I can return it, because I'm pretty sure they will call this a change of mind return. It's not even unpacked or anything, exactly as I bought it.


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    because I'm pretty sure they will call this a change of mind return

    Well yes, as you're having a change of mind

    Did you even search?

    Please choose carefully as Bing Lee does not accept return of goods because you change your mind or make a wrong decision about Bing Lee's goods or services.

    Seems pretty clear cut…

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      Dont SPEAK to me about this.

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    Sell it half price on Gumtree. It's not really Bing Lee's fault so why should they cop a loss for your change of mind/plans.

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        If it was used then obviously has devalued and most used returns get sent to landfill or get sold in bulk as cheap random stock as they cannot simply resell it again. Amazon can afford to do this, other retailers not so much.

        If it's still new then they'll have to spend time and effort sending it back to base to be looked over & checked, likely will need to be opened (many people return resealed hard drive boxes with a brick inside) and hence same story. It's now an opened used product.

        They can't just take it off you and stick it back on the shelf. Maybe for some items like games or clothing but not normally electronics.

        It's also lost revenue to the retailer to offer a refund for a product that's not their fault. There's costs in processing fees etc…

        This is a change of mind as far as the retailer is considered.

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        Lets see.. the consumption cost of e-commerce, product management and payment processing. The cost relating to person-hours for workflowing order to the correct store (if it’s an online order). The cost for someone in store to fulfil the order. The cost of sending notifications, e.g. sms or e-mail. The cost of replenishing stock. The cost of forecasting sales etc.

        As a consumer, we don’t normally see these ‘hidden’ cost which is built into the service and price. Nothing is free my friend.

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          Also cost of credit card fees. They can't sell the item as new.

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            @Baysew: Credit card fees can get refunded.

            They can sell it as new, it's not a hard drive it's a speaker, it's unopened even.

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              @Starcraftmazter: My merchant statement begs to differ.

              They can sell it as new, it's not a hard drive it's a speaker, it's unopened even.

              From the article I quoted for you -

              A NSW Fair Trading spokesman said retailers who mislead consumers about the nature of goods and services can face fines of up to $1.1 million for each offence, while consumers could claim compensation for consequential losses. The spokesman said affected customers should contact Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

              "The issue of reconditioned (or returned) goods being sold by electronics retailers is a matter which arises from time to time, and the Minister has asked that the Fair Trading Commissioner investigate this issue and consider any evidence that it may be widespread and systemic," the spokesman said.

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        They lose the sale. Can't believe what I'm reading about you justifying it's not a change of mind because of events beyond your control.

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      Sell it half price on Gumtree Get scammed on Gumtree.

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    I need to see JV's comments 1st

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    just put it on marketplace for $20 less and wear the cost.

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      Advertise it at the HN price and take the profit!

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    Please let this be a lesson to not treat electronics as disposable purchases. If you only buy things that you have an ongoing need for, you wouldn't be in this position.

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    If the event had run, what were you going to do with it afterwards?

    Whatever that was (assuming it wasn't trying to return it as new), that's what you're left with now unfortunately.

    The best you can probably hope for from Bing Lee is in-store credit.

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      Yes, this!

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    Maybe you should have gotten one on loan from a "friend" or lease, if your whole point was to use it for an once off event.

    You are being are being entitled expecting a refund when BL policy saids no.

    Keep it for when you are able to run the next event.

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      I'm just asking a question dude, how is that being entitled?

      I'm wondering, is there any way I can return it

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        without the aggression that some of the 'other' are showing …

        • bing lee is notorious for charging a 20% restocking fee and i believe they'll also ask you to pay postage, so you'll likely have to argue with them for hours to get a refund which will still be a 30-40$ loss on your part

        • from their perspective, they've paid people an hourly rate to receive and process your order, picking, packing, labels, getting it ready for courier collection, sales commission and that sort of stuff … which will have to be duplicated in reverse to take the stock back (4 employee's at an hourly rate of 35$ / hour spend ~5 minutes each to get it out to you, that's 20 minutes @ 35$ / hour is around 12$ in processing labour costs)

        • This is an in-store purchase though and I'd be happy to take it back in store, so no need for delivery or anything.

          I just don't want to make the effort to go over there for no reason, I guess I'll call them tomorrow.

          Anyway thanks for your help my dude.

