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Buy One Get One Free 365 Day Mobile Plans - 300GB $270 / 500GB $300 @ Kogan Mobile


This BOGOF deal has returned

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: LARGE (365 Days FLEX | 300GB) - Buy One Get One Free $270 ($135 each)
Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (365 Days FLEX | 500GB) - Buy One Get One Free $300 ($150 each)

Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 05/02/2022. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date.

2 x Free SIM cards included (1 for each plan)
UNLIMITED* standard national calls for 365 days
UNLIMITED* standard texts and MMS for 365 days
All for use within Australia
Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to use your FLEX Plan data at anytime during the 365 day period

There is also the option to get your data all at once or to get month's worth of data every 30 days.

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  • +2

    Kogan 40gb starter pack, normally $4.90 is no longer available.
    The starter pack is only 20gb and now $2.90.

    • +2

      Curious, how much mobile data do you burn through in say a month, with or without wifi at home? 20gb has always usually been enough for me, but I have unlimited wifi at home

      • +2

        I have 80gb on my mobile. POMD and often use all that.

        Then I go through at least into 2 or sometimes activate 3 of the 40gb starter packs each month.

        $15 month max, no fixed internet at home.

        • May be better off with Felix $35/month for unlimited data?

      • -1

        Unlimited wifi at home + WFH means I use so much less data than pre pandemic.

    • any link for 20gb and now $2.90? thanks

  • +1

    Do any of these retailers have a 5g option for an affordable amount…?

    • +5


  • Few months ago I bought a Kogan 90 day 60GB starter pack. But 60GB data finished in around 40 days even though I didn't use my mobile internet much. Which seems little suspicious as normally I use max 15GB-20GB in a month with other providers.

    • +3

      It's 20gb per 30 days so not sure how that worked?

  • To clarify, is this 500gb of data per SIM, or split amongst the two?

    • This is 500gb of data per SIM :-) It's two SIM cards, each with 500gb.

      • That's awesome, seemed a little too good to be true lol

        • +1

          Yeah it's a pretty good deal if you're okay with being on the Vodafone network - was on it for this past year and there were some spotty coverages but overall I still think it was worth the price I paid.

      • -3

        Not the case according to https://www.canstarblue.com.au/phone/kogan-mobile-boxing-day...

        Myself is also confused as I thought it's 500 g /person.

        I think that writer is misleading people.

        • +2

          Instead of reading a website written by someone outside of Kogan, why not just click the link in the OP that takes you directly to the source which almost instantly explains that it's 2 separate plans for 2 separate people for the cost of 1.

          • @Shekster: Lol, unfortunately I read that article first, and then google pushed this deal to me.

  • +1

    Kogan network speed and reception is pretty poor, consistently 2 bars or less in Metro melbourne

    • +3

      I had similar speeds and better reception with Kogan than I do now with Boost (Telstra)
      Switched for free NRL streaming but that is gone now anyway, will be looking to jump back to Kogan, I always liked them, especially when they change their plans they always added data to my existing account

      • +1

        Metro Melbourne?

        I've had the same experience, kogan was shockingly bad and boost is so much better. ( I live and work in metro Melbourne)

  • Buy with discounted gift cards for additional savings

    • Do you know for sure gift cards work with this deal?
      Just reading the T&C and gifts cards can't be used on koganmobile.com.au - but I think this deal purchase goes through kogan.com.au…?
      Dont want to buy $300 worth gift cards if it can't be used for this :)

      • Yes it works, the T&Cs were a bit confusing but I did buy kogan gift cards and applied the credit to my account then purchased the mobile plan

        • +1

          Thanks, worked for me too :)
          Went a step further and paid $100 using CBA for their $20 cash back and the rest with gift voucher.
          $268 in total, if CBA cash back is approved 👍🏼

  • +2

    Anyone want to share one with me pm me. I'm after the 500gb one.

    • Start a forum thread

  • +2

    It's better to get $119 (usually $150) coles one and you get unlimited national & "international" calling and 120 GB data as well.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but the sim will be under the buyers name? So if your sharing and want to port out later, it might cause complications I think… or is there a way around this?

