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ASUS Lyra Trio (2-Pack) AC1750 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System $97 Delivered @ Amazon AU


ASUS Lyra Trio (2-Pack) AC1750 Dual Band Mesh WiFi System Covers Multi-Story Homes up to 5400 sq. ft., with AiMesh support

About this item
Dual band, tri-hub mesh Wi-Fi system with unique antenna placement delivers strong WiFi to every corner of your home
3x3 MIMO technology and seamless roaming deliver superior WiFi speed and automatically connect you to the best signal, anywhere in the home
The lifetime free cloud-based security powered by Trend Micro makes sure your privacy on connected devices is protected
URL filter and scheduling allow you to protect your family from inappropriate content and unhealthy Internet usage behaviour
Lyra app enables PC-free setup, network management and diagnostics and notifies you about any problems

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  • +11

    Without reading the description, I thought these were push-up handles!

    • +1

      no reason why they couldn't be, under the right circumstances.

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      Without reading the description, I thought these were irons!

  • Looks like a great price for a great product, has anyone purchased this and whats your experience been like?

    • I got some for my parents when there was a sale about a year or so ago. They are good for the price but really not that great overall. Signal is weak, it feels like you get disconnected too often and transition between points isn't always smooth.

  • No firmware update for long time,but for this price,bargain!

  • How do these work? Do these work with my existing router or replace it? (TPG Huawei modem btw)

    • +1

      Most of the time the Asus replaces the Huawei. Do you have FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP, HFC, FW?

      • FTTN

        • For FTTN you have to keep the Huawei and plug in the Asus into that.

          • @Twix: Plug both in via ethernet?

            • @caloz777: Plug the Asus into the Huawei LAN port with ethernet. From there go into the Hauwei settings menu and turn on bridge mode.

              • @Twix: Plug just one into the Huawei, or both?

                • @caloz777: Plug in one Asus Lyra to the Huawei. Plug in the second Asus Lyra where you have weaker Wi-Fi and this will transmit back to the first Asus Lyra over Wi-Fi or the Asus Lyra can be linked up with each other using ethernet.

                  • +1

                    @Twix: Cool, thanks for your help mate. I was thinking of getting a better router than the Huawei before seeing this, but would that be redundant with this?

                    • +1

                      @caloz777: No need to replace the Huawei unless it's losing sync and dropping out.

  • Can anyone please explain the difference between these and an Access Point?

    • +2

      Asus Lyra is a router and wireless access point. A wireless access point only has Wi-Fi.

      • +1

        Thank you. I'm after an Wi-Fi extender as the reception is a bit weak downstairs in my place (modem/router located upstairs). I'm guessing a wired AP would suit better for that purpose than these?

        • +1

          Wired AP would be better. Asus Lyra can be linked up with each other using ethernet.

        • +1

          wifi extenders automatically come with a 50% speed reduction as it is repeating the signal.

          wifi mesh is the new extenders without the speed reduction and using 1 SSID

    • +1

      I believe an access point will act like a separate network to your mail wifi router. So you jump off one n/w and onto another in different parts of the house.
      Mesh will just extend the one single n/w.

    • +1
      • I have tried both, would recommend a mesh over AP

  • Need something like this but hesitant to spend $300+ on Google Nest Wifi considering I only need a slight extension.
    Would this plug into NBN HFC Modem or the Wireless Router that Telstra has provided?

    • +2

      Asus Lyra plugs straight into the nbn NTD.

      To keep 4G failover and Telstra's VoIP you keep the Telstra smart modem. Plug in the Asus to the Telstra LAN port. Go into the Asus settings menu and turn on wireless access point.

      • +1

        good info Twix. thanks. do you have this device? Recommend it?

  • I have an Asus RT-AX56U router. Does anyone know if these will work with it? Or do you need to use one of these in place of the router?

    • +2

      Asus Lyra can be used to replace the RT-AX56U or together as AiMesh Wi-Fi nodes with the RT-AX56U.

    • +1

      I've got a asus router too.

      Wondering if i can add these to my network to give me mesh.

    • +1

      Would like to know too. I have an AC-68U looking to keep as primary router and mesh these to extend range.

    • +2

      The below link may answer your questions


  • Can Merlin be used on these to continue updates?

    • +1

      Nah Merlin supported Asus routers are;


      • Thanks. Would not having firmware updates for these be a security concern or not so much if sitting behind an asus router?

        • +1

          Small risk. If you are using the Lyra as Wi-Fi access points it should be fine.

  • +2

    For those that have asked, I have an Asus DSL-AC68U, linking to a pair of these and an Asus Lyra Voice. I posted the last deal for these, at $119 back in July this year. At this price it's an absolute steal, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy again. Has been solid, and works without a hitch for us. Nice find OP!

  • Does this replace my current router? I'm using a TPLink D7 with HFC;

    Currently, I have:
    HFC -> HFC Box -> Tp-Link D7

    Ideally, i want:
    HFC -> HFC Box -> TP-Link D7 -> ethernet to one lyra -> wireless from lyra1 to lyra2

  • just set mine up.

    really easy with the asus router app.

    impressed so far.

  • This has dropped to $90 now. Just bought a pack.

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