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            @Starcraftmazter: Why go in store and deal with it yourself when you can keep arguing with people that you haven't changed your mind?

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            I just don't want to make the effort to go over there for no reason

            Oh so your time is worth something aye? Well what about the retailer’s time and effort? Bit hypocritical if you ask me.

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            @Starcraftmazter: You sound really entitled.
            Perhaps you are young and haven't experienced running a business or working in retail. That I could understand.

        • Wowzer, I didn't know pick packers make $35/hr.

          • @buckethat: rough estimates and generalising to make things easier, rather than trying to quantify how much an accounts receivable person makes, how much the picker makes, the logistics coordinator, the admin support, the delivery driver …

            35$ seemed like a rough ball park as a guestimate …

            maybe their pay packet says 25$ / hour, but there's usually a 17% admin & costs & super on top of that for full time … if they're agency contractors, the agency takes a fair cut and would push it even higher …

            the $'s in your pocket is a lot less than the $'s your employer is paying

            • @weezlebub: Fair enough! Thought you were straight up saying pick packers are making $35/hr, that would be a very sought after job.

              • @buckethat: It can be if you include O/T and I'm pretty sure the big DCs of Woolies and Coles pay that much

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        No, you’re performing mental gymnastics in an effort to justify why you, above all other people changing their minds, should get a refund you aren’t entitled to. That’s, literally, entitlement. Take the L and sell it yourself on Gumtree or Marketplace.

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    Member Since

    Your Ozbargain membership needs to be revoked.

    And the T&Cs are pretty straight forward.

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      And you're a member since 2017. Congratulations on exercising your stalking skills.

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    C'mon dude were you born yesterday or something?

    1. Talk to them (should've been the first step). Sometimes retailers are a bit more sympathetic, even if you dont have that right under your contractual terms.
      If they aren't to receptive to the idea, try and butter them up, by offering to buy something in equal value or something (assuming you bought it in person)

    2. If they aren't willing to, then sell it off yourself on ebay/gumtree.

    Unfortunately you cannot force them to take it back by force or otherwise, if that's the answer you were hoping for. You might not have realised it, but by buying it you've essentially entered a contract

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      I like your name… and your thoughts.

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    because I'm pretty sure they will call this a change of mind return.

    Not pretty sure, it 100% is a change of mind.

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    Just ask Bing Lee, OP. Not sure why you need to ask on here.

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      I know right. Worst they can say is no.

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      OP needed us to hold his/her hand.

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      Needs Confirmation bias opinions to build OzCourage /fail.

      • I think post was intended for inside knowledge for guaranteed refund.

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    If only they had some sort of…I don't know, "telecommunications device" whereby you could contact them and have a 30 second conversation

    Be sure to say "ahoy hoy" as a friendly greeting

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    Another person who is too lazy to read the site's T & C or contact them by phone to ask, so they ask on a forum, and when they don't get the answer they want they start to argue with everyone.

  • what model is it?

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    Whenever I buy something I regret from OZB, I'll put it on sale for RRP on the usual websites and negotiate down to the price I paid for it.

    The trick is to only buy stuff on sale.

    Everyone's a winner, baby.

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    ITT: OP changes mind then plays dumb. /t

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    If you use AMEX pay for it, you might able to return to AMEX.

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    lol this has to be the silliest post or is the OP trolling?

    You spend $200 on a one time event and now complaining that you cant use it at that event

    Who buys a $200 speaker for one-time use? If you can afford 200 bucks on a speaker for a one time event you can afford to keep it.

    Surely you have other uses for it? Perhaps use it in the bathroom while you shower? Play some relaxing sounds before you sleep..

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      More like who buys anything from bing lee / good guys / harvey norman.

      Truth be told David Jones, Myer, Amazon, Bose, Sonos will all accept change of mind returns no questions asked.

      Hell, you could have even bought an apple speaker and returned that.

      Just poor common sense.

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      Yep the level of entitlement is disturbing…

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    Companies are generous for allowing change of mind returns…..

    In saying that, go get store credit, hopefully they let you

    • They're also reaping the benefits from their 'generosity'.

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    Seriously dude, just call them and ask and if they can’t help just use the thing…. Or gift it to someone for Xmas

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    Store credit or ask for a return.

    Let’s hope in 2022 people grow some balls and ask the shop for refund/credit rather than hiding behind a computer & coming on Ozb for advice.

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