    • +10

      I think from past experience you get 2 generic kogan sim starter kits, then you would receive 2 separate codes which both of you would activate/recharge separately. Basically prepaid kits.

    • Correct, you are Wrong 😜

      2 Sims sent to address and 2 codes via email. Anyone can use the code. Order another Sim if you need at a separate address.

  • +1

    Would this plan apply to existing customers too?

    Can't see anywhere in the T&C's saying it shouldn't

    • Keen to know this as well!

      • If it is, was planning to go from my current Amaysim $25 for 6 months to the Kogan $2.90 for 30 days and then activate the 365 days voucher.

        Worst case scenario if it isn't I can just skip the 30 days plan.

    • It's for activation or recharge so yes

  • +2

    Existing kogan mobile customer here and I buy these every year. I get the vouchers then apply on renewal date.

  • Thanks just bought one.

  • Kogan website says can be used for existing customers.

  • -3

    I'd go for this but they use Optus & they really s*** in my area

    • +2

      Kogan uses Vodafone network not Optus.

  • I bought this from the last deal and sold one to a fellow ozbargainer. Combine with the Commbank $20 cash back to make it more sweet.

  • Thanks OP.
    Keen to share a 300GB plan if anyone interested?

    • Send you a PM

  • Is there a way to extend the activation date as I am not due to update until March 2022… thanks

  • Keen to share a 500GB plan if anyone is interested?


  • Awesome deal. Got the similar deal last year so 2 sims for price of 1. So this offer will allow me to keep both sims for the coming year!

  • Just ordered. FYI pay with Latitude Pay and get another $15 off too. For me I had $100 gift card credit so 300-100-15 = $185 for 2 sims out of pocket or $285 cost price.

  • Looking to go halves with my other code.
    If interested please PM me, will send when money is received - $150

    • Interested, but your profile settings don't allow pm's.

  • Bought, as I do every year. This time i also get a free one. Yey! Thank you

  • Looking to split a 500GB plan if anyone’s interested!

    • Interested if you can see this.

  • Also looking to split a 500gb plan - please PM if interested!

  • Do you have to do anything other than add to cart to get this deal?

  • Hello guys! looking to split this deal with the other code, PM me if you're interested!

  • Looking to split 300GB deal

  • Anyone want to share a 500gb plan? PM if interested.

  • Anyone interested in going halves in the 500gb plan?

    • Hi, interested! PM me for more details.


      • Hi, I’m unable to send you a PM

  • anyone want to split this? let me know :)

    • Hi, I'm interest in it.

  • can i buy this and then use activate it in july, or does it have to be before 5th of feb

  • would like to split - anyone interested? 500gb

    • I'm willing to split. Please PM if interested. Thanks

  • Is there any body in Canberra that wants to split?

    • Hey Alex, Im in Melb. You'll need your own SIM /kogan account. or think you can get SIMs from servos

  • I can split for 500gb/365 (42gb per month) - PM me.

    FYI the deadline for using the BOGOF voucher is midnight 6th FEB.

    • +1

      i am interested.

  • How do I get this deal? Do i put in a voucher code somewhere?

    • Hi, you get a code emailed to you and a SIM card in the post. If you need the SIM card urgently you can buy these from select 7-11 and some other stores - kogan website has locations of SIM outlets.

  • Anyone have a 500GB they want to split?

  • phew glad I snapped this up while it was going.

    Also they give you 2x 550gb plans when you activate.

    So now my old oppo can be a glorified tethering hotspot
    1100gb for the year should definitely last me.

  • Got one. PM me if you want to split.

  • anyone still looking to split? I got one

    • Happy to split. Let me know if it's still available.

  • Anyone having issues porting over to Kogan using this voucher? Trying to port over from amaysim since yesterday but still havent received my port over text. Tried calling but customer support has not called back. They must have a long queue since i called at 10am in the morning.

  • Interested in both 500gb and 300gb if anyone wants to sell theirs!

    • PM me if your still interested

  • I have 1x 300gb plan available to split if anyone is still looking

  • Anyone still looking to split? Happy to go halves in either the 300gb or 500gb if anyone's still looking to sell.

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