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PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Fighter 16GB RDNA 2 Graphics Card $1499 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


This card seems to be on sale for 24 hours! Might be of interest to someone…

Good to see some prices coming down and also this card has quite a favourable review from HUB.
HUB Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN53nFFHHb0

PCCG 12 Deals of Christmas! Special price expires 21 Dec 2pm or while stocks last! Normally $1699 Limit 1 graphics card per household. The PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Fighter 16GB RDNA 2 gaming graphics card features a 1815MHz game clock (STD/Silent mode), 1925MHz game clock (OC mode), 16GB GDDR6 VRAM. 256-bit memory interface, 16GB/s memory speed, AMD RDNA™ 2, PCI-E 4.0, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, OpenGL 4.6 and DirectX 12 Ultimate support.

Merry Christmas in advance + Happy New Year! May 2022 be a year of better GPU prices!

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  • +12

    Damn. GPUs still costing what a whole gaming PC cost before the shortage.

    • -1

      I'd rather get the faster and cheaper RTX 3070.

      • +2

        3070 is neither faster or cheaper? Maybe better at raytracing and DLSS which is a plus if you're interested in those things.

        • 3070 is certainly faster than a 6800…. as for price, not so sure

          • @7orque: What are you basing that on?

          • @7orque: Reference?

            • +1

              @Unsafe: I'm fairly sure there is none. All of the benchmarks, resources, reviews and gameplay comparisons I have come across show the 6800 edging out on top over the 3070 in the majority of tested games. Even mining is faster on a 6800.

              The only resource I can find that shows the 3070 on top is the GPU UserBenchmark website which is not a very reliable or reputable site for hardware comparisons.

              • +1

                @pepidav: Yeah I thought I did my research pretty thoroughly before buying one & came to the same conclusion as you.
                All good then.

              • +1

                @pepidav: facts

      • 3070 is the same price though

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered 1 + $23 for (Aust post shipping)

  • Got one from ebay auction before. The fan is running silent and keep the card cool. For people who wants even better cooler, probably wait from Red Dragon version

  • Ordered thanks OP :)

  • +7

    Let me remind everyone this has a RRP of $799AU and is now on sale for $1499.

    • Be ready to be negged

    • +38

      Let me remind the RRP parrots that this card never retailed for $799 in Australia. The clowns that google MSRP for founders edition cards and then regurgitate their nonsense on here are tiresome in the extreme.

      I believe the launch pricing for this particular model was $1049 for a brief period before the price hikes kicked in.

      Still overpriced imo but then again so is every other gpu in the market and this is considerably better value than some of the 3070s that I see knocking about for the same price.

      Edit: RRP for the 6800 is $949 btw, not $799, but dont let that stop you from HODL-ing until you get your magical below RRP $799 6800.

    • +10

      This never had an RRP of $799. At launch the reference model was $949 and the non-reference models were $1050+

    • -4

      Your gonna get negged by all the muppets that actually paid this.

    • And?

    • Want to remind us what houses cost in 1950 as well?

    • +1

      RRP used to be called Recommended Rip-off Price, now its more like Real Retail Price.

    • +1

      Nah, I bought this card for $1050 on launch. It was never $799.

  • +5

    Haha I saw this pop up on my Facebook 12 hours ago but was scared the deal wouldn't get enough upvotes.
    +1 for having the guts to post it

    • haha that's 12 hours earlier than me!

  • +1

    I remember when powercolor had the reputation of being really cheap and no-name.

    • They aren't noname but they are generally the cheapest aftermarket brand

      • Nothing cheap about the Red Dragon edition

  • …………

  • -1

    Never mind. The way it is meant to be mined!

  • +1

    "PowerColor Fighter RX 6800 graphics card is designed for those gamers on a budget"

    • +8

      Yes, a large budget.

      • +1

        That's every GPU right now lol.

  • +2

    Can I fit this easily into my soon to be SFF case, Coolermaster NR200P?

  • +1

    This or a 6800 xt for a 34" ultrawide (3440x1440)?

    • +2

      depends on frame rate you are looking to get. But I'm also interested.

    • Totally depends on what games you play and how long you plan to keep the card. If you plan on playing mostly AAA games at decent FPS (RDR2, MS Flight Sim, Latest Dying light etc) for next 3 years, then the xt is worth it for that res.

  • Would it be worth selling my Rx 6600 xt and buying the 6800?
    How much would I be able to sell the 6600 xt for? Cost me $829 few months back.

    • +3

      Do you need to? 6600xt you might sell for 800 used (see ebay) so this will cost about double when you factor in fees.

    • The 6600xt is the low end model and probably not much worth in 1-2 years. If you need/want more headroom for gaming then the 6800xt would be a big jump. If this is worth another around $800 after selling your existing card nobody can say.

      I was luck enough to get a 6700xt in August for $950. I should have gotten the 6800xt in the first place… I am not a gamer but need the power for image processing.

      • No cards from this generation will be worth much in 1 year. RDNA 3 & Lovelace are doubling performance for the same price. You should only be buying the performance you currently need, there's no such thing as a future proof GPU right now.
        Nvidia and AMD are competing with each other now, and it's also in there best interest this generation of cards mostly bought by miners is antiquated ASAP, so second-hand sales don't hurt sales figures like Pascal did to Turing.

  • Is this a locked version for mining?

    • +3

      amd dont lock

  • +1

    I would be in for a xt , maybe $50-$100 more

  • Would it be worth selling my RX 5700 XT OC Evoke and getting this instead?

    • Depends on what you get for it, Evokes run really hot.

  • +3

    Be aware that this is not the XT version

    • +2

      Has virtually the same hash rate as the XT version though, so should be a popular deal for miners. Not great for gaming though.

      • -1

        6800 non xt is a poor value.
        It's a sub 1k card.

        • Doesn't matter what the MSRP is, the value is derived by it's ETH hash rate. In that regard, this card punches way above its weight, and is more comparable to a 6900 XT or just shy of a 3080 LHR.

          • -2

            @iseeyou1312: I don't care about you economic pragmatist view on crypto, it's a sub 1k card.
            6900xt is full GPU dye card. 6800s are binned lower for a reason (slight dye defects)

            • -1

              @Forth: It's not about my view, it's about what crypto miners are willing to pay for GPUs. In this market, card prices are determined by crypto hash rate, not gaming performance.
              Notice how this card went out of stock in hours? Yet the 6900XT deals stay in stock for months. There's a reason for this.

              • -1

                @iseeyou1312: "It's not about my view, it's about what crypto miners are willing to pay"
                Who cares your logic is faulty, blaming the miners.
                It's the Auto industry lust for chips, The pandemic and it's effect on the supply chain.
                Childish man, learn economics, supply and demand and not conspiracy theories.

  • +1

    This is a really good deal for the hashrate you can get. Isn't nerfed like the Nvidia cards.

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