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LG C1 55" OLED $1999 (Free Shipping to Select Cities) @ Appliance Central


Been keeping an eye on this since I missed the BF sales. I just price matched at JB Northland.

Prices may dip a bit lower for boxing day but this is good if you want one now

Also available at videopro for the $2080

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    So close to boxing day sales I would say most people would wait.. catalogue will be up Xmas day so even better to wait

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      Boxing Day seems to be shit these days, been years since I found an actual deal on Boxing Day.

      • Yeah black friday is where it's at for TVs these days they seem to have these awesome sales then exhaust all stock before boxing day lol

        • praying it will be LG C1 day on boxing day like it was on black friday.

          • @hate: Not 100% but the sales guy at JB thought that they would be back at the same price they were for BF ($2142 for 55") but they have no stock right now. 300 on order but not sure if they will arrive in time

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      Yes I basically said that

  • Delivery $63 for me yikes!

  • Have this TV, it's unbelievable

  • Just be aware there is VRR flicker issue which is unresolvable from software update.
    It's a generic issue for both current Oled and led panels across different brand.
    Not sure if next year model would fix it or not.
    This is the only issue for C1, amazing TV overall.

  • Get the 65inch. Great size and pict quality.

    • Agree. Have a 55inch B7 so not quite 4 years old now, absolutely fantastically picture on all streaming and HD FTA is great. Recently bought a Sony 9500H 65inch for another room as it was $1800 with good reviews. On a runout sale. Didn’t want to pay the $3200 ish for the 65 C1. In my opinion no comparison, kick myself everyday that I didn’t find the extra cash for a C1. Apart from sound quality the LG wins hands down.

    • My living room is too small, the couch is only 1.5-2m away

      • IMAX in your lounge room.

  • JB HiFi price matched over the phone also.

  • buy the dip

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    Any chance the 65 is in the catelogue?

    • C1 is 3.3k. Wait a while. I got my C1 65 inch for 2.7k during the black Friday sales like many others on OZB.

      • I'm waiting for the C1 65 for extended family. I have the C9 from 2020 and I love it(her).

  • Lg C1 or Sony A90J?

    • Get C1.
      A90j is using LG G1 panel, and A80j is C1 panel.
      A90j also doen't have 55inch options, and performance difference couldn't justify the price tag, comparing to C1, especially C1 has more deals than A80j/A90j this year.
      The advantage of A90j is using next Gen EVO panel with proper chipset support, which can achieve 20% more brightness than C1.
      However, overall picture quality is only a little difference with C1.
      Recent manufactured C1 55/65 inches also come with EVO panel, however, 20% more brightness is not enabled, but can still enjoy the longer lifetime and better burn in tolerance.
      Also, A90j and A80j doesn't have VRR support yet.
      C1 already has VRR for quite a while. But A80j/A90j/C1/G1 and other LED TVs suffer from VRR flikering issue which may be resolved in next year models.

      • Sorry some noob questions,

        How do you tell if your C1 is a recent manufactured batch?

        And what exactly is the VRR issue? Does it affect any general usage of the TV?

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          Q1 manufactured batch
          There is manufacture or delivery date on the box.
          APT delivery date is normally one month after manufacture date.
          G started transition of all Oled to EVO since middle this year. And should be all EVO panel from next year.
          If the TV is manufactured in Oct/Nov, you may have a good chance of getting EVO panel.
          If TV is currently out of stock and you placed a pre-order. It's almost certain a EVO panel.
          Q2 VRR flickering issue
          I didn't know the issue when I got my C1.
          In short
          when using the TV for gaming at 4k 120hz VRR enabled, dark area is flickering between black and grey.
          It's noticable in select menus and dark screen in game. But less noticable when in motion or bright screens.
          For movie/shows and non VRR content, there is no difference. you can search a couple of youtube video and see how it looks like and decide whether you accept it before you buying.

          Read below if you want some more details.
          “Gamma for OLED is optimized and fixed for 120Hz by establishing a fixed charging time for OLED sub-pixels. VRR is used when the frame rate is less than 120 Hz. When the OLED TV uses framerates less than 120Hz, the gamma curve is inconsistent with the frame rate,"the OLED Association explained. "Therefore, the lower frame rates results in sub pixels that are overcharged, causing flickering of dark gray images, which is noticeable for dark images rather than bright ones, because human eyes are more sensitive to low gray colors. LGD will likely solve this problem establishing multiple gamma curves optimized for lower frame rates."
          LG simply provided a manual black level adjuster 'Fine Tune Dark Areas' to make it less noticable.
          But it would affect shadow details if changing below 0 or produce wash out image if above zero. so it's not really a proper fix and won't be resolved by software update. Next year model may resolve it from hardware level but we don't know until CES 2022.
          Note it's not only LG TV issue, it's a generic issue for most TVs for this year and last a few years's model.
          OLED is affecting much more than LED/miniLED, because it's true black. LED/MiniLED darkness cannot achieve as much as OLED, so this effect is much less noticable.

          • @Mandalorians: @mandalorians, many thanks for such a valuable feedback and information. You are a true legend. I shall double check the batch with the sales person before pulling the trigger. I note you mentioned performance difference isn't much different between the A80J and C1. Hows the interface though, is A80Js Google TV interface more user friendly than LGs?

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              @sol3x: Performance difference isn't much different between the A90J and C1, G1 and C1, A80j panel is same as C1 and much less feature than C1.
              Correct, google TV interface is better than LG store. But LG store is already good enough with streamming apps.
              Android tv stick is cheap, so TV system is not a primary consideration for most people, because you can always connect a androd TV stick/box for around $50-80. TV other features are more important and not upgradable, eg A80j/A90j has two HDMI 2.1, while C1 has four.

              • @Mandalorians: Thanks so much mate. I just pulled the trigger on the C1, priced matched at JB for $2130. Looking forward to receiving the TV. :)

  • Just had my 65" C1 delivered the other day from the JB BF sale. Best $2450 I've ever spent! Tacked on the 65" Philips lightstrip on the back and… whistles Just need to find some time to binge The Witcher Season 2 :-)

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    Price is $1,999 now…decided this is low enough to get one!

    • Nice, I've updated the post 👍

  • What;s the chance of getting a price match from Hardly Normal? Bought on 23rd for $2140 + $22 delivery and then saw this post!!

    This may well be the last business I've done with them!

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